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Cycling in Cambridge

Cambridge has the highest levels of cycling in the UK, with about 25% of commuter journeys and an estimated 20% of journeys in general.

Cambridge was awarded Cycling Demonstration Town status in 2008 and that led to £5 million investment in cycling over a 3 year period.

There are many good quality facilities for cyclists and walkers, e.g. the many specialised bridges which create shortcuts to many areas. But there are also many problems remaining, and a legacy of car-orientated streets.

The main group campaigning for cycling in the area is Cambridge Cycling Campaign, the largest group outside London.

Two of their members are the creators of CycleStreets, and the system is based on the journey planner and photomap which was launched in June 2006 on Cambridge Cycling Campaign's website.

CTC Cambridge organise regular rides in the area.

Other areas …

Latest photos of the area

See also a full list of photos in this area.

Sheffield stands at these new buildings for Selwyn College

Typical for Cambridgeshire County Council - fix the bare minimum and ignore the rest.

Escooters and bike share in Gwydir Street.

Histon Road is now closed southbound except for cyclists - this is the rather messy arrangement at the southern end.

I think this means that pedestrians and cyclists are sharing the same space for about ten metres - but it shouldn't be necessary to dismount.

Cyclists Please Obey Traffic Signals - motor vehicles are still turning across Histon Road

Histon Road is now closed southbound - most (but not all) of the No Entry signs have Except Cycle signs in place.

Progress at north side of Chisholm Trail underpass location

Progress at south side of Chisholm Trail underpass location

Queueing area for Covid-19 vaccinations - cycle stands temporarily out of use, but there are enough others.

The current state of the Addenbrookes-Trumpington path - you can go down Hering Road and then join the path.

The current state of the Addenbrookes-Trumpington path

The current state of the Addenbrookes-Trumpington path

This footpath (paved but narrow) is the only link from Byron Square to the busway routes

This footpath (paved but narrow) is the only link from Byron Square to the busway routes

This stretch of the fen has been flooded for over a month - there's a free-flowing stream to the right but somehow the cycle path seems to be an impermeable barrier to drainage.

New cycle contraflow sign following the installation of a modal filter on Panton St.

Already reported, but as it's Pothole Watch Week....

The latest development at the Rock Road Rack is yarn bombing.

The big (iron?) pipe that was below the footway, and not supported by the scaffolding, has gone. Chisholm Trail underpass site.

Bank largely gone where Chisholm Trail underpass will emerge on south side of Newmarket Road

Waterproofing of precast sections, and significant digging, in progress on south side of Chisholm Trail underpass.

Chisholm Trail river bridge, north compound. Strong site fence has gone while they work on the edge of the site - being replaced by Heras fencing. Good progress too on building up the ramp to the bridge.

fixtures of individual stands to toastracks under shelter in northeast corner of Trumpington Park&Ride

insecure cycle parking under the shelters in the northeast corner of the Trumpington park&ride

I have no idea how someone managed to drive into that route sign, but it needs straightening.

Lots of Outspoken panniers on these rental bikes at Trumpington Park & Ride

Fen Causeway has been resurfaced, and the awful ski-jump has gone - but the tatty shared-use path has not been fixed, of course.

Fen Causeway has been resurfaced, although there was no real need at this end - but not the tatty shared-use path, of course.

A few of the pop-up cycle stands at Trumpington Park & Ride could be taken apart with an Allen key.

Almost all the pop-up cycle parking at the Trumpington Park & Ride seems to be firmly welded in one piece.

Cycle stands on both sides of the grass at Wolfson Court

No Bicycles sign - if they provided something better than wheelbender parking, there wouldn't be an issue.

Trumpington Park 'n' Ride site. Two columns each of 16 toastracks plus 8 toastracks in between the two columns. Each toastrack can accommodate 8 cycles. That's a total of (16 + 16 + 8) * 8 = 320 cycle parking places. These fit into ... [more]

Additional cycle parking at Trumpington Road park ’n’ ride during lockdown.

Wheel benders at St Philip Howard Catholic Church.

Wheel benders at St Philip Howard Catholic Church.

Rounded A racks

The Dutch Bike shop is moving out to Gwydir Street after being here for almost 12 years see #16752.

North-side precast sections being waterproofed: Chisholm Trail underpass

'Easy' utilities suspended and undercut, but water main (?) still not addressed: Chisholm Trail underpass works on south side of Newmarket Road

Utilities suspended and undercut: Chisholm Trail underpass works on north side of Newmarket Road

Ronald Rolph Court is an area of small businesses.

Bollards are the only sure way to stop this being overrun by motor vehicles. Fixes problem reported in #87878.

'Rustic' cycle stands at Trumpington Meadows Wildlife Trust

Busway information at the Foster Road stop

An Italian Job on Mill Road, plenty of outrageous driving through pedestrian areas in that movie!

Progress on groundwork alongside southern end of Chisholm Trail river bridge

When the culvert is installed and the sheet piles removed, there is still plenty of work to do to link the end of the jetty to the reinstated riverside path.

Progress on groundworks around the northern end of the Chisholm Trail river bridge.

The sheet-pile enclosure where we think a culvert is being installed for NCN51 to cross the re-aligned Brook. Safety fence, person/equipment lift, and simple bucket etc crane visible - but no way to see progress within.

This is what greets anyone who wants to use the footbridge while the NCN51 riverside jetty and the NCN51 diversion via Newmarket Road are both closed.

828 bikes in one day during lockdown (3) - lower than usual

New Panton Street LTN - could do with some plants in the planter.

Cycle parking in lockdown (3) - a single bike parked.

A full red light northbound, just the normal red man southbound - if it was deliberate, it would presumably mean that cyclists could cross on red southbound, but not northbound.

Quite a trench between road and cycle parking.

Nonsense! It's a through route for cycles (and why is there a 50-metre gap in the shared-use provision here?)

Redevelopment on Round Church Street nearing completion.

Lockers to be removed from Park Street Cycle Park at the end of March.

New blocks of flats with underground parking, an e-car charging point, and two visible bike stands.

Access to new blocks of flats, with priority over the cycleway, of course.

Community Library

School Street

School Street

"Parking here could cost a child's life" How alarming!

Showing the repaired pothole of #162424. The worst of it has been fixed, but it looks to me like they missed a bit with that puddle!

Cycleway closed for utility works - coming in to Cambridge it's easy to see a route through the bus stop lay-by, but heading out people just go across the muddy grass.

Garages in Cherry Hinton

Kings Meadow: New development off Coldhams Lane, Cambridge

Kings Meadow: New development off Coldhams Lane, Cambridge

Kings Meadow: New development off Coldhams Lane, Cambridge

Scaffolding to support utilities above works on the Chisholm Trail underpass. Fixtures will be concreted into the four holes in the foreground to make sure that nothing moves while the digging is underway.

Scaffolding will support utilities when the ground underneath is dug out for the Chisholm Trail underpass.

Good progress on groundwork for the Chisholm Trail approach to the north side of the Newmarket Road underpass.

Hedgerley Close meets Madingley Road.

A post marking the location of Trinity College Conduit an historic method of providing fresh water to colleges.

The cycleway heading out of the city is a narrow shared use footway.

A sign outside a large house on Madingley Road pleads for bike lanes.

New traffic calming on the West Cambridge site (and another being installed on the other side of the road)

While the bridge over the M11 is (still) closed, it looks as if they've done some repairs on the Coton Path.

Success - Norfolk Street now a School Street - long overdue given the danger shown at #91918 and #10532

A shopper is forced to walk the narrow gap between this van and a high hedge. This is the main link for pedestrians between the Retail Park and the Beehive Centre. It is also a shared use cycle route leading to the toucan crossing. Ju ... [more]

Breaking the ice on Ditton Meadows.

The sign appears to suggest “no vintage motorcycles”.

The condition of Hills Road just gets worse and worse at the Station Road junction.

At least one sign now accepts that a modal filter on Panton St isn't a closure to all vehicles.

Not the largest lorry to be driven into the city centre but I can't help thinking that vehicles of this size and larger (and some that are a bit smaller too) shouldn't be allowed in. This one stopped here for sometime.

There's been criticism of the Covid-19 testing programme for being offered only to people in cars, but here in Cambridge there is also cycle parking.

Utilities under the south-side footway, to be negotiated by the Chisholm Trail underpass at Newmarket Road

I think the vehicle at right of shot is on the approach ramp to the Chisholm Trail river bridge - giving an idea of progress so far.

I guess these are piles stabilising the approach ramp to the south side of the Chisholm Trail river bridge

Nasty pothole on Cherry Hinton Road - with an edge just where most cyclists are likely to be riding. Someone else has already reported this at: Partially repaired a couple of ... [more]

The width restriction has been changed to a No Motor Vehicles restriction.

Cut-through from Victoria Road, Cambridge

Traffic flow has been reversed through the Histon Road roadworks. This gap is how cyclists are meant to rejoin the road network.

(Presumably) survey marks for the location of the Chisholm Trail bridge over the brook and onto Coldham's Common

Utilities - including a big drain pipe? - revealed under the south side footway at the site of the Chisholm Trail underpass

Groundwork for the Chisholm Trail is getting closer at the underpass site

This looks like it will be the route between the towpath and bridge.

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