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Cycling in Cambridge

Cambridge has the highest levels of cycling in the UK, with about 25% of commuter journeys and an estimated 20% of journeys in general.

Cambridge was awarded Cycling Demonstration Town status in 2008 and that led to £5 million investment in cycling over a 3 year period.

There are many good quality facilities for cyclists and walkers, e.g. the many specialised bridges which create shortcuts to many areas. But there are also many problems remaining, and a legacy of car-orientated streets.

The main group campaigning for cycling in the area is Cambridge Cycling Campaign, the largest group outside London.

Two of their members are the creators of CycleStreets, and the system is based on the journey planner and photomap which was launched in June 2006 on Cambridge Cycling Campaign's website.

CTC Cambridge organise regular rides in the area.

Other areas …

Latest photos of the area

See also a full list of photos in this area.

Excellent ride this year. Perfect weather and perfect company. No mechanicals either! Here's a picture from the Ely start, 10am.

Cycle parking at Anglesey Abbey NT. (Slightly nearer the main entrance than the bike parking at

Cycle parking and crossing of NCN route 11 towards Ely Cathedral

Abrupt end of cycle lane.

Meandering footpath to the left, more direct shared-use path to the right on NCN route 11 - there used to be a segregated cycleway sign (#17892) but it's vanished.

Crossing of NCN route 11 from Jubilee Gardens, Ely

Crossing of NCN route 11 to Jubilee Gardens, Ely

NCN route 11 towards Ely Cathedral

NCN route 11 past Ely Castle Mound

Sign for NCN route 11 past Ely Castle Mound

Pedestrian access only for deliveries? Or does it mean Deliveries on foot only, between those hours? And it's actually a No Motor Vehicles zone, so cargo bikes should be allowed.

Loads of space, no cycle parking (or seating) near Ely Cathedral

OK, no car parking, but why not some cycle parking? - there's none near the cathedral

Path around Cross Green, Ely

Route sign and nice large ASL, Ely

Another police station with no cycle parking.

OWL Bikes pop-up shop, outside a café that also works with the disabled.

Ely Museum reopened last year after a £2.2 million refurb. I couldn't see what they got for the money, but it didn't include any cycle parking!

That's Ely Museum in the distance, reopened last year after a £2.2 million refurb. This is the nearest cycle parking!

Route signs on NCN route 11, Ely

Cut-through, Ely

Downhill cycle lane towards Ely station - but an uphill lane might have made more sense, given the wider speed differential. Also a National Byway route sign.

Footpath link to NCN 11, Ely - often blocked, I imagine.

NCN route 11, Ely - often blocked by cars, I'm sure.

Since NCN route 11 was re-routed through Jubilee Gardens, the obvious link to Ely station is through this car park.

Since NCN route 11 was re-routed through Jubilee Gardens, the obvious link from Ely station is through this car park.

Route signs for NCN route 11, Ely

An actual STOP sign in Britain

See #150276 This has been reported:

My guess is that a vehicle has reversed crushing the bike against the rack and bending the rack completely over. The back wheel in particular looks like it has been pressed over the rack. The pedal crank is bent too, so quite a substantial ... [more]

Checking that the cycle counter has reset at midnight.

New Street contraflow cycling.

Harvest Way contraflow cycling.

Harvest Way contraflow cycling.

Harvest Way contraflow cycling.

Harvest Way contraflow cycling.

Harvest Way contraflow cycling.

Harvest Way contraflow cycling.

Annual Barometer check at Parker’s Piece. It is completely full to overflowing, suggesting at least 1.5 million bikes. We’re going to need a bigger barometer!

Perhaps the next cycle parking guide needs a sentence or two suggesting that when racks are installed, care should be taken to ensure that people making use of them do not need to wear waders to do so.

The Cityglades access road is open to the Chisholm Trail spur.

Potential access to Chisholm Trail spur from Cityglades access road. Currently blocked by capped-off (disused?) oil pipes.

Cargo bike crosses from Coldhams Common into Cromwell Road.

Abbey Chesterton bridge on the Chisholm Trail. Measured by Martin’s boots (26 December 2021): footway 2.3 meters, cycleway 2.7 metres.

Need for street cycle parking here.

First Blood! New graffiti on day 4. See #177043.

Historic photo of the Gwydir Street modal filter. Source and date unknown. Probably mid-1980s.

Political leaflet in the aftermath of the Mill Road Bridge decision, August 2021

Blank canvas 🤣 Only for a few days, see #177055.

The newest bridge over the river Cam opened today. #ChisholmTrail #TheChisholmTrailIsOpen #ChisholmTrailCambridge Entry for ... [more]

The Chisholm Trail enabler.

The Chisholm Trail chicane 😱.

The Chisholm Trail bridge.

The Chisholm Trail subway.

Hemingford Road was supposed to have been changed to two-way cycling several years ago, but this approach from Coleridge Ridge is guarded by fading no entry signs on a yellow background.

When will local authorities learn? The outcry when barriers were installed at Addenbrooke's Hospital had them removed within a week. Do they think barriers on the Chisholm Trail - a major active travel project - will go unnoticed? Be accep ... [more]

Cafe area of south compound beginning to be tidied up, fence posts waiting to go up.

Another stretch of fence now done - alongside Newmarket Road

Tarmac looks finished - but then partially covered for machinery to cross - south of the underpass.

Route sign pointing to the Abbey-Chesterton Bridge.

Yellow nosings on south steps reinstated, and looking complete.

Chicanes on the northern bike approach to the Abbey-Chesterton Bridge.

Pedestrian gate, and part of the fence around the cattlegrid, now installed. Several bits still to do.

Progress on the wooden fence on the south ramp - but it's not finished.

One of the cattle grids at Midsummer Common/Riverside is broken (two of the bars missing) and someone has marked the danger by flytipping a small fridge @camcitco @cambscc @camcycle

Progress on the Trail south of the Newmarket Rd underpass

Beginning to add the wooden fences to either side of the south bridge ramp

Still-scruffy flood compensation hollow alongside the Trail

Junction from Trail towards railway footbridge

The attractive S-bend in the Trail south of the footbridge path

The section of the Trail that now forms the dogleg in the path to the footbridge

The repositioned point where the informal east-west path crosses the Trail to head towards the railway footbridge. The route towards the narrow bridge over the brook, leading to the railway bridge, can just be seen at right of shot.

The junction at the foot of the south ramp to the Chisholm Trail river bridge

The cattlegrid beside the south ramp is in, and some (but not all) parts of its black fence are on site.

Wayfinding signs waiting to go up. Two direct walkers to Ditton Meadows and riders to Cambridge North and Chesterton. One is for NCN51 towards Fen Ditton and Bottisham. There seem to be at least three more in the heap.

Stone cladding looks complete on the south east wing wall

Someone's noticed a deadline: Sunday working to level and roll a section of Trail sublayer next to Barnwell Lake.

The south compound has been excavated to set the level of the Trail.

Lots of planting either side of the Trail, and access to Barnwell Meadow, north of the underpass.

Progress on the new crossing at Cheney Way

Path alterations at Moss Bank

The link between Fen Road and the towpath is 'closed' (though walkers can and do get around the side of the barrier at each end). There's nothing obvious yet to explain the closure.

Last sighting of the Park Street Cycle Park mural.

Temporarily re-located cycle parking at Park Street, pending redevelopment.

Covered cycle parking at Bidwells - a positive move from major local property managers.

If there had been a proposal for cycle parking here then I expect there would have been quite a fight!

People might think that this refers to parking at the entrance to Grantchester Meadows, but no, it refers to South Green Road, the private close to the right.

There was talk of parking being banned here (except for disabled blue badge holders?) but nothing has happened.

Standard anti-theft sign in the Grand Arcade cycle park, Cambridge

Instructions (with dodgy grammar) on what to do if your bike is stolen from the Grand Arcade cycle park.

Covered racks at a private hospital.

It seems that providing car club parking also spurs provision of cycle parking.

The horizontals have been removed from the fence on the west side of the brook. They were on the outside of the posts, which I guess was the wrong side.

The wooden fences are going up on the path beside the realigned brook

This junction between the Trail on Ditton Meadows, and the path from Ditton Walk & Wadloes Road, now has a bit of splay - and a new marker post.

Yellow nosings on the north steps look complete

Yellow 'nosings' are going onto the south steps beside the bridge

This looks like the top-layer tarmac where the path beside the brook meets NCN51 (or becomes part of rerouted NCN51?). I couldn't tell what the circular inset and lettering (left foreground) signify.

'Landscaping' is underway on the roadside banks either side of the south end of the Newmarket Road underpass

This looks like top-layer tarmac going down on the Trail approach to Newmarket Road north side.

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