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Cycling in Cambridge

Cambridge has the highest levels of cycling in the UK, with about 25% of commuter journeys and an estimated 20% of journeys in general.

Cambridge was awarded Cycling Demonstration Town status in 2008 and that led to £5 million investment in cycling over a 3 year period.

There are many good quality facilities for cyclists and walkers, e.g. the many specialised bridges which create shortcuts to many areas. But there are also many problems remaining, and a legacy of car-orientated streets.

The main group campaigning for cycling in the area is Cambridge Cycling Campaign, the largest group outside London.

Two of their members are the creators of CycleStreets, and the system is based on the journey planner and photomap which was launched in June 2006 on Cambridge Cycling Campaign's website.

CTC Cambridge organize regular rides in the area.

Other areas …

Latest photos of the area

See also a full list of photos in this area.

Meeting at Ross Street Community Centre. Alan Brigham giving an excellent talk about the history of the Mill Road area.

Summit Scaffolding Ltd van blocking the pavement. Why do some motorists do this, when there is enough space to pass with proper stopping?

Simon checking out a dutch bike at The Electric Transport Shop.

Simon with a dutch bike at The Electric Transport Shop.

Selfish parking across pavements. Why do they do it, when there is enough space for others to park?

Unlike the excellent cycle parking across the road (see photo #20276), these houses need cycle parking.

Excellent residential cycle parking.(Sheffield stands should be buried rather than top-mounted, hence why they are so tall, but this is a good step in the right direction.)

Covered cycle parking. Not sure why bikes are not parked but presumably can be, unless this is a bin storage area instead.

Sheffield stands (slightly too high though) in a new residential development.

How it should be done everywhere: a bike outside your front door.

Cycle parking at the Leisure Park in heavy use as usual in the evening.

Much improved surface here on Devonshire Road.

Lorry overtaking another lorry, about to enter the path of a cyclist coming in the other direction.

Lorry partly on the pavement, and causing difficult overtaking manoeuvres. Little alternative to deliver here though.

Co-op lorry backing into a side-street about to make a delivery.

Co-op lorry backing into a side-street about to make a delivery.

Co-op lorry backing into a side street about to make a delivery.

Co-op lorry about to reverse into a side street.

A typical nighttime scene at the Empress: insecurely-parked cycles due to the lack of cycle parking - caused by domination of public space by cars instead.

Example of bollards used to protect a lighting column.

"I'll be on the busway soon, will you?"

Simon adopting the stance a local councillor would take at discovering a broken rail.

Exit of cycleway from Parker's Piece.

Excellent cycle parking at the Cambridge University Counselling Service.

Just imagine what an excellent cycleway could go in the space used by this obstructive car parking (down the road from a large car park) on Lensfield Road.

CN52 VLV blocking the Downing Street cycle lane, a real hotspot for illegal deliveries, though the problem has reduced in the last year or so.

Cycleway under Riverside Bridge.

Looking under Elizabeth Way. Virtually zero traffic.

Looking up Walnut Tree avenue. Virtually zero traffic.

Not particularly attractive planting area under Elizabeth Way bridge.

Under Elizabeth Way bridge - virtually zero traffic

Lensfield Road

Panton Street is one way, but a contraflow would help many school children and residents, and there is space.

Lensfield Road

Presentation by Down Right Kenya at Fitzwiliam College.

Amusing and antiquated sign round the side of the Wrestlers.

Simon and Katrina trying out the newly painted ASL

Delivery van parked simultaneously on a cycle lane and a pedestrian crossing

AG58 AUA parked on double yellows, Corn Exchange Street. Maybe they had an appointment in the Hairy Canary; I dunno.

The A1309 / Hauxton Road, just outside Trumpington: where the Access Road works are. A cyclist braves the single lane; not a very nice environment to be in, and I do feel like I'm holding up the universe when I go home along this way. Hope ... [more]

W409 XTU parked on Lower Park Street's double yellows: unloading and loading, et cetera. The driver (perhaps) was eating lunch, if I recall correctly, and I didn't bother disturbing him.

Private hire vehicle CU05 MWM with windscreen plate number 409, parked (engine off) in contraflow cycle lane. Took this picture, then went over to his window. Me: "Are you aware that you're illegally parked?" Him: "Mate, mate: move on." ... [more]

Heating embedded in the ramp of the cycle bridge keeps it clear of snow and ice

The heated ramp on the cycle bridge is effective - shame about the snow and slush on Rustat Road

Some months on from #19089, still no change at Kettle's Yard (gallery, house and whathaveyou).

EX52 FFC, parked in the contraflow lane down Downing Street. Again: apologies about the underexposed nature of the shot; my camera's not too happy during mornings and the evenings. I wish winter would hurry up.

Histon-supporting white van LJ55 TXL parked illegally in the contraflow cycle lane down Pembroke Street. The workmen inside were having their bloody breakfast; nice of them to keep their sidelights on. See #20201 for the wider shot.

An extremely underexposed shot of AV53 ZBX parked illegally in the contraflow cycle lane. See #20201 for the wider shot.

Pembroke Street, at quarter past eight; two vans block the contraflow, in this frame alone. My DSLR doesn't handle mornings well, but the van on the right is AV53 ZBX and the van in the leftish of the frame is LJ55 TXL -- see uploads #20202 ... [more]

Flooded cycle lane entering Addenbrooke's Hospital.

On National Cycle Route 11, this pothole has been getting worst for most of the last year, despite requests for repairs.

Totally selfish and illegal parking to deliver at St Faith's School - no reason not to pull in a few metres ahead, off the zig-zags, and the road would not have been obstructed.

Potholes are appearing all over Cambridge after a spell of snow and ice.

Morning rush at Newnham Croft Primary School

Cycle provision on the cheap - there's no parking at the new entrance to the Botanic Garden, so cyclists are using the railings.

Cycle provision on the cheap - although the Botanic Garden's new gate is open, no cycle parking has been provided there, so we're expected to park at the former entrance.

Cycling and walking information has been added to this road sign.

Campaigners gather (with David Howarth MP) at Mawson Road to celebrate the overcoming of a DfT's bureaucrat's disallowance of 'No Entry Except Cycles' signs.

Car going the wrong way down Mawson Road after passing the confusing "low flying motorbike" sign, soon to be changed to a no-entry except cycles sign.

Campaigners (with David Howarth MP) celebrating the introduction of Except Cycles panels beneath No-Entry signs - due to be implemented soon here on Mawson Road.

Lots of robust cycle stands at Cambridge University Careers Service

Lots of ice at a tricky spot at midday - no sign of it shifting by 1.20.

This bicycle, which I'm sure I've seen here many times before, has been forced to park itself not to a stand owing to the fact that the set of stands to the right is brimming with cycles.

Tricycling woman on Bridge Street, Cambridge.

Cycle parking (correction: three stands) outside BSM, Bridge Street. People ride bikes before they learn to drive; people should continue to afterwards, too. Would be nice to have a few more stands, but the spacing between them is spot-on.

Temporary-style parking at Anglia Ruskin University.

East Road is falling apart...

More potholes developing on East Road.

Lots of stylish (but slightly impractical) cycle parking at the rear of the Faculty of Education.

Good DIY covered cycle parking at the Friends' Meeting House, Hartington Grove

Clear road, icy cycle lane. Cyclists are not allowed to use the road at this point

Unpassable underpass

Which way to warmer weather?

steady as she goes... arctic conditions on Riverside

Very icy. Riverside.

Snowman building on Jesus Green

Ski ramp

Riverside in the ice and snow

I'll just lie here for a while, until it warms up.

Good for the soul

Along the riverbank

A place to meet and chat

On piste

Head down across the snow

Church Street - one of the main cycle routes into the city. That is an inch of compacted sheet ice, not a road surface. Very dangerous.

The Cresta run... or the cycle path from the back of tesco down to Riverside, as it is sometimes known. Not only do users have the bollard slalom to cope with today, but we have sheet ice to launch you into the roadway. At least the car ... [more]

Church Street in the snow and ice. Very treacherous. Only the main roads get gritted and since most cycle routes avoid those roads the city becomes a no-go area for cycling after snow. or at least you can go, you just risk your neck and ... [more]

Union Lane in the snow and ice. Very treacherous. Only the main roads get gritted and since most cycle routes avoid those roads the city becomes a no-go area for cycling after snow. or at least you can go, you just risk your neck and ot ... [more]

Union Road in the snow and ice. Very treacherous. Only the main roads get gritted and since most cycle routes avoid those roads the city becomes a no-go area for cycling after snow. or at least you can go, you just risk your neck and ot ... [more]

It doesn't really come across properly in the photograph but Arbury Road was just a mess of ice, slush and water when I took this. But look how close this idiot driver is to the guy on the bike. He is almost touching his mudguard. If the ... [more]

The cattle grid and gate under Victoria Avenue bridge. The paths across the commons are sheets of ice.

One of the most heavily pedestrianized streets in the centre of Cambridge is still a slippery ice-sheet at the end of a winters day. How hard would it have been to find some people to clear this?

Cycle parking outside the Guildhall, with its new Christmas lights - now more energy saving than previously.

Are you committing an offence by skiing the wrong way along a one-way street?

Overnight a new 'skiway' has opened in Thoday Street, as the way to get around.

Less than ideal cycling conditions (but no cars were risking going more than 20mph anyway)

Pretty much complete gridlock, after the closure of sections of both the A14 and M11 force traffic down the old pre-bypass'd roads.

AE56 LDX (plate 278) overranking on St. Andrew's Street. You may think it's only a few inches, but there were six taxis in front of him -- and the rank is for six taxis only.

I sense a distinct lack of cycle parking outside Corpus Christi College, Trumpington Street. Bikes are having to use this funky raised platform-thing as well as the pavement.

YJ03 MTF (also pictured in #20041) delivering large boxes to the University. Had a nice chat with the driver: he couldn't have cared less that he was on double yellows. Also talked to the University staff member taking the delivery -- I sug ... [more]

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