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New cycle parking, I think, at the outpatients department at Addenbrooke's

Who says it's hard to find cycle parking spaces at Addenbrooke's? (before 08.00 - #111356 is more typical)

Parallel crossing at Addenbrooke's

New haul road and diverted cycleway (NCN route 11) for construction of Cambridge South station. Note the lowered fence to give a bit of leeway for handlebars.

Parallel cycleways - good signage is needed at the junction behind the camera.

Start of new haul road and diverted cycleway (NCN route 11) for construction of Cambridge South station

Camcycle volunteers busy at a cycle security coding event at Addenbrooke’s.

A toucan-style crossing by the AstraZeneca Travel/Logistics Hub (car/cycle park). Replaces a pedestrian crossing further north, which has been removed.

I think this means cross the road and then turn right on the on-road cycle lane, but it's not clear

Biomedical Campus Cycle Hub

Round signs saying: Cyclists dismount One-way system

The pump at this workstand in front of Addenbrooke's main entrance did not work. The head unit would not grip the valve tightly and there was a tell tale leak of air that is so disheartening. I had to find my way to the on-campus bike shop … [more]

Staff cycle parking at Addenbrooke's - requires security card to get in. There was a workstand and pump made by Cyclehoop in front of it. I tried it. Big mistake - and my tyre ended up flatter than when I started. I had to find my way to … [more]

Cycle and scooter parking at Addenbrooke's.

Early report about the fatal crash from: " 7 Oct 2021 A woman has died following a collision this morning near Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge. The woman, … [more]

I imagine will people will want to reach this new park across the guided busway.

Guided bus waiting at bollards/lights to continue on the guided busway - cyclists should turn left for the parallel route.

Cycle route sign well after cyclists need to have turned left - and it's hidden by the Caution - Bollards sign which isn't needed as only qualified bus drivers use this road. The route sign needs moving to where cyclists have to turn left.

Cycle parking at the AstraZeneca building, Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Start of bus and cycle route between the Royal Papworth Hospital and AstraZeneca buildings.

It would be good to have a contraflow cycleway, or failing that, some indication that the multi-storey car park is in the middle of a one-way circuit.

Nightingale Avenue modal filter - eventually I suppose the pedestrian crossing will have to be moved to allow a straight-across movement for cyclists to Red Cross Lane.

The crossing from Red Cross Lane to Nightingale Avenue - eventually I suppose the pedestrian crossing will have to be moved here to allow a straight-across movement for cyclists.

Cyclists Beware DO NOT UNDERTAKE Sign that tries to place the responsibility for the turning lorries on the cyclists.

Lots of covered cycle parking at the Anne McLaren Building on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Next day, same issue, almost certainly same people and same vehicle. A few people under specific circumstances are allowed to stop or park in a cyclepath. Scaffolders are not. And there is an easy legal option very … [more]

This is where the driver of this van and trailer decided to stop and have a phone call. Completely blocking the cyclepath and pavement. I had to stop and ask, then shout "hello" as he wasn't paying any attention to other traffic. Why not … [more]

Visitor parking at the main entrance to the new Abcam building

Plenty of cycle parking at the new Abcam building - but there's no need for the nannying sign, no-one parks a bike without dismounting.

Off-road cycleway and floating bus stops required - buses can wait quite a while here.

Dropped kerb needed for this new path to the cycle parking by the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre

Addenbrooke's Hospital Bike Hub

Cycle contraflow, Addenbrooke's Hospital, now signed.

Segregated cycling and walking routes at the rear of the staff multi-storey car park, Addenbrooke's Hospital

New path from the cycle parking at the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre

New path to the cycle parking at the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre

Covered cycle parking at the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre

Covered cycle parking alongside the staff multi-storey car park, Addenbooke'sHospital

The barriers that caused so much trouble (see #113028) were taken down this morning!

BREAKING NEWS: the CBC barrier is coming down! Thanks to John from @CTCCambridge for this picture and to the many people and organisations who have made this happen. Let's continue to work together to create a better, safer and accessible … [more]

I thought these dreadful barriers were supposed to have been removed a few days ago? But at least they are now fitted with reflective tape.

Counting cycle and motor traffic at the location of a new obstruction on the busway cycleway at the Biomedical Campus, Addenbrooke's, Cambridge, UK. I am pictured using the four bank handheld counter which is shown at #112987.

Design fail: When there's a bus waiting at the rising bollard / traffic signal the exit from this cycle slipway is blocked.

Cargo bike parking.

Spotted earlier. Short and to the point.

Shame on the Addenbrooke's site - instead of providing plenty of cycle parking at the new developments here, visitors are having to find places like this to leave their bikes. This is some distance from the main buildings, and provides none … [more]

A few racks near the main entrance to the Royal Papworth hospital, good but many more needed.

A few racks near the main entrance to the Royal Papworth hospital, good but many more needed.

A cycle repair workshop on the Addenbrooke's site. Tel: 07414113948 (went thru to a domain hosting site when checked on 14 Oct 2019)

Cycle parking area at Addenbrooke's that requires access pass to use. Quite full but not crammed full like everywhere else on site.

Cycle racks at Addenbrooke's crammed full as usual.

Double-deck visitor/staff (unsecured) parking.

Contraflow cycle lane to Cambridge Biomedical Campus - on the 'wrong' side of the normal lane with the traffic flow.

Imaginative use of space at Cambridge Biomedical Campus - but access (back right) is a bit tricky.

Bike sharing area

Maybe somebody has noticed that having an unprotected right turn on NCN route 11 right before a roundabout is very dangerous.

Ten spaces in front of the new Royal Papworth Hospital!

Workstand at Addenbrooke’s.

The new Astra-Zeneca building and a large area of disused car parking.

Never enough cycle parking at Addenbrooke's.

Temporary-looking new building at Addenbrooke's with a considerable amount of secure cycle parking beneath.

In fact bikes can be locked to the expensive new railings (although it took a while) - see #97037

Expensive railings installed to stop people locking their bikes to them... in theory... see #97038

For as long as I can remember the end of Red Cross Lane has been made awkward to negotiate by anybody trying to get through to Addenbrookes from the East by bike - gated, no dropped kerbs, rough surface, barriers to stop you accessing the … [more]

New toucan crossing of SE arm. Thankfully this one is not staggered, for once.

Unsignalised arm of new roundabout scheme. Terrifying as ever.

A new staggered toucan crossing. Pathetic.

Road works to build bad new scheme for Addenbrooke's roundabout can't be bothered to provide safe crossings for people walking.

Well-placed bollard at the end of the new connection to Red Cross Lane. Strange & unnecessary but harmless give way markings, I suppose.

Using the Zebra at the new connection to Red Cross Lane.

Entry to new connection to Red Cross Lane (finally).

The curious case of the Zebra that has lost its beacons.

Construction of cycle crossing to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Cycle Lane Closed for construction of decent cycle access to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus

The new cycle paths on Hills Road are great, but until I found myself trying to recommend a route for a 16 year old to get past the massive roundabout at this major entrance to Addenbrooke's I hadn't realised the big gaps in provision. The … [more]

No Entry and 'Beware Cycles' on the shared-use footway - but I'd like to see this as a two-way access for cyclists to Long Road Sixth Form College and the whole Biomedical Campus.

Yet another unnecessary Cyclists Dismount sign - the contraflow cycle lane ends and there's a shared-use sign hidden under the tree ahead before cyclists join the road beyond.

OWL BIkes at Addenbrooke's - no indication whether this is to drop off bikes as donations or perhaps to collect repaired bikes.

Odd sign, when the left-hand lane is clearly marked as car park access.

Arrangements for construction trucks crossing the bridleway into the Addenbrooke's site.

This is the only indication that cyclists should turn left here to reach Addenbrooke's Hospital.

Guided busway and cycleway entering the perpetual construction site that is the Cambridge Biomedical Campus - the LMB to the left, Papworth ahead and Astra-Zeneca to the right.

Cycle track into the Addenbrooke's site (narrowed by construction work)

Warning of police tracker bikes.

Does anyone understand why Addenbrooke's are so set against cyclists turning left onto the cycle path to Hills Road? There's even a barrier to block it.

The whole Addenbrooke's site is now closed to motor vehicles except for access - but cyclists can pass through freely.

Temporary (I imagine) route through the new Biomedical Campus

This is currently the only way through for cyclists from Addenbrooke's to Red Cross Lane.

Why put these signs on the cycle stands? Normal for the car-focussed cycle-blind society we live in.

Impossible arrangement for cyclists coming towards the camera and wanting to turn right on the route towards Hills Road.

Leaving Addenbrooke's - cyclists have to go through a narrow corner shared with pedestrians and then round a chicane and between bollards. Its a stupid obstacle course and typical of the ill thought out routes for pedestrians and cycists … [more]

Going round the roundabout at the main entrance Addenbrooke's site.

Entering Addenbrooke's from Hills Road.

Temporary (but for how long?) access to the Shelford path at Addenbrookes. To the other side of the small line of cones is a live road. Utterly, abjectly, awful. This is bad for cyclists. Terrible for those with long bikes or trailers. … [more]

A confident cyclist on Hills Road, between Queen Edith's Way and the Addenbrooke's Roundabout trying to access the pedestrian and cycle access to the hospital.

Commuter cyclists on Hills Road, near the pedestrian and cycle entrance to Addenbrooke's Hospital. See also #57468.

Cyclists on Hills Road, crossing Long Road and Queen Ediths way in direction of Addenbrooke's Hospital. The junction of Hills Road with Long Road is very hostile for cyclists. See also in videos

Cyclists on Hills Road, crossing Long Road and Queen Ediths way in direction of Addenbrooke's Hospital. The junction of Hills Road with Long Road is very hostile for cyclists. See also in videos

The junction of Hills Road with Long Road is very hostile for cyclists. There is no filter lane for the advanced stop boxes, which are frequently filled up by cars, buses or lorries. See also in videos

Cyclists climbing a hill on Hills Road, at the junction with Long Road near Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge. Most cyclists turn right at this junction and they need to be confident enough to position themselves in the right hand side … [more]

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