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White lines etc done, but still some work to do on a now-smaller patch including the central island

Not clear why the cycle lane is still obstructed by one bollard/barrier pair.

The section of bridge ramp that for so long looked unfinished appears to be the site of feature 'green wall' planting

There's enough water in the supposedly dry brook to need pumping out for work to proceed

Between the fences, area that was compound now (in theory) recovering common. Beyond the second fence, Trail alignment and realigned brook.

Impossible to be sure, but could be preparation for surfacing at this Trail junction

Foreshortened by telephoto lens, but giving an idea of the generous width of the bridge. Something (handrail?) was in progress.

This section is still more 'haul road' than 'Trail' - but patches of vegetation, and the flood compensation dip, have progressed.

South bridge ramp looks nearly ready for surfacing

The digger is busy where there should be a section of the brook south of the culvert near the bottom of the bridge ramp. I was told that the brook would be dug out when the patch in the foreground (ie the Trail) is 'done'. Judging by the ... [more]

Silly arrangement of 2 bollards, 3 gaps, on link to Fen Road

This will be the pedestrian junction between bridge steps and towpath

This will be the cycle junction between bridge ramp and towpath

New towpath surface is very wide under the railway bridge.

Towpath upgrade finished and open. Interesting choice of radii at the junction with the link to Fen Road - perhaps determined more by land availability than attention to likely traffic patterns and desire lines?

This section of the Chisholm Trail is built on a bed of gravel that is designed both to protect tree roots and the path from the roots causing ridges on the path. Only along a short stretch where trees grow on this side of the brook.

There are now lots of these 'big bollards' alongside the path on the north Common. They're about 1.5m high, and generally about 0.2 - 0.3m outside the edge of the path. Some are sensibly located to warn spectators leaving the stadium th ... [more]

A short stretch on the Common adjacent to Newmarket Road appears to be 'finished', but much of the rest past the football ground still awaits the top layer of tarmac

Pavements on both sides of Newmarket Road have been marked up, and are being prepared, for resurfacing.

Posts have been set to mark the alignment of the Trail at Barnwell Meadow

The bollards and gateposts have gone from the link to Fen Road, and so has part of the closure fence. The walking talking diversion notice was getting plenty to do.

Compacting and rolling under way on the towpath, but it's still the base layer: no sign yet of tarmac.

Nearly all of the recently-unridable loose chippings section is now fenced-off 'work in progress', together with the short stretch east of the cattle grids.

Reasonable splay at new junction beside football stadium

Base layer of tarmac, but not final surface, completed alongside football stadium

Open, but unfinished

Open, but unfinished

Open, but unfinished

Open, but I think unfinished: looks like there's another layer of surfacing still to come.

The towpath past rail and Trail bridges, and its link to Fen Road, are open.

South end of presently-closed section is not ready for tarmac: must wait for adjustments to line and level when the new bridge over the brook is installed.

Base layer rolled and ready for tarmac on widened path alongside football stadium

Base layer rolled and ready for tarmac on widened path alongside football stadium

Better progress on backfill over utilities on south side of Newmarket Road

Link between towpath and Fen Road looks like it will be a decent width

Progress on realignment of the brook

Beginning to widen the section between brook crossing and football stadium

Perhaps this time the backfill over the utilities will be able to stay in place

Evidence of the shape of the junction between bridge and widened towpath

Progress on the realignment of the brook alongside the bridge ramp

The intermediate link between towpath and Fen Road is closed

Second phase of towpath closure is under way

Defining the outer edge for the improved towpath near the railway bridge

Towpath back-filled, and edge board set, over new rainwater drain from the bridge

This is unexpected: a deep layer of chippings, with nothing binding them, from Newmarket Road to the diversion past the football ground. The least cycle-friendly surface I've experienced in a long time, with a distinct desire line already ... [more]

Hope they know that the sections of the machinery-access bridge are not joined together ... ...

With the section of pipe removed, the true size of the brook is more apparent.

'Bridge' element of culvert has been demolished

Vegetation cleared back from the edges, and surface broken up, on path alongside football stadium

Vegetation cleared back from the edges, and surface broken up, on path alongside football stadium

Gas pipe installed, but I think not yet connected. Some other utilities not in great shape.

A patch of tarmac replaces the unsatisfactory yellow plastic kerb ramp. Still not really wide enough for a trike, but at least this one won't move.

A better view of work on the towpath near the railway bridge. Perhaps it's back-filling over a stretch of the new duct or pipe.

Towpath base layer in front of the north compound is compacted and levelled. I think the large new hole at the edge is a sump/soakaway/treatment site for the rainwater drain from the bridge.

All of the presently-closed section of the towpath has been skimmed. There are no easy clues to indicate what the duct or pipe will be for.

Depositing, and roughly levelling, a base layer for the new towpath surface

There is progress on the towpath, plus this outfall to the river for the rainwater drain from the bridge.

Concrete wall at landward side of towpath between bridge and steps

North side redmac, with a very awkward yellow plastic ramp to mount the kerb at the far end.

Fresh redmac, maybe fresh blackmac, and fresh white lines - but still plenty to do around the central island at the western end

Fresh redmac, and maybe fresh blackmac too

That could be a narrow (path-width-only) planer in the background.

Tonight's work on Newmarket Road starts with surface planing, including (as far as I could see) the edges which have been occupied by the temporary pedestrian/cycle paths.

Another view of the work to realign the brook next to the bridge ramp

The crack in the old structure over the brook is big enough to suggest that a complete demolish and rebuild sequence is needed.

Southern end of plastic tile diversion on the north common - again without a good link to the old path. Diversion (which is roller-coaster uneven) and old path are both open on Friday 6th August

Water main reconnected, gas main reinstatement under way.

New plastic tile diversion to the west of the contractors' access roadway on tne north common. (This was Wednesday 4th August - it's since been opened for use, but still without a good link to the old path.)

Progress on the realignment of the brook next to the Chisholm Trail bridge ramp

They've changed the eastern junction of towpath and diversion. The surface of the new section is loose soft sand: even worse than the coarse stones. They have at least made a start on removing the top surface of the towpath.

There are yellow RIVER FOOTPATH notices in several sensible locations

It looks as if someone else was fed up with the lack of signage for the towpath diversion. The yellow notice on the left says PRIVATE PROPERTY STRICTLY NO ENTRY The one on the right says RIVER FOOTPATH

A new hole in the north footway, revealing substantial electricity cables which I think were not present before.

More digging on the recently reinstated south footway. Both ends of the gas main diversion are now visible, which suggests that this trench could be for gas pipe.

Latest 'improvement' to the signage. Somewhat pointless, since the red&white barrier is visible well before the yellow notice.

Footway dug up again, short section of old iron gaspipe removed, other utility ductwork not fairing well. Makes a depressing tale of retrograde progress when seen against,171537,172406/

The narrow stone-covered membrane appears to cover a rainwater drainpipe. There's plenty of room outside it for a good wide path from bridge to towpath.

At least this is unambiguous - even if quite tricky to negotiate and not very visible in the dark.

The only (?) info about the diversion anywhere 'on' Fen road - and I doubt if it is visible from the road.

First 'information' about the closure found when heading east. Absolutely nothing to indicate that there's a bypass.

Effective barrier on towpath means no option during the closure to take the shortcut 'after hours'

Towpath closed, diversion open, for work on the link from Chisholm Trail riverbridge to all points west.

The area around the new cattlegrid north of the railway underpass is surfaced - but fence and gate not yet added.

Realigned path north of the railway underpass is surfaced and open.

I don't see much recent change on the north bridge ramp.

The rightangle turn between fences looks rather tight.

The northern end of the diversion around the compound doesn't look great.

Could this be the beginning of work to realign the brook through the south compound? I couldn't see enough to judge.

Towpath diversion around the north compound for Chisholm Trail work looks OK at the river end.

New cattlegrid finished, old grid and gate removed.

Progress on the realigned junction north of the railway underpass

Work hasn't started on the brook crossing. Diversion still in use.

Long stretch of newly-widened path for Chisholm Trail open. Surface is good.

New water main buried (but not yet connected), footway part-reinstated. Some other ducts not in great shape.

This section of the widened path across Coldhams Common is now open.

Still no change at the aborted cattlegrid south of the railway underpass

There will be a new cattlegrid north of the railway underpass. It's not alongside the old one.

The widened path for the Chisholm Trail now has the finished surface for much of the section between the railway underpass and the brook crossing.

Topsoil reinstated for Barnwell Meadow, and a reasonably clear space for further work on the Chisholm Trail approach to the underpass - but still a Newmarket Road lamp post to be reinstated.

One sidewall of the north steps to the Chisholm Trail river bridge has been cast.

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