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Press the button and look back to read when the display changes. A new crossing at the turn into Worts Causeway from Babraham Road.

A new crossing at the turn into Worts Causeway from Babraham Road.

Crossing of Babraham Road upgraded to single-stage, as part of Linton Greenway works.

Upgraded crossing of Babraham P&R site entrance. Part of Linton Greenway works.

Warwick Road meets Histon Road and Gilbert Road at the Cyclops junction.

Madingley Road

Histon Road cycleways built to the minimum width, and with no protection from close passing motor traffic.

Standpipe in Mil Road, fire at Hope Street yard.

Poor drainage at this corner of Devonshire Road and Tenison Road. Works are ordered according to: reference: 353717 when checked 23/12/2020.

Toucan Crossing of Babraham Road now open.

All these bikes for Parkside school.

Coldham’s Lane crossing

You had thought that people would work out to give space in this difficult time. Not here though. Here's @jrhoardingltd illegally blocking the cycle access across Newmarket Rd. Driving into this site through here has been expressly forbidd ... [more]

Parallel crossing on Huntingdon Road.

Parallel crossing on Huntingdon Road.

Cambridge retail park A rising bollard in the car park has been removed in defiance of the planning regulations and the retail park has applied for retropsective permission to make that permanent. I think that will lead to it being used ... [more]

This route is used by hundreds of people every day. The estate to the left has maybe a dozen houses. Why is the priority the wrong way round?

Arbury Road cycleway

Arbury Road cycleway

Arbury Road cycleway

Tiger crossing on Arbury Road.

Arbury Road cycleway (This is aligned with the Mere Way - an ancient route.)

Informal crossing of Fulbourn Road from the shared-use cycleway to the Peterhouse Technology Park.

Shelford Road

The bus driver did not break the law here. Toucan crossing appears to show 'green man' at the same time that the bus driver receives a green light. In fact the green man is for the crossing parallel to the bus, off to the left of the photo. ... [more]

Newly constructed Cross City Cycling scheme but the '2.2 metre wide' refuge is considerably narrowed by the poor placement of poles. And seems to be a trash collection point as well (probably due to the wind).

Brand new crossing, no blocked drain, just piss poor construction

Cherry Hinton High Street

Interesting kerb bulb-out to help people walking across the street.

Arbury Road

Parallel crossing of Arbury Road.

Cambridge kerb cycleway on Arbury Road.

Impressive cycle-zebra at Arbury Road.

Bridge Street, Cambridge

New 'cycle zebra' on Arbury Road

Potentially misleading green.

CL Travel unloading on Hills Road. The road has "no unloading" marks all along apart from paintwork that used to indicate a pedestrian crossing. The pedestrian crossing was taken out 6 months ago but the paintwork hasn't changed to reflect ... [more]

As the blurb goes, I think this driver parked their van on the cyclepath for several days without any challenge. The FTA says even unloading shouldn't be done here, let alone parking up. ... [more]

Woman on a bike safely using the new side-by-side cycle and Zebra crossing.

Pedestrian Crossing by Drummer Street bus station.

Crossing Milton Road near the Science Park

This junction is set to have four sets of staggered toucan crossings - while motorists will get double exit lanes - all this from a development which is supposed to promote walking and cycling and cut motor traffic journeys. Hrmph!

Four toucan crossings in staggered arrangement at the junction of Lawrence Weaver Way with Huntingdon Road. Expect to see more big junctions like this, which prioritise cars over pedestrians and bikes, coming to Cambridge soon.

Parker's Piece/Gonville Place crossing

Parker's Piece/Gonville Place crossing

Approaching Maids Causeway from Butt Green. Faded markings on the approach to the cattle grid. Pedestrians are supposed to use the bollards / gate on the left - but many struggle across the grid. Two months later that new patch of ... [more]

See clip at It's not just that this is an illegal unload, but it's so unnecessary given the space 25 yards away. Places where you cannot stop to load and unload - A pedestrian crossing including the area m ... [more]

See clip at Places where you cannot stop to load and unload - A pedestrian crossing including the area marked by the zig-zag lines - School keep-clear zig-zag lines - On a road with double white lines marke ... [more]

Awful complicated staggered crossing – how are cycles really meant to make all those ninety degree turns through here – what an absolute disaster.

Crossing on Barnwell Road.

Pelican crossing, Ditton Lane.

Elizabeth Way

The unenforceable sign reads: DO NOT RIDE CYCLE ON THIS FOOTPATH - unenforceable because it is the incorrect sign. If cycling were genuinely not permitted the official round red bordered NO CYCLING sign would be used.

Crossing the slip road to the Trumpington Road park and ride site.

Fen Road Level crossing and to the left residents looking at the old Network Rail access behind the houses on Moss Bank. See also . See also #47492.

Fen Road Level crossing and to the left residents looking at the old Network Rail access behind the houses on Moss Bank. See also . See also #47491.

Newmarket Road.

Narrow cycle lanes on Brooks Road - a possible mistake of repainting. The end marker of the zigzags are almost touching, but in the Google Street View imagery for this location (which shows an earlier time), those end markers are distinc ... [more]

See clip at Again, less major but just bone-headed, thoughtless driving. Highway Code rule192 In queuing traffic, you should keep the crossing clear. ... [more]

Possible route for the Chisholm Trail using largely existing infrastructure to the east of the railway track.

One of the traffic lights that used to face Chesterton Road (next to the Folk Museum in the photo) has been moved. It's now on the traffic island in Chesterton Road at a point where it is hard for pedestrians to see whether it's safe to cro ... [more]

See clip at This crossing usually takes 90-120 seconds to change, making this route into town unfriendly to cyclists. This time I was surprised that it changed in 5-6 seconds after pressing the ... [more]

Right turning riders are asked to turn left on to the pavement and use the pedestrian crossing, but a full advanced stop line is provided. The ahead only arrow on the traffic lights has a bus exception. It seems that all this amounts to a ... [more]

Cllr Bates, Cabinet Member for Growth and Planning receiving the "Ring Fort Path" petition from lead petitioner Vanessa Kelly. Also in the picture Cllr Bygott (SCDC) and campaigners. CamNews on "Ring Fort Path" - pet ... [more]

See video at Well less cycling and more walking, although a lot of cyclists use crossings for safety. This nice delivery van does something we all see regularly. This is breaking Highway Code ... [more]

Toucan crossing of King's Hedges Road

Good new crossing

Possible improvements to the intimidating stretch of very exposed and narrow cycle lane on Newmarket Road near to the Barnwell Road Roundabout. See #12407 We suggest: 1. Removing the left hand traffic lane exiting the roundabout eastbou ... [more]

Asham Road, looking towards the main entrance of Milton Road Junior School.

School run at Mayfield Primary School at about 8:46 am. Picture taken near the Warwick Road - Windsor Road passage.

School run at Mayfield Primary School at about 8:46 am. Picture taken near the Warwick Road - Windsor Road passage.

View from Gilbert Road into Warwick Road towards Mayfield Primary School at 8:28 am, a few cars parked near the school with children waiting to enter the school or nursery.

Car parked selfish but (still) legal in a cycle lane on Gilbert Road near the Carlton Way crossing. In this 5 min journey along Gilbert Road from Guerney Way to Histon Road: #21506, #21507, #21509.

His children are now safe, inside Milton Road Primary School. The cyclists have to pass the car stationary in the cycle lane. The cyclists are being overtaken far too closely by impatient drivers who can't wait to get to the end of the tail ... [more]

Many pupils cycle from Guerney Way to Chesterton Community College on the pavement. Coming from Milton Road / Guerney way, the only safe crossing is at the school gate.

One pupil's safety is another pupils' risk at Chesterton Community Collage. A car stopped right on the "END" sign of the cycle lane "to be legal". Other pupils have to cycle around the car in the main carriageway at an accident hot spot.

The black car is legaly parked in a (non mandatory) cycle lane, just after a bus stop and only 100 yards from the entrance of a secondary school attended by about a thousand pupils (Chesterton Community College), so is the coach in the back ... [more]

Corner Gilbert Road with Guerney Way. Crossing from Gurney Way to the southern side of Gilbert Road (e.g. to travel to Chesterton Community College) can be difficult. The nearest crossing with traffic lights are at Milton Road and at the Ch ... [more]

Four-way green light for cyclists as used in the Netherlands would be suitable for this crossing. Unfortunately at the Milton Rd with Union Lane / Arbury Rd junction the four-way traffic light phase is exclusive to "pedestrians". See video ... [more]

Toucan Crossing

When there is a queue of cyclists (as there usually is at peak time), all cyclists would have to do is to keep entering the crossing as long as another cyclist or pedestrian is still in the detection zone. In practise this does not work, ... [more]

Chesterton Rd zebra. 60% of crossing users are cyclists. Most ride across, some walk, some "scoot". Mixing with pedestrians does not appear to create any conflict.

Scooting across the zebra on Chesterton Road

Queens Rd Toucan crossing. One of the best examples of a Toucan in Cambridge. Although neither path leading to the crossing is segregated, the use of segregated lane markings, and studs across the road, mean that there is minimal conflic ... [more]

Fulbourn Road

Pedestrian crossing Newmarket Road.

Anticipating a break in the traffic.

A pedestrian crossing on Barnwell Road.

Cherry Hinton Road

Toucan crossing of Newmarket Road.

Cycle lanes and a zebra crossing.

Chesterton High Street

Mill Road

The Devonshire Road end of the Carter Bridge. Notice there is a raised table on Devonshire Road, there's even a rare triangular pedestrian crossing sign.

Milton Road crossing

Chesterton Road shared use

Sign reads "UN Controlled Crossing" ;-)

Zebra crossing on Emmanuel Road.

Cycle crossing of Arbury Road

Cycle crossing of Arbury Road

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