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Double yellows on Red Cross Lane will contribute to a much-used cycle route near Addenbrooke's, BioMed Campus, and Busway path

Norwich Street, Cambridge

Norwich Street, Cambridge

Norwich Street, Cambridge Note: there is lots of informal cycle parking against properties on this street (with mixed levels of security) and no official cycle parking stands on the street.

Norwich Street, Cambridge

Norwich Street, Cambridge

Norwich Street, Cambridge

Norwich Street, Cambridge

Panton Street experimental traffic order allowing two-way cycling and prohibiting through motor traffic.

Panton Street the section beyond the junction with Saxon Street on the right is now two-way for all traffic. This is to allow access to the school and university car park. Before the junction Panton Street is one way towards the camera b ... [more]

Panton Street has an experimental traffic order changing this section to one-way except cycles.

Two-way cycling is now permitted in Panton Street, but the right-turn from Lensfield Road is not facilitated by any gap in the hashing. (Note: need to double-check whether there is any sign prohibiting a right-turn here.)

Shelley Row

Drainage problem on Coronation Street, Cambridge.

We ought to be grateful for the gritting, but it's not right to see a truck driving along the cycleways in Eddington scattering salt. A much smaller vehicle should be used. Cycleways are not for motor traffic of any kind in my view! It c ... [more]

Toast rack on Regent Street

Rocky debris from the pothole is being cast onto the cycleway. Reported at: Reference: 00355079

Yellow lines have considerably reduced the illegal parking problem at the back of the Regal

Traffic calming on a new development in Cambridge.

Marmora Road build out at junction with Suez Road. There is a dropped kerb within the buildout.

It's a shock coming back from Denmark and the Netherlands to find the appalling state of the roads in Cambridge.

It's a shock coming back from Denmark and the Netherlands to find the appalling state of the roads in Cambridge.

Newly marked narrow cycle lanes on Cambridge Retail Park. The white line goes right up to that kerb at which point the cyclist vanishes!

Babraham Road / Granhams Road junction.

Nightingale Avenue double-yellow lines blackened.

A badly placed sign put in the middle of the footway where it will be an obstruction to pedestrians. It could easily have been put against the low wall on the left edge. Reported at: ... [more]

Bus gate signs that should mean this restriction becomes enforceable.

Bus gate signs that should mean this restriction becomes enforceable.

Need for cycle parking in Ross Street.

There is an advance cycle stop box at these traffic lights, but it was never repainted after being resurfaced several years ago. The cycle lane leading to it is also almost invisible. The road is narrowed here by a central island. Major haz ... [more]

Believe it or not, there is a painted cycle lane here, but drivers cannot see it and often encroach

Merging from shared-use path onto road can be scary, not helped by missing bollard at tip of build-out kerb, giving drivers no warning of cycles appearing

Mill Road bridge BUS GATE comes into operation from Monday 20 July 2020.

Cockburn Street contraflow signs

Brand new development, just finished this past year. What's missing? The damn dropped kerb! What the hell, @CambsCC @camcitco? This is why I have to be picky about the hardworks plans when I look over planning apps. Even though I'm a ... [more]

Fabulously energetic campaign firmly opposing buses on Adams Road, Cambridge. Those links: W 🐦@SaveCycleRoute F Save Your Cycle Route ... [more]

Bikes on the footway.

Baldock Road: Keeping the verges clear of stored motor vehicles using a physical barrier.

Car storage area near a sofa store.


Upper Gwydir Street: Chalked colours in the double-yellow lines.

Arbury Road cycleway

Bus stop built into the cycleway on Arbury Road.

Arbury Road cycleway

Raised table on Arbury Road.

Arbury Road cycleway

Arbury Road, Cambridge with an almost two metre wide cycleway.

@FinKnopsMckim @camcycle Here’s another photo of the situation

Nicely placed sharrow to get contra-flow cyclists riding well away from car doors. Compare #70403.

Simpers Walk double yellow lines this end avoid access here - but parking is allowed across the far end.

Harvest Way

Cycle lanes and centreline need repainting

Great Eastern Street - loads of bikes outside the houses along here and an edited speed limit sign. More sign graffiti at:

Argyle Street with new street cycle parking. Measurements from left to right accurate to 5cm: Left footway: 180cm Cycle lane: 165cm Carriageway between offside edge of white line and bollard: 265cm Offside edge of bollard to right ... [more]

Newly installed racks on Argyle Street. I think the camber combined with the kerb will work well together to keep bikes tidily parked.

Mill Road, no right turn. (The except cycles sign is for the no entry into Kingston Street.)

Pedestrian sign to the Grafton Centre

NO IDLING Turn off your engine and protect the environment At least the stupid bollard at #4835 is gone.

Nothing to indicate that cycles are permitted to ride through here - facing motor vehicles leaving the multi-storey car storage facility. See #5183 from sixteen years previously.

Urgent need for more racks in Romsey.

Cycle route over the cattle grids

I think the red section of the road indicates car parking - is that right @CambsCops? @camcitco? @CambsCC? Scotland Road. #cycling @camcycle Note: this is actually Green End Road.

Charles Street where double yellow lines have been introduced on one side of the road, and resident parking bays on the other. This is an improved environment now for pedestrians (who have both footways cleared in principle) and cycling. Co ... [more]

Cavendish Road Measurements left to right in metres, accurate to 0.05m 1.75m Pavement 1.10m On carriageway car storage (full bay width 1.9m overhanging footway by 0.80m) 2.95m Available carriageway between car storage areas 1.80m O ... [more]

Mill Road bridge Measurements left to right in metres, accurate to 0.05m 2.30m Extra width by bins and bench 1.50m Pavement 3.05m Westbound Carriageway 3.05m Eastbound Carriageway 1.65m Pavement 9.25m Total 11.55m Total includ ... [more]

St. Philip's Road Outside house 64c Measurements left to right in metres, accurate to 0.05m 1.55m Pavement 3.00m Westbound Carriageway 2.80m Eastbound Carriageway 1.75m Pavement 9.10m Total 5.80m Total carriageway 1.5m Cy ... [more]

Ascham Road

Mill Road junction with Hemingford Road and Coleridge Road.

Arbury Road turn into Mere Way with the new cycleway visible on the right.

Deliveroo rider takes his opportunity to get past our group of sedate #CamRideHome riders.

Arbury Road cycleways on both sides with 20mph roundals

Hemingford Road

New contraflow markings on Union St, Cambridge

New contraflow markings on Union St, Cambridge

Emery Road contraflow cycling.

This should be a through route for cycling (ideally with a link across St Matthew's Piece from York St), if anyone at the city council or Anglia Ruskin University had actually thought about the clousre at the far end.

Badly installed cycle parking at a recent development on Catharine Street.

St. Philip's Road - lack of cycle parking. Perhaps could put some by that double yellow line.

Hooper Street - lack of cycle parking

Hooper Street - lack of cycle parking

Hooper Street - lack of cycle parking

Hooper Street - lack of cycle parking

Sturton Street - lack of cycle parking

Sturton Street - lack of cycle parking

Large area of council run garages well lit and look like they've had a recent refresh compared to #63227.

Edward Street - lack of cycle parking

Upper Gwydir Street - lack of cycle parking

There are currently three vehicles parked on this double yellow line all day Monday to Friday.

New bus stop on Brooklands Avenue

Double yellows! Great to be able to drive or cycle round this bend in Blinco Grove now without being terrified of being hit head on.

Rather than fix this pothole Cambridgeshire Council just painted a double yellow line through it.

Traffic counts being done

Space needed for proper cycle parking so that bikes are not left blocking the footway.

New cycle racks in Ross Street. I note there are double yellow lines marked outside the bay.

Cambridge kerb raised cycleway on Arbury Road

Castle Hill


Cycle parking and start of route to the Alison Richard Building.

Argyle Street, Cambridge

The worst bits of Lensfield Road have been resurfaced; and the annual traffic survey seems to be more extensive than usual.

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