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GCP report card - far too little progress on sustainable transport and caving in to the pro-congestion lobby.

Junction of footpath (right) and two cycleways

Route to the west of Churchill College

Markings that give the impression this is a one-way cycleway in the contraflow direction.

Future pathway of some kind at Eddington

A new stretch of segregated cycleway at Eddington

Presumably there should be a '100 metres ahead' plate - otherwise access to the Sainsburys parking places would be illegal Mon-Fri 7am-7pm.

Hi @TrinCollCam your colleagues at @CambridgeSust have retrofitted the correct priority onto the side streets in Eddington. Please could you do the same for @CamSciencePark?

Traffic calming and protection for pedestrians, presumably.

Modal filter, Eddington

Amazing - Dr Bike comes by car....

Four separate sets of cycle stands in view, plus indoor cycle parking to the right - pretty good provision!

Cycle stands outside the new aparthotel, Eddington

No visible cycle parking at the new Hyatt hotel in Eddington.

Presumably this is the cycle parking for the new Eddington hotel

Modal filter and cycle parking, Eddington

Secure cycle parking at a Girton College building, Eddington

Cycle parking, Eddington

Cycle parking at the new Eddington park

Crossing and cycleway sign, Eddington

Ridiculous amount of signage as the cycleway constantly flickers between shared-use and segregated.

Shared space, by the look of it, in the new Knights Park development at Eddington

The new Knights Park development at Eddington - every house has a garage, so I assume the cycle parking is hidden inside.

Not just a footway. Another phase of development at Eddington.

Dr. Bike event

Short gap in the segregated cycleway, to the far side of the hedgeline - it's a bit pointless.

Link from Eddington to the Huntingdon Road

Desire line for people with bikes behind Eddington school

Footpath taking an arbitrary route behind Eddington school

We ought to be grateful for the gritting, but it's not right to see a truck driving along the cycleways in Eddington scattering salt. A much smaller vehicle should be used. Cycleways are not for motor traffic of any kind in my view! It … [more]

Three sets of cycle stands on the Ridgeway, Eddington

Cycle parking in a new section of the Eddington development

Link to a new section of the Eddington development (and a shared-use sign that has been crashed into)

Large secure cycle park in Eddington

Bollards on Garrod St, Eddington, and a couple of Sheffield stands

The Ridgeway swings right here, but the main route ahead is named Garrod St from here.

Eddington fantasy

Decent cycle parking at the Storey's Way Centre

Nonsense sign at the exit from Eddington - there are shared-use routes left and right beside Madingley Road and also on the far side into the university's West Cambridge site.

Buses often wait here, impeding the Ridgeway cycle crossing - but this bus has stopped well clear, in fact it had to reverse to get moving again.

The nearest crossing to the Eddington Avenue junction.

Cyclist on The Ridgeway from Eddington towards central Cambridge

No motor vehicles as a rule - but there's still a reminder to look out for cyclists and joggers

Footpath and cycle route

Diversion via footpath (perfectly fine for cycling)

This may be a new segregated link.

#Eddington #cyclepath signage overkill. This, whilst attempting to be very accurate, looks quite silly and does create a poor visual experience.

Alternating shared-use and segregated cycleway signs - needless legalistic confusion.

Access to residential blocks, Eddington

Sign for short shared-use section on segregated cyclway - needless confusion.

Cycleway and parking, Eddington

Crossing to the Ridgeway, Eddington (and Ofo bike)

Cycleway by Turing Way, Eddington

More recently the county has painted a left-turn arrow in the left-turn lane, and it looks like they are adding ASLs to the junction. This is still, however, a terribly dangerous junction design because it tells people cycling that they … [more]

There are still lots of hoardings up along and across the shared-use paths around the Eddington site

There's a lot of cycle parking near the University of Cambridge Primary School (Eddington), and a big covered area too.

Cambridge to Eddington cycleway known as Ridgeway.

Cambridge / Eddington cycleway known as Ridgeway.

Racks at a supermarket


I think the bus stop here is designed to hold up traffic by being only one lane wide, in an attempt to prevent this new development from becoming a 'rat-run'.

The Madingley Road access to Eddington has been designed for high volumes of fastish motor traffic, but to be fair, the road then narrows and curves, with a central reservation, to reduce speeds.

Cycle symbol in the left lane but no ASL so cyclists going ahead or right are in conflict with left-turning vehicles.

A plethora of signs in Eddington - whenever pedestrians might cross the cycletrack the signage changes from 'segregated shared use' to 'unsegregated shared use' and then back again. There must be a simpler way - very few people will know or … [more]

Cycle crossing, Eddington

Cycle stands and underground recycling bins, Eddington

Quite a bit of cycle parking near Market Square, Eddington (also across the road in the distance).

Market Square, Eddington - cycling seems to be permitted here

Market Square, Eddington - cycling seems to be permitted here.

Road closure (7am-7pm) with rising bollards, not yet in use (will they ever work?), at the new Eddington Sainsbury.

There's quite a bit of cycle parking at the new Eddington Sainsbury - unfortunately the entrance is around the corner to the right, and not as shown on the sign to the left of the photo.

Sadly the cycle signs in the new #Eddington development in #Cambridge continue the tradition of being confusing.

Nice greenery around the site.

Random usage of tactile pads that seems to be thrown in for no apparent reason. Not the worst thing, but yet another maintenance item & potential slip risk. Behind them are the shared underground bins. Neat system. Stores waste underground … [more]

A father takes his kid home from school on the new cycleway along Eddington Ave. I believe that this junction does not have the incorrect give-way markings painted on it. It does have extraneous tactile pads, which seem to have been … [more]

The contractor disobeyed instructions and painted give-way markings on what was supposed to be a priority cycleway. We don't know when it will be fixed.

Opened section of Ridgeway with weirdly shaped bollards, misplaced lamp-posts, and loose gravel on the cycleway. Naturally nobody wants to cycle on loose gravel so everyone cycles on the tiled side that was supposed to be the footway. … [more]

Unopened section of Ridgeway with weirdly shaped bollards & loose gravel pathway (supposed to be swept clean eventually).

The contractor disobeyed instructions and painted give-way markings on the cycleway to give priority to cars entering a minor car park. In a development that is supposed to be all about walking and cycling priority. Shameful.

A look back north along the horrible new High Cross junction. You can see how the stepped cycleway drops you down into an on-street cycle lane that encourages people to cycle along the left side of left-turning car traffic. Stunningly bad … [more]

View from Horse Chestnut Ave towards the Ridgeway crossing.

Horse Chestnut Ave now has a gate blocking motor vehicle access.

Sadly the good times end & we go back to tar spray and chip all over. And it's not swept, so I don't dare venture onto it. Even a slight nudge with my bike tire & it's covered in pebbles that I have to pick out so they don't penetrate my … [more]

Best part of the Ridgeway I've yet seen. Feels almost Dutch. Red tarmac for the cycleway & confusingly tar spray and chip for the footway (even though tar spray and chip is used elsewhere for the cycleway). The lamp posts are placed outside … [more]

Suddenly the tar spray and chip Ridgeway gives way to a red machine-laid tarmac Ridgeway. And the tar spray and chip surface is used for the footway instead. I have to wonder why the red tarmac wasn't the choice for the whole Ridgeway … [more]

Ridgeway branches. Asphalt is 'interim surfacing' while 'tar spray and chip' is final surfacing on right. This branch of the path has been swept, so loose gravel is actually relatively rare now. It's not as smooth as asphalt but workable. … [more]

Closer look at some of the loose gravel on the tar spray & chip surface. Needs to be swept.

Puddles forming on supposedly 'permeable' surface. Hmm.

More 'wacky' gates on the Ridgeway. Because the university believes deeply that they cannot do anything nice without also doing something horrible. The reasoning seems to be that 'cyclists' need to be 'punished'! For their own good! So … [more]

More 'wacky' gates on the Ridgeway. Because the university believes deeply that they cannot do anything nice without also doing something horrible. The reasoning seems to be that 'cyclists' need to be 'punished'! For their own good! So … [more]

Brand new 'Ridgeway' covered in slippery leaves. This was built back in the early Spring and has sat unused for almost 6 months, fenced off.

The 'wacky' gates remain as the site opens. Because the university believes deeply that they cannot do anything nice without also doing something horrible. The reasoning seems to be that 'cyclists' need to be 'punished'! For their own … [more]

Bad County! Bad bad bad! They lecture us about 'safety audits' all the time and yet this pile of crud has passed 'safety audit'. What a joke. Encourages people to cycle up the left-hand-side of left-turning traffic. Most people cycling will … [more]

Bus stop bypass. I could quibble with a few points. There's no Zebra crossing for passengers. The bus stop might be too small, especially when they finally use two-door buses. The lamp post is in a strange spot. But generally speaking this … [more]

For a simply stepped track, this is fine.

The road by Sainsbury's doesn't have a cycle lane for some reason. I guess they figured it would be a 'bus road' mostly. Except they put the car parking there too, so it's already an unpleasant place to cycle. Anyway, this is where the … [more]

Sainsbury's underground car park just off to the left, but for some reason they're still allowing car parking on-street here. Which is just perfectly placed to congest the main bus route through the site, holding up buses while Sainsbury's … [more]

New (not yet open) bus-gate next to Sainsbury's. Intended to allow buses-only with rising bollard. Unfortunately they seem to be allowing parked cars next to it, plus there will have to be bin lorries blocking the southbound gate to service … [more]

Weird entry to new cycleway from High Cross junction on Madingley Road

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