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Terrible road surface on NCN route 11 towards the Cambridge Biomedical Campus

New haul road and diverted cycleway (NCN route 11) for construction of Cambridge South station. Note the lowered fence to give a bit of leeway for handlebars.

Parallel cycleways - good signage is needed at the junction behind the camera.

Start of new haul road and diverted cycleway (NCN route 11) for construction of Cambridge South station

Scheduled to be part of NCN11 throughout 2024. Mostly 2.25m wide, some just 2.0m. Low fence separates it from Cambridge South railway station construction haul road.

Work in progress to add NCN11 diversion path alongside haul road from Addenbrooke's Road roundabout.

Work in progress on phase 1 of NCN11 diversion between Discovery Drive and Addenbrooke's Road. Haul road on the left heads for the rough track between Discovery Drive and the bridge embankment. NCN path joins Discovery Drive until the … [more]

Signs at the Jane Coston Bridge state: Route 11 is interrupted between Lode, Wicken and Ely, follow Route 51 to Bottisham. For NCN route 11 to Lode, Wicken and Ely, follow Route 51 to Bottisham.

Amazing potholes considering this is a dead-end for motor traffic - but it's a National Cycle Route and a vital route to Addenbrooke's, so let's hope it gets fixed.

There are potholes everywhere in what used to be a civilised city, but an added annoyance is the amount of gravel thrown out of them, especially on Trumpington Road.

Cambridge South station construction site, and NCN route 11 (the Genome Trail)

I think this means cross the road and then turn right on the on-road cycle lane, but it's not clear

King's Parade / Senate House Hill at Great St. Mary's

The bollard round the bend.

New modal filter being installed on Church Street, Chesterton.

Temporary (July-August 2022) obstruction on the Chisholm Trail

Temporary (July-August 2022) obstruction on the Chisholm Trail

There's a constant cycle of building and renovation work on Porson Road (NCN route 11) so of course there are huge potholes.

Replacing placeholders #178373 and #62746 - Pram handles on the pedestrian route mean pedestrians always use the cycle route, blocking it. Please remove unnecessary pram handles.

Trail river bridge north ramp: base tarmac done, top layer still to do?

Of course it's more important to have a statutory lawyer's notice about trespass on the busway than a usable sign for the National Cycle Network.

“SLOW” but no grit.

“SLOW” but no grit.

Colourful lighting at Riverside Bridge.

Cycleway to Shelford

Cyclists Beware DO NOT UNDERTAKE Sign that tries to place the responsibility for the turning lorries on the cyclists.

20 mph CAUTION LORRIES TURNING and in the distance see #151001.

Route marker to NCN route 11 and the busway - not visible from Long Road

The route sign to the busway/NCN route 11 (see #85556) has vanished for some reason.

NCN route 11 uses this toucan crossing, although the sensors/timing favour motor traffic.

NCN route 51 signed as route 11 - it may be an alternative route for when the towpath is unavailable.

Taking the opportunity of the Covid-19 lockdown to post an uncluttered photo of the route of NCN route 11 past King's College Chapel, Cambridge

A very Cambridge image, on an infrastructure tour visiting the site of the construction of the Abbey-Chesterton bridge forming a key link on the Chisholm Trail.

The barriers that caused so much trouble (see #113028) were taken down this morning!

Cyclists burn off the frost early on the Riverside bridge, Cambridge.

Shame on the Addenbrooke's site - instead of providing plenty of cycle parking at the new developments here, visitors are having to find places like this to leave their bikes. This is some distance from the main buildings, and provides none … [more]

Need for cycle parking on this street.

Maybe somebody has noticed that having an unprotected right turn on NCN route 11 right before a roundabout is very dangerous.

#Cambridgeproblems oars on the cycleway!

Poor road surface under Elizabeth Way bridge / along Walnut Tree Ave. Major cycling route along the river. The county has decided that it is 'not bad enough' to do anything about it, according to Highways Reporting.

Cattle grids on Midsummer common.

decent bollards

decent bollards

Bollard up after long period of being down/missing #absolutebollards

Useful new sign at the bottom, if I'm not mistaken.

New cycle path under construction to avoid double crossing of Water Lane

New cycle path under construction to avoid double crossing of Water Lane

Cycle path under construction past the site of the Penny Ferry pub

Cycle path under construction past the site of the Penny Ferry pub

Cycle stands at the start of the Cam towpath (and a rowing coach)

This is the only indication that cyclists should turn left here to reach Addenbrooke's Hospital.

At last! Four years after I started badgering the cycling officers this link to the guided busway cycle route and NCN route 11 has finally been signed.

Gratuitous pinch stile obstructing the path. Action - make the cattle grid full width with a bypass gate for dog walkers etc and remove the pram arms.

The route signs on this lamppost are very odd: why is it just alongside an arbitrary point in the road here and not at a junction? The sign at the top points to: Route 51 → King's Hedges 1¼ St Ives 13 (via the busway) the larger panel … [more]

Reach Ride 2016

Wrong-way cycling in Sidney Street

The morning rush hour in Trinity Street

I'm not sure why these signs are here. This isn't on Route 51 or Route 11, and there's nowhere to go at this point except over the bridge or turn back.

New Bit. NCN11 Shared-use. Family groups need space especially with young riders

Coe Fen NCN11 Shared-use. 1.6m You need to look behind you just to walk next to your child

Coe Fen NCN11 Shared-use. At 1.6m there is no room for cycles

Shared-use NCN11 2.5m Caution needed if approaching walkers from the rear (they'd 'just' moved across as they thought they were spoiling my photo, and hadn't seen or heard the bikes)

NCN11 shared-use 2.5m just enough room for two-abreast walking when you can see the oncoming rider

NCN 11 on 'New Bit' Shared-use 2.5 m. enough to ride two-a-breast if no others around

Cattle grids permit easy access for cycles to routes over the commons, but not easy access for cattle to the roads

Well used racks at night on Trumpington Street.

King's on the left, Senate House lit up in the middle and behind it the tower of St. John's.

Cycle parking already in place at the new University Technology College, Cambridge

Resurfacing the riverside route - no sign for cyclists, but the pedestrian detour works just as well (barriers removed by 4.30 pm).

Riders assembling for Le Reach Ride 2014. Location: New Chesterton, Cambridge (England, United Kingdom) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Simon opens Le Reach Ride 2014 Location: New Chesterton, Cambridge (England, United Kingdom) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

New bedding on Coe Fen.

Roadworks on King's Parade

Cycles parked very tidily in Market Street.

See clip at An update from these four. … [more]

Pavement cycleway at Rutherford Road's junction with Long Road. Of interest are the double-give way triangles on the road. The "No through road" signs need an "Except Cycles" panel as it connects on to Porson Road. And in fact it needs … [more]

See clip at We had the fun and joy of the winter raised strip replacement on this wooden bridge. Then it was removed after considerable complaints. … [more]

See clip at Not something you will regularly come across when riding, unless you are in Cambridge. The herds here are very docile and quite used to having people around. That doesn't mean they will just sit in … [more]

Coe Fen path, a lovely riverside route into town. Shame, it could be wider.

See clip at I support dog walkers and pedestrians, and always give way to them and their pets. However, some dog owners fail in their responsibilities towards other path users. Dog walkers should always be in … [more]

Why does the county council take so long to sort out glaring errors? Two Give Way lines causing confusion, and no Except Cycles plates on the Dead End signs - on a National Cycle Route!

Sustrans NCN sticker applied to road sign.

Clear road, icy cycle lane. Cyclists are not allowed to use the road at this point

Friday riders on a jaunt to Milton.

Where the footpath and cycleway from Cheddar's Lane meets Riverside.

Bridge Street

Rising bollard on Bridge Street

The senior engineer told me that they calculated the distance to London not along the Sustrans National Cycle Network route 11, but by using the AA car route planner :-( (This was also the same engineer who said that the City Council would … [more]

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