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We made it into the Financial Times 🤗 Better deliveries. Better cities. We'll keep shouting it from the rooftops! P.S. We just had to have a scroll through the FT comment section, and this one was gold... #cargobikedeliveries #cargobikes … [more]

I'm sad. These signs are going against Highway Code 195 that states that cars must give way to pedestrians and cyclists on the parallel crossing or waiting to cross. Please can we get the priorities fixed? JJ Thompson Avenue.

New cattle grids by the Mill, eliminating the decades-old tradition of awkwardly squeezing your bike through the swing gate against the flow of pedestrians

Voi e scooters neatly docked @ACarpenDigital Somewhere on Madingley Rise.

The Chisholm Trail was busy this evening…with people and birds 🌿

Cambridgeshire County Council Highways & Transport Committee debate proposal to reinstate Mill Road bus gate. Blue badge holders and taxis would be allowed to use it. The proposal was approved 8-7.

@Cambridge_Uni - when did the pavement on Philippa Fawcett Drive become a car park? Would it be ok for me to park there too or is it reserved for fellows? @camcycle

Spent an interesting time this afternoon exploring - and measuring up - the "Dutch Roundabout" in Cambridge. The things one does for leisure after a PhD with a focus on accessibility… 😅 A very brief thread… cc @RantyHighwayman @camcycle … [more]

Scenic it may be but this is unacceptable for a major cycle route. Please can @CambsCC grit the Coton Cyclepath to the West Cambridge site? ⁦@camcycle⁩

@camcycle Loved my snowy commute this morning, though the bike was really difficult to manage on side roads. Riverside cycleway through Midsummer Common was gritted and somewhat ok to ride.

@camcycle The return of the dangerous bollard on the city side of the Milton bridge.

Cambridge Congestion, Wednesday morning And the next day:

Cambridge Congestion, Saturday.

Hi @TrinCollCam your colleagues at @CambridgeSust have retrofitted the correct priority onto the side streets in Eddington. Please could you do the same for @CamSciencePark?

and Thursday..

@David_McHardy @camcycle Same on Hills road this evening, all the way from Long road to Cherry Hinton road.

Elizabeth Way pedestrian paced the whole way, continuing onto East Rd. Elizabeth Way Bridge

Cambridge Congestion on my 9-930 commute. Arbury Road

East Road has some magic wands! Thanks @CambsCC for installing this trial😀 What do you think of the new pop-up cycle lanes? Do you feel safer on this section of the street? What other connections are needed? And where else would you love … [more]

Sadly it was only temporary. They're back. 🙁 @camcycle

Have a great Thursday! Let’s be bold and courageous like this cyclist in Cambridge transporting their cello - impressive! #thursdayvibes

Carter Bridge #Cambridge 41.5°C just outside the entrance, peaking at 44°C at the summit. (Actually the measurement was 41.0°C just outside the entrance, not 41.5 as I said in the tweet.)

Nice bit of parking this morning forcing me to go head on with oncoming traffic or stop. I chose to stop, hence the photo. I guess this is a regular delivery so it would be good to hear your opinion please @CambsCops @camcycle @camcitco … [more]

Why, @CambsCC, does electric car infrastructure have to take up pavement rather than road space? And @alexandrabulat, how is this compatible with the Riverside promenade vision?

Come right in and cycle into @Metro_Bank Cambridge. Ty. More trips by bike = less pollution (good for climate), more physical activity (better health) and greater visibility of more cyclists (safer travel for all) @camcycle … [more]

What on earth is this @CambsCC? You say you want to adopt LTN 1/20 and then you go and ruin one of Cambridge’s best cut-throughs! Good luck to trailers and cargo bikes trying to get through this 😢 @alexbeckett @HilCoxCondron can you … [more]

This is my path through town to get home. Nerves of steel 🤨

Thank you Thank you Thank you @GreaterCambs New lower street signs now on Blackhall Road Junction give full view of the traffic both north and south

Ooo, exciting new cycling infrastructure in Cambridge

Mill Road, Cambridge this morning. A quartet of signs on an already narrow and often busy footway. Just enough space for the wheelchair user to pass, but luckily a workman was nearby at the fifth. More signs beyond. Three weeks of this to … [more]

A section of the Cambridge busway is set to close next week due to safety concerns. I’ve come to check out what it’s all about. Read all about it in next Tuesday’s blog.

I’m honoured and surprised to win the @camcycle Magazine Photo of the Year Award! The awards to inspiring people followed a brilliant talk by @adamtranter, on using comms to create #ActiveTravel Recording here: … [more]

I see Parker's Piece has been left in a traditional state! @Sam_in_Cam @ACarpenDigital

The newest bridge over the river Cam opened today. #ChisholmTrail #TheChisholmTrailIsOpen #ChisholmTrailCambridge Entry for 23rd … [more]

When will local authorities learn? The outcry when barriers were installed at Addenbrooke's Hospital had them removed within a week. Do they think barriers on the Chisholm Trail - a major active travel project - will go unnoticed? Be … [more]

One of the cattle grids at Midsummer Common/Riverside is broken (two of the bars missing) and someone has marked the danger by flytipping a small fridge @camcitco @cambscc @camcycle

☹️ @MillRoadCambs

Camcycle is deeply saddened by the death of Anna Garratt-Quinton and one week after her death we placed a ghost bike in her memory. It's time no more lives were lost, no more families left suffering. Please sign our petition to … [more]

When I first saw the disappointing final design for the junction of Histon & Victoria Road, this is what I feared would happen. Even worse, it only took me a few minutes to photo a left-hook near-miss example. It's just a matter of time … [more]

What cycle lane?

Progress continues on Histon Road and the safe 'Cyclops' junction Camcycle campaigned for is nearing completion.

@camcycle Tenison Road now. The message about that signage still not getting through to contractors

A big white van KY60 HJV is squatting on the busy footway between the Cambridge Retail Park and the Beehive Centre. Untaxed uninsured and a persistent problem here. Anything you can do to shift it @CambridgeCops ?

Big hole in Newmarket Road. Good to see! @camcycle

Kerbs nerds - I need help! I've had a Local Highways Improvement project approved to make a footpath cycle friendly by dropping a kerb & removing/widening a chicane. Despite some back & forth with the county engineer I haven't succeeded in … [more]

The dangerous section of the guided busway in #Trumpington near #Cambridge station Bridge strike


Driver of DE09 JVY illegally driving through Mill Rd bus gate. Tailgates person riding as well. Over to you @CambsCC or @CambsCops to do something? cc @camcycle

Still shaking after this terrible road behaviour. Had to swerve to avoid being hit from behind by the driver of LS07 LXO. Obviously against Highway Code 163, and probably constitutes behaviour well below that we expect, thus careless or … [more]

Any wonder that we struggle to keep the public behaving correctly on road when we have this LK68 CMV example. Legislation says emergency services can stop here ONLY in the event of an actual emergency. Note roadspace on side street, not … [more]

And yet more illegal positioning this time by A few people under specific circumstances are allowed to stop or park in a cyclepath. Scaffolders are not. And there is an easy safer option … [more]

Next day, same issue, almost certainly same people and same vehicle. A few people under specific circumstances are allowed to stop or park in a cyclepath. Scaffolders are not. And there is an easy legal option very … [more]

New painted cycle lanes on Chesterton Road. A slight improvement on the previous situation but not sure why they are advisory when the road is so wide.

This is where the driver of this van and trailer decided to stop and have a phone call. Completely blocking the cyclepath and pavement. I had to stop and ask, then shout "hello" as he wasn't paying any attention to other traffic. Why not … [more]

Driver of BV07 YYT parks up on pedestrian crossing on #HIlls Rd #Cambridge. Illegal in several ways. Highly dangerous. And removes the ability to distance.

Hurray 15 years of accumulated grime and dozens of abandoned cycles have been cleared from Park Street Cycle Park, Cambridge.

Driver of DX67 KTG @OpenreachHelp lorry speeds, close passes, and tailgates vulnerable road users on #CherryHinton High St, #Cambridge

Driver of SK67 UJZ speeds in wrong lane over Mill Rd bridge. Close passing 2 riders and driving at another. #Cambridge @camcycle @roxyfromoz @dave4labour @sargemike @anna4labour

Driver of 629 FLO completely fails to drive properly and distance properly on Devonshire Road. When pointed out, they haven't got a clue what they've done wrong.

You had thought that people would work out to give space in this difficult time. Not here though. Here's @jrhoardingltd illegally blocking the cycle access across Newmarket Rd. Driving into this site through here has been expressly … [more]

Saw this as cycled in this morning to round on one of our wards for patients with suspected covid-19. I’m guessing a fair few other staff @CUH_NHS & @RoyalPapworth also saw and appreciated the sentiment. Thanks to whoever involved. We’re … [more]

Wow - what a great job, never enjoyed a new bit of tarmac so much! This has made my ride to The Green Dragon bridge even more of a marvellous pleasure.

Dear @GreaterCambs (@lewis_herbert, @AidanVdeW) please commit to improving dangerous junctions in the area. Too scared to take on this Newmarket Rd one with my daughter in the child seat today, but it wasn’t much better walking over the … [more]

Anyone else think this is good #CherryHintonHighSt cycle infrastructure? No, I don't either. This was put in only a few years ago, and from the road-use it's clear that it's worse than no cyclelane at all. And yet the council are about to … [more]

Saying Thank You for supporting the @camcycle campaign to remove the barriers at Cambridge Biomedical Campus. Lots of happy appreciative cyclists 😀

Caution - Toad in Road! We've installed these signs in Stanley Rd (with thanks to @CambsCC) aiming to reduce road mortalities of toads heading to their nearby breeding pond in Feb/March. Want to help local amphibians and reptiles? See … [more]

BREAKING NEWS: the CBC barrier is coming down! Thanks to John from @CTCCambridge for this picture and to the many people and organisations who have made this happen. Let's continue to work together to create a better, safer and accessible … [more]

@IanGManning @camcycle Any idea how we can deal with this blatant illegal parking? It's not isolated, it's parked up here a lot.

Signage still inadequate? Another car tries to use the busway destroying all four tyres in the process #cambridgebusway Ed: according to replies to the originating tweet the car carried on to the end of this busway … [more]

Cambridge guided busway crash Feb 2016. Please feel free to use this picture.

A tiny bit of good news - the link between Ninewells and Greenlands has finally been tarmacked @camcycle Ed: the undercoat was in place for at least a year:

I’m on King’s Parade in Cambridge again for the fourth day running as councillors have again said they are due to close the new anti-terror barrier today. The road is very busy with cyclists at the moment.

Spotted earlier. Short and to the point.

@CamBioCampus @CUH_NHS @camcitco @CambsCC Do you know who is responsible for this, installed today? Several are going to cite it being anti disability, anti family. Hardly #beyondthebicycle. Looks very 1980s, hardly suitable cc:@camcycle … [more]

Brand new development, just finished this past year. What's missing? The damn dropped kerb! What the hell, @CambsCC @camcitco? This is why I have to be picky about the hardworks plans when I look over planning apps. Even though I'm a … [more]

#CamRideHome 2018 The New Year's Eve ride at noon start point. Now I remember doing this ride on that oh-ef-oh bike!

Great to see that the area of Mill Road by the bridge has at last reopened after the fire. Shops much easier to access now.

New cycle lanes are currently being laid on @CamSciencePark. It’s a lovely day so let’s take a look. Follow the link above for series of tweets explaining how a dreadful cycleway has been built by avoiding … [more]

Taxi driver bullying through. Can clearly see me before coming onto my side of the road. Keeps on coming. Then mansplains to me to be patient and give way to him. On my side of the road. Yes, right. That'd fail your driving test. … [more]

New partially complete Green End Road cycleway already getting some use. Nice.

@FinKnopsMckim @camcycle Here’s another photo of the situation

Bike tracks in the mud following a junction remodelling on Riverside in Cambridge. Muscle memory? Cyclists stuck in their old routines? @camcycle

The temporary footbridge on #MillRoad in 1980…@MillRoadBridges @MillRoadHistory @camcycle @CambridgeLabour … [more]

New “BEWARE OF BUSES” warnings on the cycle path next to the guided busway between Addenbrookes and Cambridge’s main station. @camcycle

I think the red section of the road indicates car parking - is that right @CambsCops? @camcitco? @CambsCC? Scotland Road. #cycling @camcycle Note: this is actually Green End Road.

Guided busway 2 fire engines heading long road. @Cambslive They were attending a cyclist fatality see #102153.

It was a massive wrench for many cyclists in Cambridge when Ben Hayward's closed their doors for the last time in January 2017. In our latest post we relate the story of one particular bike sold by the firm that has particular relevance to … [more]

#Eddington #cyclepath signage overkill. This, whilst attempting to be very accurate, looks quite silly and does create a poor visual experience.

If you're voting today provides a link to cycling routes from your postcode to the polling station. #bikesatpollingstations #vote #locationelections2018 #VoteBike

5 car crash on Fen road @CambridgeNewsUK @CambridgeIndy apparently results of three cars racing each other

Two way cycling now allowed on Union Road in Cambridge - handy!

Whilst cycling this way today, we had the same pavement parking as this example (from last December). Forcing people walking into the road with 2 clear nearby legal spaces.

Just to note the issues before we had bollards at the Perne - Radegund - Birdwood Road roundabout. Cyclepath, what cyclepath? Nah, it's for car parking.

First time through this way for a little while. As usual, an illegally stopped vehicle, with a nearby legal space. Looks like they've been here awhile and are not leaving soon. I know you've worked hard on this @IanGManning, what more can … [more]

Parking like this makes Puffles want to bring back the old tow-away scheme

Cycle parking reinstatement: was poor and still is…

Brand new crossing, no blocked drain, just piss poor construction

Excited to see this new @ofo_bicycleUK cycle parking adding to capacity at Long Road College @cyclelandcam @camcycle @GreaterCambs @LR6FC

Double yellows! Great to be able to drive or cycle round this bend in Blinco Grove now without being terrified of being hit head on.

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