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The cycle parking at this walk-in testing centre is the fence.

A delivery to the premises on Midsummer Common temporarily blocks the path.

Racks overflowing with bikes, early September 2021

Cycle parking needed at entrance to Coleridge Rec

No footway left 😒

No sign here of a walking or cycling route to Cambridge North.

New Co-op opens with no cycle parking, yet plenty of space for various pavement-blocking paraphernalia

Full width dark speed hump.

Need for racks in Great Eastern Street.

Bicycles face the rack at Woodlands Surgery. Better racks are nearby at #172430.

Missing sign - the cycle route to central Cambridge turns right here.

This is crazy - telling cyclists to turn right across the Cambridge ring road, rather than using the light-controlled crossing at the Mill Road junction.

This is crazy - telling cyclists to turn right across the Cambridge ring road, rather than using the light-controlled crossing at the Mill Road junction.

After how many months? - still no indication that Mill Road bridge is open, except to motor vehicles.

The cycle route from Fulbourn to Cambridge crosses the road here, but there's absolutely no signage.

The cycle route to Fulbourn crosses the road here, but there's absolutely no signage.

The new crossings at the Robin Hood junction are pedestrian-only, largely because so little space has been provided in the middle. Single-stage crossings would have been fine for cycling.

Another Cyclists Rejoin Carriageway sign - but the shared-use path definitely continues for a while around the corner to the left.

The new crossings at the Robin Hood junction are pedestrian-only, largely because so little space has been provided in the middle. Single-stage crossings would have been fine for cycling.

There's a shared-use route on the far side of the road, but the route from the Robin Hood junction on this side just seems to vaporise.

It's not clear what happens here to the new shared-use path from the Robin Hood junction.

Permeability, of a sort - there's a link from the new housing development but only to the pedestrian route. There should be a gap in the barrier to the cycle route.

I don't know what the shared-use sign refers to - the red route should really be cycles only and in the other direction.

Shouldn't there be fines for drivers of cars which are too wide for their parking spaces?

Repair the path suface: Baldy potholed and when wet difficult to see if we can safely ride through the puddles.

Junction very confusing. Is it legal to cycle on the pavements around the edges as one corner says yes, the other say nothing. Traffic lights have no cycling images so not clear if can be cycled. Not good to have cyclists mixing it with b ... [more]

@camcycle Tenison Road now. The message about that signage still not getting through to contractors

Bad pothole on Tennis Court Road

New cycleway now in use, supposedly.

The blue and white contraflow sign is the wrong way round, and Except Cycles plates are needed on the red and white signs. Hardly the first time they've got it wrong on Histon Road.

Believe it or not, this is active cycle parking and the bikes are not wrecks.

Yet again, someone has had a brilliantly original idea for free advertising, in a rather anti-social location. How long will it last?

One arm of this route sign is totally missing.

More confusion - the yellow and black signs are correct, the road is currently northbound only for motor vehicles, so the blue and white sign is the wrong way round.

What cyclists? Northbound cyclists will be on the other side of the road.

Delivery vans parking on the pavement close to the cycle parking and the entrance for vehicles to the Quayside car parking and where the Punt Touts stand. All this makes it virtually impossible to just walk down the street, usually forced t ... [more]

Dreadful stretch of cycle lane - but as long as there are plans to remodel this part of East Road I don't suppose it'll be fixed.

Pelican crossing wait timing currently skewed too heavily in favour of road traffic - even when road is empty - bikes and pedestrians crossing here usually give up waiting and risk crossing against traffic despite partially blind corner

Lack of pedestrian crossing between river/student flats and hotels/Coldhams Lane/Beehive Centre means dangerous crossing of Newmarket Road. Traffic light filtering and road layout has room for 2-part pedestrian crossing with island without ... [more]

Routine car storage on double-yellow lines on this dedicated cycle link around the Grafton Centre. Admittedly there’s enough space to pass (one way at a time) so you’d have to win that argument with an unsympathetic councillor. It’s p ... [more]

There's always been a rough surface here (a busy route for cyclists to the West Cambridge site, less so for cars) - but it's really breaking up now.

Dismount and Use Footway ... Footpath Closed.... contradictory signs, in fact the only option really is to cross to the footway and cycleway across the road.

The three speed cushions at the east end of Bateman St have been replaced by gentler full-width cushions. Did they also repair the potholes caused by drivers braking for the previous cushions? No, of course not.

Obstructive parking right outside our front door.

Need for cycle parking outside the Pipasha restaurant on Ditton Walk.

Cambridgeshire highways department strikes again! The road is closed to motor vehicles in this direction anyway. And the contraflow cycle lane has been kept open through the roadworks. So these signs are nonsense and can be ignored.

Overhanging tree reported at:

Car storage over hanging the cycle parking, since the bollard that stopped this got broken.

Car parking blocking access to front door.

Dreadful subsidence

Dreadful road surface on Mill Road, caused by heavy vehicles accelerating away from the lights - even with Mill Road bridge closed to most motor vehicles. Cambridgeshire County Council say : At this time we do not feel that any action is n ... [more]

New zebra crossing, designed to force cyclists into the path of motor vehicles - perhaps a shared-use bypass could be provided to the left?

Presumably this refers only to motor vehicles - this is the route to the St Edmund's College cycle sheds.

I really hoped that contractors had been told to destroy all these awful Cyclists Dismount signs, but no, here's another one. Unacceptable!

Presumably a lane for cyclists turning right, but there are no markings or red surfacing.

Over-cautious attitude - how fast can those cars being going in the car park?

No dropped kerb - wheelchairs cannot get from the car park to the Civil Engineering building (there's a gazebo on the footway to the left).

The only way from the car park to the Civil Engineering building - with a No Cycling sign at the end

Why on earth are they so determined not to let people get through to the Civil Engineering building?

Dropped kerb needed.

Bizarre - no access through the hedge to this crossing.

Start of an impenetrable hedge which stretches a couple of hundred metres, including past a crossing.

Obviously there's a cycleway to the left, but it would be good to have an Except Cycles plate under the No Through Road sign.

Of course it's more important to have a statutory lawyer's notice about trespass on the busway than a usable sign for the National Cycle Network.

I imagine will people will want to reach this new park across the guided busway.

Access to this new park is directly from the guided busway. How can that be safe? No dropped kerb, so no wheelchair/cycle access.

Cycle route sign well after cyclists need to have turned left - and it's hidden by the Caution - Bollards sign which isn't needed as only qualified bus drivers use this road. The route sign needs moving to where cyclists have to turn left.

Absolutely no attempt to complete the 'strategic cycleway' and link to the Clay Farm Community Garden

Absolutely no attempt to complete the 'strategic cycleway' between these two parts of the Clay Farm development.

Rush hour congestion on New Street, Cambridge. The motor vehicle storage on both sides of this street make it difficult for cycles to pass the queueing traffic in either direction. Note: this section of the street is two-way for all t ... [more]

Flooding hiding the awful broken-up road surface - an accident waiting to happen.

This pothole has been filled, the ones around the corner on West Road have been marked up but left for later. Joined-up thinking?

Access to office development, Trumpington - this needs to be kept clear (cones to stop people driving through are not enough)

Access to office development, Trumpington - this needs to be kept clear.

This infrastructure which was awful when it went in is looking distinctly dated 30+ years on.

Car stopped in the junction to use the phone, as far as I could tell....

This junction and most of Station Road are an absolute disaster - and no-one seems to care.

This pothole never really goes away (see #20469, #80314, #107251) but it's particularly bad at the moment, and the county is ignoring requests for it to be fixed.

Path from the Coton M11 bridge to the West Cambridge site - dropped kerb needed

Not sure why I'd go to the left to get to Addenbrooke's Hospital when there's a decent direct route just to the right.

A big white van KY60 HJV is squatting on the busy footway between the Cambridge Retail Park and the Beehive Centre. Untaxed uninsured and a persistent problem here. Anything you can do to shift it @CambridgeCops ?

One inch upstand at turn into side road, see #167163.

One inch upstand at turn into side road, see #167163.

An upstand high enough to allow a bike to be parked, at a turn into a side road, see #167163

The junction of Histon Road with Canterbury Street (and other side streets) has been designed with an upstand of 25mm, enough to throw a rider off their bike unless they turn sharply.

This is not a repair. The buses will have that tarmac out in no time, and the pothole to the right has not been touched.

More potholes on West Road (now a bus route) - this one is visible on the satellite image!

Closed for motor vehicles - but Cambridgeshire highways department can't understand the distinction.

It seems that the owner of one of the bars here still thinks he has the right to leave a car on the footway.

”Out of Touch” more like - the latest political leaflet to come through my door, one candidate advocating a return of the suffocating traffic on Mill Road, despite claiming to support “greener healthier living”. No solution given ... [more]

Bodged repair, almost blocking the drain.

POLITE THREAT The message on this note that is attached to a cargo bike parked in the corner of a motor vehicle dealership reads: "POLITE NOTICE The owner of the dealership has requested that you do not park your bike on his land, ... [more]

Full-width barrier, no dropped kerbs - Cambridge University's Civil Engineering department really doesn't want cyclists to arrive from the north.

Do you think they might fix the pothole? Dream on...

The current arrangement at the south end of Histon Road - only cycling allowed southbound. The sensors don't seem to be detecting bikes - there's a red light until someone activates the pedestrian crossing to the left.

Except Cycles plates needed, as usual

Except Cycles plates needed, as usual

Short gap in the segregated cycleway, to the far side of the hedgeline - it's a bit pointless.

Monster pothole! Others have already reported this one, e.g:

I saw a car being driven on the footway- the wet tyre track shows the path skimming past front doors at speed as the driver lacked patience.

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