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Photo listing : cycle parking (problem)

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Good morning, This morning I stopped to get a coffee at the new Gail's at the train station. The development in this area is great and is very attractive for commuters, but there is not enough bike parking for the shops and offices along ... [more]

There are no bike racks in the vicinity. Lots of bikes are parked on the pathways impeding the passage

Missing bollards This photo was used to file a report with highways reporitng.

Missing rack at these stands in Thoday Street. This photo was used to file a report with highways reporitng.

The rack is still missing here, see #177377.

Cycle parking needed at the entry to Grantchester Meadows

We are desperately in need of more bike racks on Mill Road. As a business we are finding it increasingly hard to find spaces for our workers let alone our customers. Please could you work with the Mill Road Traders Association or even come ... [more]

Bent cycle racks opposite the Fitzwilliam Museum on Trumpington Street, Cambridge.

Cycle parking on the Ironworks development - dropped kerb needed

The Ironworks development - swamped with cars already

On-street cycle parking needed - one car space could give safe storage for all these bikes.

Problems caused by abandoned bikes on racks where there is a high demand. The stickered bike and the blue bike have been unused for several weeks and have very low pressure in their tyres. The blue one was reported a month ago but the ta ... [more]

Abandoned bikes clog up the racks and get moved into awkward looking arrangements by others tyring to park their bikes.

One-sided cycle stands - there could be so much more space if they were fitted at an angle to the wall.

Every home in this otherwise exemplary development has a couple of bikes in the porch - where are the cycle stands?

Cycle parking banished to the far end of the car park at the Schlumberger Research Centre.

Cycle parking banished to the far end of the car park at the Schlumberger Research Centre.

No visible cycle parking at the new Hyatt hotel in Eddington.

Clare Hall cycle parking is a bit of a mess - and cycling is banned in the underground garage, while there isn't even a speed limit for cars.

Clare Hall cycle parking is a bit of a mess - and cycling is banned in the underground garage, while there isn't even a speed limit for cars.

Cycle parking clearly needed at this school - there's space across the road.

A clear need for cycle stands in place of a car-parking space. Submitted to the Cambridge parking consultation, let's see what happens.

Cycle parking needed here

The pump at this workstand in front of Addenbrooke's main entrance did not work. The head unit would not grip the valve tightly and there was a tell tale leak of air that is so disheartening. I had to find my way to the on-campus bike sh ... [more]

The rear of the St Regis (Clare College) development - cycle parking installed so that only one side is useable.

St Peter's Terrace, Cambridge - wheelbender cycle parking, and clearly plenty of demand for something better.

A minimal amount of cycle parking has been added since #13406 was taken, but the gateway is still too narrow for anything but a single person to get through.

The Cambridge Union has finished a major redevelopment, but still has awful cycle parking.

With Park Street Cycle Park closed for rebuilding this is all the cycle parking there is in the immediate vicinity.

The bent rack has been removed following the report at #177377, the bikes that were on it have been stacked against the remaining rack.

Old locks accumulate. Three old rusty and broken locks have been reported at:

More bike parking required at this very popular location as cyclist attach bikes to residents’ properties due to lack of space

Hopefully this annoying abandoned bike will be gone soon now that it has been tagged. It has been on these racks for several years and despite several reportings in that time has remained for one reason or another. Update 14 Jan: Hurray ... [more]

A bike rack has been bent almost completely flat against the ground. It looks like it was reversed into by a large van or truck, the bicycle attached to the rack was squashed in between. There are no bollards to protect the bikes / ra ... [more]

My guess is that a vehicle has reversed crushing the bike against the rack and bending the rack completely over. The back wheel in particular looks like it has been pressed over the rack. The pedal crank is bent too, so quite a substantial ... [more]

Need for street cycle parking here.

New cycle parking at Churchill College - and a sign saying No Cycling Inside The College, even from here to the road. This parking area is nowhere near anything except for one accommodation block.

The PCR testing centre has been here for 10 months now and they still haven't thought about cycle access and parking.

This is a residential area with lots of flats. I've recently moved here and there is no secure cycle storage for people in flats with no outdoor space. It would be great if cycle racks, or even better if bikehangars could be installed in th ... [more]

Unused double decker racks at a new development.

Racks overflowing with bikes, early September 2021

Cycle parking needed at entrance to Coleridge Rec

New Co-op opens with no cycle parking, yet plenty of space for various pavement-blocking paraphernalia

Need for racks in Great Eastern Street.

Bicycles face the rack at Woodlands Surgery. Better racks are nearby at #172430.

Believe it or not, this is active cycle parking and the bikes are not wrecks.

Need for cycle parking outside the Pipasha restaurant on Ditton Walk.

POLITE THREAT The message on this note that is attached to a cargo bike parked in the corner of a motor vehicle dealership reads: "POLITE NOTICE The owner of the dealership has requested that you do not park your bike on his land, ... [more]

Grotty staff(?) cycle parking behind Primark. Doesn't look like it's secured to anything. (Also: the stonework that used to be on the Cambridge Co-Operative Society building.)

New two-tier cycle parking at King's College - anything rather than reducing the space for car storage?

A few of the pop-up cycle stands at Trumpington Park & Ride could be taken apart with an Allen key.

Wheel benders at St Philip Howard Catholic Church.

Wheel benders at St Philip Howard Catholic Church.

No Bicycles sign - if they provided something better than wheelbender parking, there wouldn't be an issue.

Reflections flooding

This broken rack has been lying around in this cycle park for months.

2020: Latest iteration of bad cycle parking at 24 Hills Road 🤭 2019: #112492 wheelbenders 2012: #35336 oversize hoops

Street cycle parking space needed here.

Cycle parking at the Trumpington Road P+R. Toast racks like this don't look permanent to me, but I'm guessing these are. Not good enough, if so. They should be covered and more secure to start with.

Stands gradually being removed as they become loose, due to being wrongly installed in the first place

Need for cycle Parking in Thoday Street.

Broken racks - nice idea in principle to provide wheel supports against these stands, like on the left. In practice though they have turned out to be fragile.

Need for cycle parking in Ross Street.

Cycle parking needed

Strange - absurdly over-specified cycle stands with the other side taken out of use to allow a second car to be squeezed in (as visible on Google satellite).

Cycles are often parked here, but there is no formal cycle parking.

Really, what is the point? Take every second stand out and you might have something useable. And it's been like this since at least 2003 - #7011.

There are bikes in every porch and only one has a wall anchor fitted - the rest are just unsecured.

There are bikes in every porch and only one has a wall anchor fitted - the rest are just unsecured.

Informally parked cycles in Richmond Terrace. It’s about time that official space is found here to provide secure and welcoming place for them.

PRIVATE PROPERTY NO CYCLING symbol NO BICYCLES PLEASE LOCKS WILL BE CUT WITHOUT WARNING ALL ATTACHED ITEMS WILL BE REMOVED There are clearly lots of cyclists who live near or in this private development, but there’s apparently no ... [more]

Great Kneighton

Cambridge CyclePoint - a visit on an infrastructure tour. The main problem of this cycle park is no-one wants to pay to maintain it properly. Hence it is dirty, littered with broken racks and has a high rate of cycle theft.

Covered wheelbenders 😟☹️

Bins and bikes dumping ground :-/ Video in this tweet:

City-centre parking fully occupied by 09.25 - now if only there was a nice covered cycle park where shop staff could leave their bikes, it might be easier for their customers to get in....

There was once some nice big hoops here (see #35944), now unfriendly signs and wheelbenders 😱

Messy bike parking - the white bike looks like it has been used once and has been abandoned on these racks for about three weeks. For more info see: Page 22

Cycle parking needed - otherwise pavements get blocked.

Cycle parking needed - otherwise pavements get blocked.

Cycle parking needed - otherwise pavements get blocked.

Irony - the sticker on the leaning bike rack asks: Have you locked your bike correctly?

Evidence of need for a formal place to park cycles in these streets.

Plenty of car storage but not enough cycle parking, on Regent Street

Bikes on the footway.

Bikes on the footway.

These racks are very heavily used and in their desperate need to park securely the bikes are being moved so that more bikes can be attached. The result looks very untidy and is not a great advertisement for more racks, which is what is real ... [more]

Cycle parking needed at Magnet

Shame on the Addenbrooke's site - instead of providing plenty of cycle parking at the new developments here, visitors are having to find places like this to leave their bikes. This is some distance from the main buildings, and provides none ... [more]

Cycle racks at Addenbrooke's crammed full as usual.

One of many very poorly secured racks at the Cambridge railway station CyclePoint.

abandoned unused and unusable locked bikes block access to this Sheffield bike stand

I applaud the Newnham Bakery taking over a parking space for cycle parking, but I wish they'd installed stands which actually support bikes - it's not that well used as a result.

Vital footway space taken by bikes and cars.

Cycle parking needed

Cycle parking needed, as informal parking blocks the pavement

Cycle parking needed

Bikes dumped outside a neighbours house after the council ignored my abandoned bike reports for months. Note also in the background: motor vehicles parked across the footway and bins causing obstruction.

Covered cycle parking but using troughs, which make it difficult to secure the bikes.

End of May 2019: This abandoned bike is still there in the CyclePoint see ... #102763

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