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Photo listing : cycleways (problem)

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Just put up a sign on an inadequate footpath and call it shared-use ?

New cycle lanes are currently being laid on @CamSciencePark. It’s a lovely day so let’s take a look. Follow the link above for series of tweets explaining how a dreadful cycleway has been built by avoiding con ... [more]

Busway cyclepath, Cambridge Assessment frontage, northern section. Verge and gravel infill by cyclepath - no problem to increase path width!

Busway cyclepath, Cambridge Assessment frontage, central section. Fence protects rock cages supporting difference in levels of up to about 1.5m. This would need to be stabilised before the path could be widened about 1.5m to boundary fenc ... [more]

Busway cyclepath, Cambridge Assessment frontage, southern section. About 1.5m space available to increase width of cycleway to boundary fence.

Busway cyclepath looking north from corner of Clare College sports ground and along University Press frontage. Plenty of room to widen cycleway.

Busway cyclepath looking north at the corner of Clare College sports ground. A culvert inhibits easy widening of the cyclepath at this point.

Busway north of Long Road underpass. With moving of light pillars and cutting of hedge at least 1.5m could be added to width of busway path.

Trumpington cycleway at Long Road underpass. To improve sight wys and prepare for re-opening of southern access from Long Road the line of the path should be moved away from the busway to permit sighting through the tunnel on approach.

Trumpington busway where a culvert narrows options for widening cycle-path at this point.

Trumpington Busway crossing Hobson Avenue. Electrical switchboxes on the edge of the cycle-path would require a lot of work to move for path widening.

Trumpington busway behind Fostar Road looking NE. A short section wheree the graded margin slopes down to the path. Could be dug back and stabilised with rock-cages and light pillars moved to add width.

Trumpington busway looking NE under Shelford Road Bridge. With removal of lighting pillar 1m could be added to the width of the path, even under the bridge.

Trumpington Busway looking NE, behind Cranleigh Close. Over 1m could easily be added to the width of the path by surfacing up to the cages.

Trumpington busway path looking back to Hauxton Road bridge. There is no possibility of widening the path under the bridge but minimal works could add 1m width.

Tight curve on a steep gradient entering the busway path at Trumpington P&R. Could be improved by following line of busway?

The tree roots have got so bad that there's been a collective move by cyclists to riding on the grass

Missing drop kerb so cycleway entirely inacessible.

No drop kerb so cycleway inaccessible.

Why is the shared-use still present?

Despite the hot dry summer (or maybe because of it?) these roots are getting worse for cyclists.

Grantchester Meadows path. Thistles and nettles growing out of the fence by 1m. These will reach half way across the new narrow shared path, visible in the background. Narrow paths, encroachment by vegetation, these are not new problems. ... [more]

Grantchester Meadows path. New 1.5m wide path under construction, tight to the fence. This will be just as unsatisfactory as the existing narrow path alongside Skater's Fen. Why such a narrow path when there is so much space available? An ... [more]

The usual inconsiderate and illegal parking in the contraflow cycle lane in Mawson Road.

Sign for short shared-use section on segregated cyclway - needless confusion.

Poor connection from the Trumpington Meadows housing development to the meadows themselves.

Poor connection from the Trumpington Meadows housing development to the meadows themselves.

The cycleway gives way to a disused gateway.

The traffic lights default to green for the road and red for the busway - they seem to have totally forgotten about the cycleway!

The County RoW officer says that local residents object to the surface of the Grantchester Meadows path here being repaired "because it would encourage parking". Well the state of it clearly doesn't deter parking, people park on the bits wi ... [more]

Newnham crater field The start of the Grantchester Meadows path, destroyed by use as a casual car park

Good new route from Cambridge Regional College to Cambridge North station - but there's absolutely no signage from one to the other, and no indication that everyone has to change sides here. The usual lack of joined-up thinking and follow-t ... [more]

Good new Toucan crossing providing a direct route from Newnham via the fens to the station and various private schools - but it's a shame that the crossings at either end of Bateman St both have ridiculously long wait times for pedestrians/ ... [more]

Entrance to the guided busway cycleway is a little awkward

New route avoiding Station Square - if only there were dropped kerbs.

Trumpington Road scheme ends at the newly painted & slightly widened ASL.

Still a fairly intimidating place to cycle, due to sandwiched cycle lane.

Bad County! Bad bad bad! They lecture us about 'safety audits' all the time and yet this pile of crud has passed 'safety audit'. What a joke. Encourages people to cycle up the left-hand-side of left-turning traffic. Most people cycling will ... [more]

Weird entry to new cycleway from High Cross junction on Madingley Road

Sadly the good times end & we go back to tar spray and chip all over. And it's not swept, so I don't dare venture onto it. Even a slight nudge with my bike tire & it's covered in pebbles that I have to pick out so they don't penetrate my ti ... [more]

Brand new 'Ridgeway' covered in slippery leaves. This was built back in the early Spring and has sat unused for almost 6 months, fenced off.

Unnecessarily narrow cycle lane - could easily be widened

Shared-use, dangerously positioned against driveways

Valiant attempt to provide priority at the sideroad for what is a poor-quality shared-use pavement that needs to upgraded

Old-fashioned road layout with poor cycle facility

Random usage of tactile pads that seems to be thrown in for no apparent reason. Not the worst thing, but yet another maintenance item & potential slip risk. Behind them are the shared underground bins. Neat system. Stores waste undergrou ... [more]

The contractor disobeyed instructions and painted give-way markings on what was supposed to be a priority cycleway. We don't know when it will be fixed.

Opened section of Ridgeway with weirdly shaped bollards, misplaced lamp-posts, and loose gravel on the cycleway. Naturally nobody wants to cycle on loose gravel so everyone cycles on the tiled side that was supposed to be the footway. ... [more]

Unopened section of Ridgeway with weirdly shaped bollards & loose gravel pathway (supposed to be swept clean eventually).

The contractor disobeyed instructions and painted give-way markings on the cycleway to give priority to cars entering a minor car park. In a development that is supposed to be all about walking and cycling priority. Shameful.

Tiny shared use pathway along Madingley Road west of Conduit Head Road. Going to be very interesting when thousands of people are living in NW Cambridge site.

This shows why keeping paths too narrow is worse than providing a proper width

This shows why keeping paths too narrow is worse than providing a proper width

Path width changes clearly not worked - still too narrow.

New shared-use at Cambridge North station

Cut-through needed here to access Cowley Road

Many parents pick-up their children at the daycare centre by bike, which is great. The shared-use path is clearly insufficient, however.

Milton Road NW-side is busy with cycling, especially after school lets out. The shared-use path is insufficient to the needs. A proper 2-way separate and protected cycleway is needed here.

Poor-quality surface, non-flush dropped kerb, not-so-great bollard, and a neglected but very clear desire line. This is the connection from Wadloes Road to Ditton Meadows.

Awful surface and markings on cycleway

Dingy underpass. Would be best to have a proper controlled crossing to favour walking and cycling over motor vehicles.

Road surfacing has been replaced incorrectly




Missed opportunity to provide a proper cycleway - shared-use is an inappropriate response for a wide road in a new development

Missed opportunity to provide a proper cycleway - shared-use is an inappropriate response for a wide road in a new development

Poor quality surface on what is a major cycle route

Palmer's Walk cycling being pushed to be banned. Local residents pushing for banning, at the Members' Steering Group, February 2017.

This space should be a segregated cycleway rather than informal shared space

Lazy cycle provision at Great Kneighton

Poor link to the cycleway in Great Kneighton

Appalling design - access road to the UK's biggest cycle park has no proper cycle provision, but there was plenty of space for it.

This crossing doesn't detect approaching cycles early enough as it is used it

Apparently this is supposedly a cycle-friendly junction, now that £900k of cycle money has been wasted on it

Massive amount of space here for Dutch-quality cycle tracks, easily achievable if there were political will

Unnecessarily narrow cycle lane

Poor landscaping

Hills Road before cycleway upgrade

Shared-use, poor quality as ever

Shared-use path accessing a new development (Bell School) which the developers have not been required to upgrade

Shared-use path accessing a new development (Bell School) which the developers have not been required to upgrade

Shared-use, poor quality as ever

Shared-use, poor quality as ever

Give way to a car showroom

Give way to a car showroom

Shared-use, poor quality as ever

Old section of Hills Road cycle lane

Old section of Hills Road cycle lane - showing the difference

Narrow and blind - the path under the railway bridge on Ditton Meadows. This is acceptable as a "temporary" fix, but a permanent solution is needed to give acceptable width and sight lines.

Clearly there is no space here to provide a proper cycleway, and as such pedestrians have to put up with shared-use pavements

Highly non-obvious link to the busway cycleway

Cycle lane at Hills Road here just withers out

Cycle lane at Hills Road here just withers out

Good illustration of the need for wider paths on Coldham's Common- trailer had to onto grass here

Downing College introducing even more regressive access policy, meaning more University employees have to cycle and walk round longer and more dangerous route

Cycle lane needs repainting

One of the clear plastic windows has come out of its fixing. I've reported this to the County, and on 19th July 2016 they've emailed saying that work has been ordered to fix the problem. Your report details: Reference: 00252436 Date ... [more]

Particularly poor shared-use provision on the south side of Madingley Road

Contradictory signs!

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