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Cyclists SLOW DOWN in toad migration/breeding season (March/April) -

The Timberworks Development - no obvious cycle parking as yet, despite being so close to the city centre and the Chisholm Trail, but at least there are charging points for e-cars...

The only way from the car park to the Civil Engineering building - with a No Cycling sign at the end

Cycle theft blackspot -

The relocated toucan crossing is a key link between Newnham and the station as well as various schools - but it's biased against pedestrians and cyclists with a very long wait for the lights to change, even when there's no motor traffic. It … [more]

This pedestrian crossing does not currently change to green for pedestrians even when there are no motor vehicles to be seen in either direction. In fact it should be the opposite, with shorter than normal waits for pedestrians.

It's hard to know which route this refers to - it is possible, but scary and dangerous, to cross the roundabout exit to reach the southbound entry.

Cambridgeshire County Council, if you're not going to fix the 'safety' barriers (it's been years), perhaps you could just remove them? [now done]

It's hard to see what purpose this serves as EXCEPT as cycle parking - so why the No Cycles stickers?

New development in Trumpington with car parking but no cycle facilities.

Maintenance needed, or there'll be a line of trees (mostly ash) in the middle of the guided busway

Yet another development with spaces for cars but not bikes.

Yet another development with acres of space to manoeuvre and store cars, and no visible cycle facilities at all.

Driving an HGV at the age of 18? Can’t see any problem with that...

Busway cyclepath, Cambridge Assessment frontage, northern section. Fence protects rock cages as ground falls away from the path level (to a maximum of about 1.5m. Widening cyclepath at this point would require stabilisation of this wall.

It's not clear, till you get right round the corner, that the footway is completely closed now as they start to demolish part of the Union building.

There's no cycle contraflow on most of Coronation St - the new arrow may be to over-rule the No Entry marking to the right on Panton St because the road is now two-way for cycling? Very unclear.

Crumbling speed cushion, Bateman Street

Collapsing speed cushion, Bateman Street

Narrow footpath with worn and uneven surface. Should any building work occur on the Anglia Water site, perhaps they might be persuaded to improve this?

Closer look at some of the loose gravel on the tar spray & chip surface. Needs to be swept.

Puddles forming on supposedly 'permeable' surface. Hmm.

The curious case of the Zebra that has lost its beacons.

Guided buses often turn right from Science Park busway to Milton Road without signalling, which is frustrating if you are waiting to cross busway on other side of road.

Where's the cycle route? Cambridge's Station Square is more or less open but there's no indication where the north-south route is meant to be.

Not really dangerous just useless. Outside St. Andrew's @camcycle #absolutebollards

Road worker completely blocks cyclepath. Note that these people are allowed to work in cycle infra. However, they do need to indicate that it's closed and/or indicate a way round. There is a way, about 500m back from here. A sign there … [more]

They're going to need some bollards here to stop vehicles using the flowerbed as a shortcut.

Car-dominated new development with no visible cycle parking.

Bollards on Carter Bridge, approaching Devonshire Road. The curve of the route round to the right makes the left-hand gap feel even narrower, exacerbated by overhanging vegetation.

Parking for the disabled at Anglia Ruskin University's music therapy centre - but where's the cycle parking?

One way to solve the fly parking of bikes here, would be to cut the overhanging hedge/shrub to the right of this photo back. (Sorry it's not entirely clear where it is from this photo.) Then there would be room for some racks. Is this bit … [more]

Very lazy bit of infill development, with lots of motorised space and no cycle parking (and strange No Parking signs too)

Huge amount of car parking, inadequate cycle parking at this new housing development

Huge amount of car parking, inadequate cycle parking at this new housing development

How did this get through the planning process so close to central Cambridge? The car parks (there's more behind the building) are far bigger than the residential building, in fact I wouldn't be surprised to see another application for more … [more]

Lines of desire - Long Road Sixth-Form College students say 'give us a ramps or steps from the busway route here'.

Useless access to Great Kneighton - reminiscent of the assumption in rural Cambridgeshire that bridleways are for horses, not bikes.

I reported the problem with this raised ironwork via the fix my street website, see the story there:

The four spurs from Reality Checkpoint have been re-seeded at least twice now and it hasn't taken. Beginning to wonder if it wouldn't be better to cut the corners off and tarmac them. (The tyre tracks are probably from the ice rink and … [more]

Horrible mess of leaflets left on bikes with official sanction, presumably.

Idiot Cambridge cyclist entering Bridge Street through No Entry signs while using mobile phone.

Idiot Cambridge cyclist riding into Bridge Street through No Entry signs

Gilbert Road cycle lanes are popular, unfortunately they end at the junctions with Histon Road on one end and on the junction with Milton Road on the other end. See videos of the junction at

Back in 2010, a cycle route was suggested that would start at the West Cambridge site and go across Queen's Green. since then nothing appears to have happened though it's clear that the path here needs attention and more durable, yet … [more]

Back in 2010, a new cycle route from the West Cambridge site was proposed. Nothing has happened since then and it's clear that the surface is in desperate need of attention. See #21191 and #21192 for context.

End of foot and cycleway - no, it is not. The correct sign wood by white pedestrians on blue background. At other similar locations the council uses the equally wrong and even more annoying "Cyclists Dismount", e.g. #48247. At least the … [more]

See also Cyclists who want to stay on the road where the photographer is standing are prohibited from using the traffic signals, which are for buses only. (The loop detectors reportedly don't … [more]

In this appalling piece of design, buses have a simple straight crossing of this minor estate access road, whereas cyclists have to join the pavement on the right. However there are no dropped kerbs on the obvious straight-ahead desire … [more]

Car park at the new Cambridge Travelodge - no sign of adequate cycle parking

'Keep Left' makes no sense for a right-handed person trying to get a bike up the stairs at Cambridge station.

No ball games and no life.

Ruts left by motor vehicles when this was muddy are so deep it is possible to park a bike on its pedal like this. A serious hazard if this area is used for football - risk of a sprained ankle, and not a level playing field.

See clip at Heading up the road I hear a car behind coming up and slowing. As they do this I pull over to give them some room to pass given I feel comfortable about their road speed. However, as they pass this … [more]

Back end of Park Street Cycle Park is now a place for smokers to discard their revolting fag ends and other litter. There's an abandoned fire door here too and the whole cycle park looks like it has not been cleaned for months.

Brandon Court Parking for flats 1-30! There are only 4 spaces - and no cycle stands. This is sheltered housing, but still there should surely be some parking for bikes - and even tricycles.

The lifts are small and the guide channel dysfunctional. People have to carry their bikes up the stairs.

Ramps for wheelchairs, buggies and, yes, bikes are just an afterthought at the generally poor first phase of the NIAB site development.

Area between "greens gym" and railworks, which is at a different level. The area between the fence and the railswork building looks like an embankment, where it may be difficult to get a cycleway through.

Weston doesn't seem to be too impressed by the building permission application process.

At the southern bridge at Barnwell Junction the Chisholm Trail runs into a wall. Is drilling an archway an option? The northern bridge has one see #37480. For a view south towards Coldhams Lane >> #37476 <<

No more cycling posties in Newnham! Instead a van is parked here by the letter box and the driver and a colleague deliver mail on foot. It's hard to see that this is more economical.

See #37266 for details of cycle theft problems in Ferry Path. On this occasion, a cut cable lock has been thrown over a garden fence. I witnessed this theft in action, and reported it to the police, but there was no realistic chance that … [more]

Cycle thieves have been seen breaking and cutting weak locks in Ferry Path, West Chesterton. Here is a broken lock from an occasion I witnessed. I called the police, but there was no realistic chance that they could have got there in … [more]

The stairs to the bridge for the new platform at Cambridge Station are about 3.50 m wide, with about 3.10 m clearance. The yellow, L-shape guide rails at about 20 cm from the wall, but so close to the hand rails that they are not suitable … [more]

The yellow, L-shape guide rails at about 20 cm from the wall, but so close to the hand rails that they are not suitable for wheeling bikes or luaggage. An alternative layout: #33885 and #33887.

The stairs to the bridge for the new platform at Cambridge Station are about 3.50 m wide, with about 3.10 m clearance. They have two resting areas and hand railings for adults and children on both sides. The yellow, L-shape guide rails are … [more]

The lifts are too small: about 62" or less than 1.60 m deep and wide. They force users wheeling their luaggage, trolley or bike in to exit backwards. These lifts should be about 1/3 deeper, with an exit on the opposite end, like most lifts … [more]

The lifts are too short for a bike (about 62" or less than 1.60 m). They also force users wheeling their luggage, trolley or bike in to exit backwards. These lifts should be about 1/3 deeper, with an exit on the opposite end, like most … [more]

Taxi AK56EPL over-ranking as far back as the bus stop. And driving on the pavement to boot.

This photo shows the footbridge at Cambridge Railway Station, which is still under construction. See also #35032.

The sloped access here for bikes, wheelchairs, buggies etc having been removed (see, it has now replaced really badly. This right outside the Guildhall in Cambridge, supposedly one of Britain's most … [more]

Stairs with cycle wheel channel next to Zoology Museum. See also #33306

Police and/or LAPE left the half overranking taxi and two more overranking taxis arrive.

This gives you an idea how close the rides are to the path.

Two, possibly three fairground rides (you can argue about the bungee one) when there should only be one with Cambridge on Ice. NB: I've been asked to make clear that this issue was subsequently resolved and two rides removed.

Lethal mulch [cleared on 19/11/10 - thanks]

Woman mugged by knife carrying bike thugs

A new intake of language students, with shiney new hire bikes, and a desperate lack of secure parking.

Found another bug!

Steve positions himself in a typical position for a cyclist next to a bus - but the driver cannot see the cyclist in the mirror - see next photo, #23875.

What kind of idiot marks a running route with paint (instead of flour or some other biodegradable powder) ?

Cycling Demonstration Town? Not until obvious line-of-desire routes like this are opened up, with drop kerbs for cyclists, wheelchairs and buggies.

The cycle stands opposite the Arts Theatre have disappeared - prossibly so Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant can have pavement seating.

Lots of ice at a tricky spot at midday - no sign of it shifting by 1.20.

Why does it take so long to get things fixed here?? 3) the lamp pole was replaced a few weeks after a hit-and-run car demolished it, but months later there's still no power.

New bus stop and also guided bus stop near Shire Hall. This picture indicates how the line of the cycle lane makes a sudden kink around the build out. This cycle lane ought to be straightened since the road is clearly wide enough.

Red Car overtakes cyclist in 3.0 lane on Hills Rd Bridge

Cars trying to escape congestion on Park Street by going through bollard to New Park Street. The bollard is down due to work on Thompson's Lane blocking that road. These cars had to come back to Park Street. A temporary no-through … [more]

New housing development at the north end of the Riverside cycle bridge - no sign of any cycle parking!

Sunken manhole cover

Although the roads are completely free of snow and ice, the cycle path adjacent to it is completely ungritted and extremely dangerous. And this is one of Romsey's busiest cycle routes: the cycle bridge over the railway on Coldham's Lane. … [more]

At this point cyclists are supposed to sharply turn left before another sharp turn right just in front of the houses. At that point there is a depression where water can freeze into an icy patch. The tactile strips are, as is usual in the … [more]

Sheffield stands used in this (school) location not for parking bikes but to make pedestrians take detours so that drivers going in and out of the car park can go more quickly. Who's idea was it to have so many cars going in and out of a … [more]

Black ice caused several cyclists to fall off. Danger point is on the cyclepath along the river/Midsummer Common, at the footbridge leading to Ferry Cutter Lane, immediately west of the cattlegrid.

Water Street / Water Lane junction, Chesterton, Cambridge. A cyclist using the pavement, as many do in this area.

Water Street, Chesterton, Cambridge. A driver opts to go into the middle of the road to avoid the effects of the speed cushions. The alternative for drivers wishing to avoid the cushions is to enter the cycle lane.

Water Street, Chesterton, Cambridge. The speed bumps here were replaced by speed cushions. These cusions are ineffective as many cars can drive between them. The Bus in the picture is minimising the effect of the cushions by swerving into … [more]

Entrance to the cycle store at Parkside police station. I attended recently looking for two of my bikes which have recently been stolen. I found that the opening hours were not as advertised, and when getting no reply at the door the front … [more]

Very poor surface condition on Coton side of cycle path over M11. It's been like this for years, but this is the first time I had a camera to hand. With the opening of Coton Countryside Reserve, people are encouraged to cycle to the … [more]

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