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Photo listing : other (infrastructure)

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Chisholm Trail river bridge detail

Chisholm Trail river bridge - installation detail with one mechanical fixture and two sliders?

Chisholm Trail river bridge showing mounting blocks and first of the thermal expansion bearings.

Chisholm Trail river bridge expansion bearing closeup.

The three load-bearing blocks, and how they relate to the curved sides, of the Chisholm Trail river bridge.

Western end jetty/bank transition looks 'ready'.

Posts set into river bed - line of reinstated river bank?

A bit more progress on the southern bridge abutment

Mill Road busgate signage on Brooks Road

Mill Road busgate signage on Perne Road

Large timber platform adjacent to Chisholm Trail bridge abutment

Largest yet (I think) timber platform on south bank adjacent to Chisholm Trail bridge abutment

Small sign for bus gate closure at eastern end of Mill Road bridge

River bank built up, rolled flat, and immediately covered with chunky timber sections

Good progress on branch line alignment of ncn51-Trail link

river bank was being built up and rolled flat - 7 October

Neat cut in the path isn't new - it was already visible in July, maybe earlier - but it's a bit more noticeable now. I don't think it's the location of the old cattlegrid - that was at the end of the boardwalk.

Something has been built, and covered in plastic sheet, behind the row of piles - but it's not one of the 8 culvert sections which are still waiting in the compound.

Progress on the ncn51-Trail link

Curved sections - perhaps formers to go with shuttering? - in the compound.

28/09/20 Shuttering being erected for more concrete at the bridge approach

Chisholm Trail now has asphalt surface at Barnwell Meadow.

Changes to the row of piles, but no obvious change to the timber platform.

Jetty handrails seem to be finished, except for linking to bridge abutments.

Western end of jetty looking more nearly finished.

Chunky timber (?) sections occupying a plausible location for a culvert for realigned brook under ncn51

Lots of waterproof membrane embedded in the brook fill??

Newly spotted in the compound, an 'asphalt paver'

Dead end signs now in place at experimental modal filters. Just missing an 'Except Cycles' sign although the cycling direction sign is almost as good.

Taller piles, bigger hole, beside eastern end of jetty.

Taller piles, and the hole they contain is beginning to look big enough for a culvert on the new brook alignment. Meanwhile, detailed (cosmetic?) brickwork at the end of the jetty.

No, not digging a hole: material going from the heap and into the hole beyond it. More prep for embankment?

Somewhere in there, I think, is the part of the brook that must be realigned to make room for the embankment towards the Chisholm Trail river bridge

15/09/20 - a bit more progress on ground level for eastern landfall of jetty?

Piles sunk into riverbed, and excavation behind them being pumped out.

Fresh excavation of river bank where ncn51 jetty will rejoin - and lots of fresh material ready to be put somewhere.

Is the brook between rail and Trail now partly filled in? Look through&beyond the railings.

I don't know if it's connected to Covid-19, but this cycle parking area at St Mary's School has been cleared out.

Cafe / Underpass site work in progress

Plenty of work in progress at the Cafe / Underpass site at Newmarket Road

Good large-radius sweeping curves of the Chisholm Trail on the edge of Ditton Meadows

Thought to be sections for a culvert to contain the stream - in Chisholm Trail compound

Culvert components parked within the Trail compound

There's nothing yet inside the north-side concrete vee: still plenty of work to do there

Brickwork at eastern end of jetty

I hadn't previously noticed the wartime pillbox, now ready to guard two bridges not one

Top round-section handrail beginning to be added

Brickwork now done at western end of jetty

Brickwork now done at eastern end of jetty

This modal filter was installed in Bateman Street in the past few days to "create more space for pedestrians and cyclists in response to Covid-19".

A clearer view now of the eastern end of the new jetty, and the work still to be done.

Full sweep of jetty as seen from the east

Tactile/textured paving ready and waiting for a home. Strange sequence of processes.

Full sweep of new jetty below rail and (in due course) Trail bridges

Jetty sections 5, 6, & 7 in place, and with some handrail fitted, at Chisholm Trail river crossing

gap at eastern end of jetty

Jetty sections 5, 6 & 7

Sections 5, 6 & 7 of jetty under rail and Chisholm Trail river bridges now installed

Quite a lot of groundwork still to do to mate eastern end of new jetty with path on the bank

Pontoon for jetty installation at Chisholm Trail river crossing - preparing for overnight rail closure and work next to the rail bridge

Pontoon, crane, and jetty section at Chisholm Trail river bridge - ready to install final three jetty sections

ready for the final three jetty sections: Chisholm Trail at the river

More jetty handrails fitted

Chisholm Trail groundworks reach space next to Leper Chapel

Jetty section under railway bridge appears to offer decent headroom

Removing the brackets which enabled installation of jetty section 4 under the railway bridge

Brackets welded to pontoon enabled installation of jetty section under railway bridge without use of crane

First 3 jetty sections with handrails fitted

Jetty handrail uprights, usefully splayed for more handlebar clearance

New cattle grid replacing one which was a hazard to cycle over as bars were bent down.

Chisholm Trail river bridge painted, sides infilled, ready for installation

Riverbank already cut on 15/08/20 - just for pontoon, or preparation for ncn51 itself?

First two sections of jetty in place, handrail components ready for fitting

Jetty section 3 - narrower under the railway bridge - ready for installation from pontoon

Assembling the pontoon for jetty installation was neither quick nor - at times - quiet

Can't tell yet which if any OHLE uprights need to go to make way for new trainwash track - and whether that might be good news for Chisholm Trail alignment on the other (west) side of the line.

Driver/cleaner/workmen facilities and smart new concrete path, which appears to be on the Chisholm Trail alignment either side of, and in an arch of, the Mill Road bridge

Facilities for drivers or cleaners or workmen occupying alignment of Chisholm Trail south of Mill Road bridge

This is the eastern side of the Carter Bridge over the railway. The white bollard in the middle of the cycleway is the only bollard in the cycleway on this side of the bridge and is presumably needed to stop people driving cars onto the ... [more]

For western end of new jetty

New support uprights for new jetty

Narrow cut-through to a recreation ground.

Cut-through to Hulatt Road

Link from Trumpington Park to the busway - this is a long loop compared to the proper cycleway

Link from the busway to Trumpington Park - this is a long loop compared to the proper cycleway

Driver of BV07 YYT parks up on pedestrian crossing on #HIlls Rd #Cambridge. Illegal in several ways. Highly dangerous. And removes the ability to distance.

First side section of Chisholm Trail river bridge installed - eventually

First side section of Chisholm Trail river bridge en route to installation

Across the road from Stir with all its cycle parking is a Spar shop with car parking only.

Hurray 15 years of accumulated grime and dozens of abandoned cycles have been cleared from Park Street Cycle Park, Cambridge.

Cambridge castle mound - no cycle stands

Early work at west end of new jetty

Entry to Midsummer Common Community Orchard - stepped exit only at the far end.

Entry to Midsummer Common Community Orchard - stepped exit only at the far end.

Route at the rear of Waitrose, Trumpington - there are barriers at the far end, but people are just going around them.

New path from the cycle parking at the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre

New path to the cycle parking at the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre

Renovated cycling shortcut with smooth hump.

Future site of Cambridge South station - to be decided exactly, somewhere between here and the next bridge south. [In June 2020 it was announced that the northern option had been chosed ie right here in the foreground]

Brand new development, just finished this past year. What's missing? The damn dropped kerb! What the hell, @CambsCC @camcitco? This is why I have to be picky about the hardworks plans when I look over planning apps. Even though I'm a ... [more]

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