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Photo listing : obstructions

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Full width dark speed hump.

Modal filter on Storey’s Way

Very faded cycle symbol, leading directly to a large tree.

Permeability, of a sort - there's a link from the new housing development but only to the pedestrian route. There should be a gap in the barrier to the cycle route.

Shouldn't there be fines for drivers of cars which are too wide for their parking spaces?

New cycleway now in use, supposedly.

Over the months this pop-up lane closure, which forced left-turning cyclists into the path of through traffic, has gradually moved to the left and is becoming less of a problem.

No dropped kerb - wheelchairs cannot get from the car park to the Civil Engineering building (there's a gazebo on the footway to the left).

Why on earth are they so determined not to let people get through to the Civil Engineering building?

Dropped kerb needed.

Bizarre - no access through the hedge to this crossing.

Start of an impenetrable hedge which stretches a couple of hundred metres, including past a crossing.

I imagine will people will want to reach this new park across the guided busway.

Access to this new park is directly from the guided busway. How can that be safe? No dropped kerb, so no wheelchair/cycle access.

Absolutely no attempt to complete the 'strategic cycleway' and link to the Clay Farm Community Garden

Absolutely no attempt to complete the 'strategic cycleway' between these two parts of the Clay Farm development.

Access to office development, Trumpington - this needs to be kept clear (cones to stop people driving through are not enough)

Access to office development, Trumpington - this needs to be kept clear.

This infrastructure which was awful when it went in is looking distinctly dated 30+ years on.

Car stopped in the junction to use the phone, as far as I could tell....

Path from the Coton M11 bridge to the West Cambridge site - dropped kerb needed

A big white van KY60 HJV is squatting on the busy footway between the Cambridge Retail Park and the Beehive Centre. Untaxed uninsured and a persistent problem here. Anything you can do to shift it @CambridgeCops ?

Very tight chicane by a walkway between buildings - a necessary measure with these desire and sight lines.

It seems that the owner of one of the bars here still thinks he has the right to leave a car on the footway.

Full-width barrier, no dropped kerbs - Cambridge University's Civil Engineering department really doesn't want cyclists to arrive from the north.

Just as well Ferry Path is no longer needed for access to the ferry - the current bridge is just to the left of the camera.

The chicane has been lengthened making it much more pleasant for cycling 🤗 because it does not require a sharp turn. I suppose it also easier for motorcycles too 🤭. This is a great improvement over previously, see #49119.

The chicane has been lengthened making it much more pleasant for cycling 🤗 because it does not require a sharp turn. I suppose it also easier for motorcycles too 🤭. This is a great improvement over previously, see #5964

This stretch of the fen has been flooded for over a month - there's a free-flowing stream to the right but somehow the cycle path seems to be an impermeable barrier to drainage.

New Panton Street LTN - could do with some plants in the planter.

Quite a trench between road and cycle parking.

Modal filter created by gate

A shopper is forced to walk the narrow gap between this van and a high hedge. This is the main link for pedestrians between the Retail Park and the Beehive Centre. It is also a shared use cycle route leading to the toucan crossing. Ju ... [more]

Snakey Path blocked, but cleared a few days later at #161084

This flyer from Petersfield Labour (probably around 2012) gives the history of the closure to through traffic.

Useful cut through temporarily closed, with explanatory note emphasising that it will re-open as soon as possible.

A short link here would give a better route from Newnham and Grantchester to Trumpington Meadows and Waitrose

Anti-wheelchair etc barriers (there's no need for cyclists to come this way).

Still no end to antisocial car parking on Mill Road. I think the pop-up barriers have been shrunk a bit?

No permeability - dropped kerb needed (not just for cyclists) - but see #157138, just south.

A pavement parked van is obstructing the path of a disabled man on a mobility scooter. We spoke to the driver and they finally shifted the van to give enough space, reluctantly, after several minutes of waiting. Lots of people were squee ... [more]

90cm gap between bollards on the Trumpington 'strategic cycleway'

Surely the gate can be opened up on the route from Darwin Green to Histon Road?

Selfish motorist blocking a badly built dropped kerb (25mm upstand) on the Trumpington 'strategic cycleway'

Permeability could be improved here.

Does anyone understand the point of this? It makes it slightly harder for cars to turn left (not currently allowed) but forces cyclists (who can turn left) to move right into a narrow traffic lane. A coned-off cycle lane would be good, if i ... [more]

Dutch-style cycleway, Arbury Road - but shouldn't there be a cycleable connection to the community centre rather than barriers to the left?

Luard Road

Luard Road

New planters in Nightingale Avenue.

1980s LTN facilitated by this simple gate. This is widely supported and there is no movement to remove these. Would be good to replace this with a more accessible bollard.

The Silver Street bus gate is now operational full time in both directions - so Cambridgeshire County Council has closed the left-turn lane on Queen's Road. So cyclists (who are allowed to turn left) are forced into what is now a single nar ... [more]

Plastic wheelchair ramp used during works

At last, rat-running through Newtown has been stopped. Much safer now for walking and cycling.

If you want to close a road except to cyclists, it seems rather counter-intuitive to put the concrete blocks right in the cycle lane. Maybe the permanent fixtures will give a clearer message.

Slap bang in the middle of the footway. Reported: (But I expect that is ignored as their form is not setup for receiving mis-placed sign reports.)

The driver was happy to stop, but really didn't need to block the cycleway on the new 'Dutch-style' Fendon Road roundabout.

On this busy cycleway a single cattle grid for cyclists is not enough, so two have been installed,one for each direction. The third cattle grid on the right is for wheelchair users (and requires two right-angle turns, presumably to prev ... [more]

Northern side of Cutter Ferry Bridge over the River Cam. It is good to see that there is no bollard in the middle of the path. In the past there was a single bollard in the middle. Since the ramp is less than 3m wide this meant the ga ... [more]

There will be roadworks on Histon Road for the next year - as promised there is a contraflow (southbound) cycleway, but all the signs ignore the existence of cyclists. And of course some people are allowed to park their vehicles in it.

Obvious crossing point on Elizabeth Way - but the crossing is just to the left at a much narrower and less important footpath. Move it here!

Dropped kerb needed.

Bad chicane / anti-pedestrian railing forces people into conflicting situation precisely at a blind corner in the path. Really dumb design, forces people to get too close to each other without being able to see each other. Needs to be remov ... [more]

Stepped access at the rear of Churchill Cillege - why?

Cyclists Dismount sign and steps (why?) at the rear entry to Churchill College - there is a stepfree route but it's narrow and awkward.

Car parked in Mandatory Cycle Lane on the Cambridge ring road

Gate to Hobson's Brook path

Pointless barriers on the cycleway from Great Kneighton to Hauxton Road - the road is a quiet dead-end, and could easily give way to this useful cycle route.

Unnecessary barriers on the new cycleway from Hauxton Road to the Novo development at Great Kneighton

Now that Histon Road Recreation Ground has been improved for cycling, it's time this barrier was dealth with.

Poor track to the guided busway stop - dropped kerb needed

Overranking continues despite the Covid-19 lockdown.

Strange - absurdly over-specified cycle stands with this side taken out of use to allow a second car to be squeezed in (as visible on Google satellite).

Temporary access to the Vet School during construction of the Cavendish III Lab - dropped kerb needed

Parking on the footway seems to be part of the plan at this new development in Trumpington.

Gated roads and pedestrian access only from the Trumpington Park & Ride

Stepped access to Trumpington Meadows

Pram handles on the pedestrian side, so anyone with a wheelchair, buggy or indeed pram has to use the cycling side. Dropped kerb also needed.

Off-road cycleway and floating bus stops required - buses can wait quite a while here.

Temporary (one hopes) end of the new Nine Wells path, with no crossing to the shared-use path across the busy main road.

There's a gap of a few metres betwen the end of the footway and the end of the new Nine Wells path which comes across the busy main road from the shared-use path.

There's no traffic during the Covid-19 lockdown, but still, the police should not be leaving cars in the cycle lane.

How long until this becomes a through route to Darwin Green?

Strange that the British Antarctic Survey has nice new covered cycle parking but has done nothing to put in a dropped kerb or remove the barriers to Madingley Road.

Dropped kerb needed for the route to the cycle parking to the north of the Centre for Mathematical Sciences

Cycle access to the new NIAB offices - closed because of the Covid-19 lockdown? But the car access is open....

I don't think there's any interest in stopping drivers from parking in the cycle lane at Darwin Green.

Is this a barrier to social distancing as well as a bit of fencing that should probably have been removed long ago?

Midsummer Common Community Orchard - stepped exit only at this end.

Dropped kerb needed for this new path to the cycle parking by the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre

Permissive path only

Junction of track and the Coton Path

I had no idea there was a route around the back of Waitrose (the sign asks people queueing 2 metres apart during the Covid-19 lockdown to keep the right of way clear) - the barriers are pointless as people are clearly taking bikes, trolleys ... [more]

1. Is there enough room either side? Doesn't look like it. 2. This style of bollard looks too urban for this area. 3. Isn't there a better way to indicate that this path is shared use?

Carefully judged to not wholly block either the contraflow cycle lane or the footway.

The new "anti-terror" barriers on Kings Parade. I can't help thinking that they were really motivated by a rather cynical desire to make life more awkward for people cycling through the town. The gap is far too narrow for two way cyclin ... [more]


Saying Thank You for supporting the @camcycle campaign to remove the barriers at Cambridge Biomedical Campus. Lots of happy appreciative cyclists 😀

I know it's legal to park on the yellow line at weekends, but why is it taken for granted that this means blocking the footway to pedestrians, wheelchair users and people with buggies? Unacceptable.

I thought these dreadful barriers were supposed to have been removed a few days ago? But at least they are now fitted with reflective tape.

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