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Photo listing: obstructions (event)

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This listing only shows photos within Cambridge.
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Large puddle on Mill Road / Hope Street Traffic sprays water over the footway. Reported to Cambridgeshire Highways 10th March 2023, awaiting ref.

A bit of a blockage at the renaming ceremony for the Equiano Bridge (#187356), although through passage was maintained throughout for pedestrians and cyclists.

“None shall pass”

Barriers near the Cadent gas main works on Addenbrookes - Great Shelford Cycleway blown over and blocking cycleway. There is a small sandbag threaded through every sixth barrier but that didn't work!

Over the months this pop-up lane closure, which forced left-turning cyclists into the path of through traffic, has gradually moved to the left and is becoming less of a problem.

This stretch of the fen has been flooded for over a month - there's a free-flowing stream to the right but somehow the cycle path seems to be an impermeable barrier to drainage.

Snakey Path blocked, but cleared a few days later at #161084

Useful cut through temporarily closed, with explanatory note emphasising that it will re-open as soon as possible.

A pavement parked van is obstructing the path of a disabled man on a mobility scooter. We spoke to the driver and they finally shifted the van to give enough space, reluctantly, after several minutes of waiting. Lots of people were … [more]

The driver was happy to stop, but really didn't need to block the cycleway on the new 'Dutch-style' Fendon Road roundabout.

Saying Thank You for supporting the @camcycle campaign to remove the barriers at Cambridge Biomedical Campus. Lots of happy appreciative cyclists 😀

I’m on King’s Parade in Cambridge again for the fourth day running as councillors have again said they are due to close the new anti-terror barrier today. The road is very busy with cyclists at the moment.

Counting cycle and motor traffic at the location of a new obstruction on the busway cycleway at the Biomedical Campus, Addenbrooke's, Cambridge, UK. I am pictured using the four bank handheld counter which is shown at #112987.

King’s Parade, Cambridge, UK Alan measured a 1.2 metre gap here.

King’s Parade, Cambridge, UK

King’s Parade, Cambridge, UK Alan measured this gap at 1.3metres.

Hideous new (temporary) terrorism barriers, narrowing the pavement on King's Parade.

The Sheep's Green cycle bridges were closed for a couple of days for fairly minor maintenance.

Sometimes you just have to give way to bigger traffic Stourbridge Common

I think this taxi driver genuinely thought he could drive down Bateman St (contraflow cycling only from this point). So much for local knowledge.

Reality Checkpoint under maintenance

@Cambs_Traffic @SmithsonHill You mean this "obstruction"?

A campaigner marking the success of an #absoluteBollards campaign to get rid of the shin-gougers which are now in the down position within those diamonds. There's a new taller bollard in place. Hmm, I think the diamonds need removing now … [more]

Caution: swans on cycle path

Just in case you imagined that Tenison Road really had been fully reopened last week.

Important cycle route closed for construction since June.

Blatant obstruction of Hills Road cycle track by a private vehicle. The driver claimed to work for Cambs Highways and to be dealing with a collapsed manhole cover in the verge, but I had seen him walk out of Holbrook Road and speak to a … [more]

Construction of new building finally completed, and Abbey Street cycle crossing still obstructed.The two cars on the left are on double yellow lines.

Cycleway blocked for building work. No warning signs that I've seen.

Amazing - someone left a car on the footway across my only access for at least an hour today.

National Grid lorry blocking a very busy cycle route to and from the station.

Access to the station cycle parking closed off with no alternative route yet signposted - although there are marshalls ready to direct cyclists.

New poles (which will eventually indicate the new route to the station cycle parking) immediately used for a failed attempt at cycle parking.

Contraflow cycle lane closed for building work (presumably 'Use New Street Road' means use the carriageway of New St, not a cycle lane).

Delivery at the University Arms construction site, 9:30am. Reversing with no banksman at rear, blocked cycle lane for ~5mins. Was refused entry, waited on the double yellows at Pizza Hut until 10am, went round the block and entered site.

All the cycle bypasses on St Philip's Road have been closed off without warning signs - but this van driver was happy to wait for the ride to the Cambridge Cycling Campaign's 20th birthday picnic.

Cattle grids permit easy access for cycles to routes over the commons, but not easy access for cattle to the roads

An unmarked police car is parked for non-emergency business on the footway where parking, waiting and loading are prohibited. Vehicles passing are forcing cyclists off the road.

These Councillors will be responsible for the increased danger to cyclists and pedestrians at 103 Mill Road

Planning Committee meeting determining the 103 Mill Road (Mickey Flynn's site) application.

Pizza wars at entrance to Parker's Piece

Race for Life 2014

Race for Life 2014

Temporary chicane during buildings works for AstraZeneca site Also, note the "CYCLISTS DISMOUNT" sign that has appeared since 2011

hospital end of cycle path

(temporary?) barrier at hospital end of cycle path

South Cambs taxi 1101 obstructing the cycle lane in Downing Street.

Through route from Abbey Street to Newmarket Road blocked by parked vehicles

Flooded underpass, Fen Causeway

This sign should refer to the Fen Causeway footway ahead, now being removed - someone moved it to close the route into the city, and I took it down altogether.

Overflow from the Granta - not much of a problem for cyclists, maybe for pedestrians...

Cycle lane obstructed by police car, too close to the traffic lights.

In 3 minutes I photographed at least 20 cyclists on the grass of Lammas Land due to the road closure.

In 3 minutes I photographed at least 20 cyclists on the grass of Lammas Land due to the road closure.

In 3 minutes I photographed at least 20 cyclists on the grass of Lammas Land due to the road closure.

In 3 minutes I photographed at least 20 cyclists on the grass of Lammas Land due to the road closure.

In 3 minutes I photographed at least 20 cyclists on the grass of Lammas Land due to the road closure.

In 3 minutes I photographed at least 20 cyclists on the grass of Lammas Land due to the road closure.

In 3 minutes I photographed at least 20 cyclists on the grass of Lammas Land due to the road closure.

In 3 minutes I photographed at least 20 cyclists on the grass of Lammas Land due to the road closure.

Cyclist Dismount? How about just cycling around the roadwork...

Blatant obstruction of mandatory cycle lane by Ford BF58 JFX while driver popped to the shops

Two parked lorries forcing cars into the contraflow cycle lane.

This is the kind of obstruction we should be worrying about, not bikes parked on the footway.

Everyone has to wait when the buses get stuck on Hobson Street.

Sign for a temporary closure

Flooding on Jesus Green - in July! Not a major obstruction but care needed.

Flooding on Jesus Green - in July! Not a major obstruction; quite passable but care needed.

See clip at Really do not understand the reaction here, short of wanting to complain. I approach along SHARED path on the (traditional) left side. They stare at me, clearly indicating they had seen me, but … [more]

Anti-social parking on Woodhead Drive, see also #38020.

Anti-social parking on Woodhead Drive blocks the Milton Road cycleway. See also #38021.

Flooding under Victoria Avenue Bridge

Flooding under Victoria Avenue Bridge

Flooding on Jesus Green cycle route

See clip at I support dog walkers and pedestrians, and always give way to them and their pets. However, some dog owners fail in their responsibilities towards other path users. Dog walkers … [more]

Busway maintenance track blocked by maintenance vehicle (how dare they?) - in fact we crept past on the right.

See video at Yet more experiences of Sedgwick Avenue. This time it's a car that must just get ahead. I could see the oncoming traffic ahead as it passed and immediately knew that it was going to … [more]

Nasty little cycle lane in a bend obstructed by traffic cones and "Diverted traffic" signs.

Fort St George Bridge closed during Strawberry Fair

Cyclists Dismount sign on Downing Street, Cambridge

BT van blocking cycle cut-through

Closure of St Andrew's St

Van AJ56GRK parked in mandatory cycle lane on Downing Street, Cambridge

Unreasonable flooding on the shared-use path north of the Trumpington Rd/Brooklands Ave junction.

Temporary hold-up for young cyclists on Coe Fen

Trinity St closed for work on underground pipes

Trinity St closed for work on underground pipes

Burrell's Walk/Garrett Hostel Lane crossing closed for work on underground pipes

Burrell's Walk/Garrett Hostel Lane crossing closed for work on underground pipes

white van flaunting the parking regulations

Cycle contraflow completely blocked by MACC Building Solutions van. Occupants, in back of van, said they had to block the cycle lane because there was nowhere else to park.

CAT Scaffolding Ltd with number plates V353 FHW obstructing a Mandatory Cycle Lane despite space on the driveway. Cyclist forced into main lane with speeding cars and lorries. See also #22296

Taxi AG04 LCN with license 1051 parked in contra-flow cycle lane with double yellow line. So much about professional drivers.

Flooded cycle lane entering Addenbrooke's Hospital.

Totally selfish and illegal parking to deliver at St Faith's School - no reason not to pull in a few metres ahead, off the zig-zags, and the road would not have been obstructed.

Unpassable underpass

Daytime closure of cycle access to Addenbrookes while new accommodation is under construction.

Cambridgeshire Police Scientific Support unit parked in a mandatory cycle lane (MCL). Officer had just returned to the car to fill in forms. There was plenty of space (see #19172) to park the car with number plates AF52 VMO without blocking … [more]

Police van blocks contraflow cycle lane on Downing St. whilst officers attend Revolution Bar. Time 09:15

Wonderful - a warning sign for the car traffic which isn't being impeded, but nothing at all for cycle traffic in the contraflow lane which has actually been totally blocked.

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