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Photo listing : road environments (problem)

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This listing only shows photos within Cambridge.
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Dreadful subsidence

New zebra crossing, designed to force cyclists into the path of motor vehicles - perhaps a shared-use bypass could be provided to the left?

Presumably a lane for cyclists turning right, but there are no markings or red surfacing.

An upstand high enough to allow a bike to be parked, at a turn into a side road, see #167163

The junction of Histon Road with Canterbury Street (and other side streets) has been designed with an upstand of 25mm, enough to throw a rider off their bike unless they turn sharply.

”Out of Touch” more like - the latest political leaflet to come through my door, one candidate advocating a return of the suffocating traffic on Mill Road, despite claiming to support “greener healthier living”. No solution given ... [more]

Bodged repair, almost blocking the drain.

The current arrangement at the south end of Histon Road - only cycling allowed southbound. The sensors don't seem to be detecting bikes - there's a red light until someone activates the pedestrian crossing to the left.

I saw a car being driven on the footway- the wet tyre track shows the path skimming past front doors at speed as the driver lacked patience.

Resurfacing with massive 20mph markings on a dead-end where no-one should be anywhere close to that speed - this is mainly a cycling/walking route, so couldn't something better be done here? Start by moving the car storage to the right and ... [more]

The crossing from Red Cross Lane to Nightingale Avenue - eventually I suppose the pedestrian crossing will have to be moved here to allow a straight-across movement for cyclists.

Fen Causeway has been resurfaced, and the awful ski-jump has gone - but the tatty shared-use path has not been fixed, of course.

The cycleway heading out of the city is a narrow shared use footway.

Drainage problem on Coronation Street, Cambridge.

Poor drainage at this corner of Devonshire Road and Tenison Road. Works are ordered according to: reference: 353717 when checked 23/12/2020.

Modal filter with semi-permanent winter puddle - would it be better with cyclists passing to the sides?

Dropped kerb at Barnwell Meadow where Chisholm Trail will meet Newmarket Road. Significant remaining upstand renders it dangerous for oblique approach.

New dropped kerb at Barnwell Meadow where the Chisholm Trail will meet Newmarket Road. It's not even close to 'flush', and potentially very dangerous for any oblique approach from the on-road painted cycle lane.

Children after school technically criminalised by cycling on Burleigh Street at 3pm

More gas works :(

Make Arbury Road clean and safe, say residents

Poster erected by ad-hoc committee of traders and residents implying (falsely) that the whole community is behind their campaign to reinstate all the pollution and injuries arising from through-traffic on the bridge. In fact, only 50-70 ... [more]

Mill Road in top 10 collision cluster sites

“Stay safe on the bridge - Go by car” say some Mill Road traders. Utterly negative message to be turning away potential customers with. How about campaigning positively instead for improved signage, short-stay customer car parking ou ... [more]

Terrible surface here, just where you have to ride to avoid dooring and overtaking motor vehicles

Horrible 20 metre-long tramline in the tarmac, causing instability just where you have to ride to avoid dooring by parked cars and either overtaking by impatient drivers in inadequate space or harassment from behind. Repeated requests to Co ... [more]

There is an advance cycle stop box at these traffic lights, but it was never repainted after being resurfaced several years ago. The cycle lane leading to it is also almost invisible. The road is narrowed here by a central island. Major haz ... [more]

Believe it or not, there is a painted cycle lane here, but drivers cannot see it and often encroach

Merging from shared-use path onto road can be scary, not helped by missing bollard at tip of build-out kerb, giving drivers no warning of cycles appearing

There will be roadworks on Histon Road for the next year - as promised there is a contraflow (southbound) cycleway, but all the signs ignore the existence of cyclists.

People walking into the road in the way of vehicles passing through, to avoid queues from social distancing.

Sedgwick Street - the recently refreshed marking and signs here don't make any mention of the contraflow cycling. From the other direction there is a contraflow plate, see #137461 Reported as reference: 341605 at https://highwaysrep ... [more]

It's hard to tell whether the cycle lane markings on ths new road have worn away already or, like those on Shelford Road, been removed by the county council.

The queue for the drive-through lane at McDonald's - 3pm so not blocking Wadloes Road, but apparently it does at busier times.

The cycle gate approaching Trumpington has been removed, as have all the cycle lanes on both sides of Shelford Road. Does anyone have any idea what the county council is doing here?

Too much space for cars in this new development

NCN route 11 uses this toucan crossing, although the sensors/timing favour motor traffic.

Car-dominated new mini-development near Addenbrooke's

Within spitting distance of the guided busway cycle route, but this is a typical South Cambs car-focussed development.

Within spitting distance of the guided busway cycle route, but this is a typical South Cambs car-focussed development.

The marking here has been changed from left turn and straight on to left turn only making this horrible roundabout even more of a racetrack.

The splay here is too wide, encouraging turning left at speed

Dear @GreaterCambs (@lewis_herbert, @AidanVdeW) please commit to improving dangerous junctions in the area. Too scared to take on this Newmarket Rd one with my daughter in the child seat today, but it wasn’t much better walking over the a ... [more]

Anyone else think this is good #CherryHintonHighSt cycle infrastructure? No, I don't either. This was put in only a few years ago, and from the road-use it's clear that it's worse than no cyclelane at all. And yet the council are about t ... [more]

The King's Parade security gate is now in use, with cars having to turn around at the junction with Bene't Street, which is closed for utility works (thanks to Lucinda Price).

Design fail: While buses wait for the rising bollard to drop, the backend of the bus partially blocks the carriageway.

A rather steep upstand for a supposedly 'flush' Cambridge kerb. This could easily cause someone to come off their bike if they didn't know, especially in the wet.

Lost opportunity to add queue-busting cycle lanes here instead of the pointless central reservation

‪#CamRideHome night survey looking at the green priority crossing the busway cycleway - the priority should be the other way round given very low level of cross traffic 🤔‬ ... [more]

Traffic jams and pavement parking on Mill Road

Trying to turn right in the middle of dangerous traffic

Approach to Francis Crick Avenue crossing (Aug 2019).

Another example of the poor cycle infra in the Newmarket Road retail park. The driver just pulls up and stops (without indicating to traffic behind) in the cyclelane and the passenger opens the door straight away. This, combined with https ... [more]

New, very poor cycle infra in the retail park. Note "Cyclists use cyclelane only" is advisory so will confuse a lot of people. And it's a very bad place to ride, as shown by people walking in it. Just 10 metres earlier, this happened: https ... [more]

No drop kerb at angled access to staff cycle parking. Likely to cause falls.

No drop kerb so inaccessible and narrow for shared use.

A car transporter parked across the footway and cycle lane.

Not exactly a world-class urban environment with prioritisation of cycling at Cambridge station.

Nothing to indicate that cycles are permitted to ride through here - facing motor vehicles leaving the multi-storey car storage facility. See #5183 from sixteen years previously.

This bit of the development only leads to the cycleway and so it appears the speed bump has been specifically put there to slow down cyclists. See #102123.

Hump and wheelbenders First time I've seen these humps, they weren't there at #93924.

Still closed more than a year after a bus crashed into here, see #90792

Sink hole in Mill Road!

Development by Robinson College of student dwellings closed for some reason.

Development by Robinson College of student dwellings closed for some reason.

The priority at the moment is for vehicles coming from either Silver Street or Trumpington Street (to the right) to access the Grand Arcade car park. With the proposed redevelopment of the Old Press/ Mill Lane site, there's an opportunity t ... [more]

Another road in Cambridge falling to bits. This is just one of many potholes in Bridge Street. It's been roughly patched but that hasn't worked.

The old cycle by-pass to the no entry is gone, but where are the Except Cycles plates? There's also quite a bit of unused footway space here that could accommodate street cycle parking.

It's amazing that so much money was spent to supposedly calm motor traffic, yet cyclists have actually lost the right to turm right here. Incidentally, OpenCycleMap and Google Satellite both still show the old layout.

Ridiculous 'Cyclists dismount and use footway' sign. Meanwhile, the works are preparing to narrow the shared-use path in order to create yet another traffic lane! It's like I stepped into a time machine and ended up back in the 20th cent ... [more]

Rollercoaster footways, undulating up and down. They had complete freedom of design and lots of space, and yet they managed to build the footway in the worst possible way!

New busway junction that prioritises a tiny amount of motor traffic over walking, cycling and public transport.

New busway junction that prioritises a tiny amount of motor traffic over walking, cycling and public transport.

New busway junction that prioritises a tiny amount of motor traffic over walking, cycling and public transport.

New busway junction that prioritises a tiny amount of motor traffic over walking, cycling and public transport. Note that the car has just blown past a sign reading 'No motorised vehicles except buses'

New busway junction that prioritises a tiny amount of motor traffic over walking, cycling and public transport.

New busway junction that prioritises a tiny amount of motor traffic over walking, cycling and public transport.

This section was resurfaced last May, and while it hasn't deteriorated as fast as Magdalene Street has, it is showing signs of wear sooner than it should. Look closely and it's clear the tarmac is beginning to break up and there's a rut ap ... [more]

Newly constructed Cross City Cycling scheme but the '2.2 metre wide' refuge is considerably narrowed by the poor placement of poles. And seems to be a trash collection point as well (probably due to the wind).

The bus driver did not break the law here. Toucan crossing appears to show 'green man' at the same time that the bus driver receives a green light. In fact the green man is for the crossing parallel to the bus, off to the left of the photo. ... [more]

Brand new crossing, no blocked drain, just piss poor construction

More recently the county has painted a left-turn arrow in the left-turn lane, and it looks like they are adding ASLs to the junction. This is still, however, a terribly dangerous junction design because it tells people cycling that they ... [more]

Wonder if this damage is caused by lorries driving over it? It wasn't that long ago this kerb got repaired. See #86449

Cycle symbol in the left lane but no ASL so cyclists going ahead or right are in conflict with left-turning vehicles.

I hope that someday this junction will be made safer, for her and everyone else.

Unsignalised arm of new roundabout scheme. Terrifying as ever.

A new staggered toucan crossing. Pathetic.

Refuge island is overflowing with people walking and cycling across Trumpington Road by New Bit Common. Sadly the brand new scheme did not even try to fix this junction.

Sainsbury's underground car park just off to the left, but for some reason they're still allowing car parking on-street here. Which is just perfectly placed to congest the main bus route through the site, holding up buses while Sainsbury's ... [more]

New (not yet open) bus-gate next to Sainsbury's. Intended to allow buses-only with rising bollard. Unfortunately they seem to be allowing parked cars next to it, plus there will have to be bin lorries blocking the southbound gate to service ... [more]

A look back north along the horrible new High Cross junction. You can see how the stepped cycleway drops you down into an on-street cycle lane that encourages people to cycle along the left side of left-turning car traffic. Stunningly bad d ... [more]

Only a year and a half old and the surface of this tiger crossing is beginning to wear away. Compare #80074 when it was new. I wonder if there's a more durable surface they could use?

Here cycle path crosses busway. There is no button or pedestrian lights. You have to be careful when adjacent crossing on Milton Road is green, it may not be safe to cross busway.

Cycling not permitted in Downing College, but driving is - institutional anti-cycling views

Arbury Road junction at Milton Road. Lots of schoolchildren need to use this junction, but there is no cycling provision except the unreasonable "take the lane". Naturally, parents and children wait for the pedestrian signal instead, and in ... [more]

Two different approaches to the bad situation at Arbury Road junction on Milton Road.

Cargo-transport by bike on Milton Road, squeezed between the kerb and fast-moving cars and buses.

Poor road surface under Elizabeth Way bridge / along Walnut Tree Ave. Major cycling route along the river. The county has decided that it is 'not bad enough' to do anything about it, according to Highways Reporting.

Unpleasant and dangerous road environment which students and others are expected to tackle

Thoroughly unpleasant public realm on a Saturday afternoon on Mill Road due to the dominance of car traffic. Isn't it about time there was a regular closure?

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