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Photo listing : route signs

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This listing only shows photos within Cambridge.
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No sign here of a walking or cycling route to Cambridge North.

This is crazy - telling cyclists to turn right across the Cambridge ring road, rather than using the light-controlled crossing at the Mill Road junction.

This is crazy - telling cyclists to turn right across the Cambridge ring road, rather than using the light-controlled crossing at the Mill Road junction.

One arm of this route sign is totally missing.

Of course it's more important to have a statutory lawyer's notice about trespass on the busway than a usable sign for the National Cycle Network.

Cycle route sign well after cyclists need to have turned left - and it's hidden by the Caution - Bollards sign which isn't needed as only qualified bus drivers use this road. The route sign needs moving to where cyclists have to turn left.

Not sure why I'd go to the left to get to Addenbrooke's Hospital when there's a decent direct route just to the right.

Unusual cycle route sign - only allowed on private property.

New dead end sign for the modal filter on Storey's Way - the council can be forgiven for not adding an Except Cycles plate in this case.

Route sign

It's a pretty minor link but still, it's good to have a cycle route sign.

I have no idea how someone managed to drive into that route sign, but it needs straightening.

Cycle route north from the Five Trees open space.

Start of the improved route from Histon Road to Girton

As usual, there's no Except Cyclists plate on the route ahead which leads to central Cambridge.

No idea why this route sign ended up here - it's nowhere near a junction.

Bent signpost possibly caused by a passing high sided vehicle such as a van being driven without sufficient attention.

Approaching the new 'Dutch-style' Fendon Road roundabout.

Run England arrow on Coldham's Common

Route sign at the motor-dominated Coldham's Lane roundabout

Route sign at Nuns Way Rec

Route marker to NCN route 11 and the busway - not visible from Long Road

The route sign to the busway/NCN route 11 (see #85556) has vanished for some reason.

NCN route 51 signed as route 11 - it may be an alternative route for when the towpath is unavailable.

At last - signage at this major junction on the Busway (no idea why there's a bike there).

I was pleasantly surprised to see cycle route signage on this fairly minor route. It's also visible in the background at #98207 so it's been there a couple of years.


Taking the opportunity of the Covid-19 lockdown to post an uncluttered photo of the route of NCN route 11 past King's College Chapel, Cambridge

The Fendon Road roundabout roadworks may be dragging on, but at least the cycle route signs are in place!

For some reason the cycle route sign has been moved to a separate pole behind the one it was on (see #31604) and can't be seen clearly now.

Signed to Cambridge North Station and St. Ives.

The cycle maps in Cambridge's main cycle park are dated 2008. I'm sure it was agreed that City Rangers would post new maps when they were published by the council, but that seems to have fallen through the cracks.

No longer just a footpath - this should be signed as a route from central Trumpington to the busway and Addenbrooke's

Footpath and cycle route

Diversion via footpath (perfectly fine for cycling)

Route signage to Cambridge North.

Cambridge North signed.

Cycle route signage towards Fulbourn.

Pedestrian sign to the Grafton Centre

Godmanchester Turnpike Road Ends Here ☞ ↑ To the Horse-shoe Corner Godmanchester ☞ 14 Miles 4 Furlongs

'The Metaphysical Cyclist' - actually a tour of Cambridge's public art by former Young British Artist Gavin Tiurk

Belatedly, there's a sign to make clear the new arrangement for cycling towards Addenbrooke's.

Small sign showing cycle route to Cambridge North station. The sign is a bit small for where it is located on the far side of the junction.

You can see why people turn left to the over-size bike parking instead of taking their bikes up the ramp - poor signage, the typical thing of just banning things rather than offering positive guidance.

Sadly the cycle signs in the new #Eddington development in #Cambridge continue the tradition of being confusing.

Cycle and pedestrian signage on the approach to Cambridge North station from Moss Bank.

Permissive path - not suitable for cycling throughout.

Useful new sign at the bottom, if I'm not mistaken.

In fact there's a cycle route to the left as well.

This is the only indication that cyclists should turn left here to reach Addenbrooke's Hospital.

Signpost at western end of Carter cycle bridge.

The route signs on this lamppost are very odd: why is it just alongside an arbitrary point in the road here and not at a junction? The sign at the top points to: Route 51 → King's Hedges 1¼ St Ives 13 (via the busway) the larg ... [more]

This 'Public footpath' is a link to the busy Busway track towards the Cambridge Biomedical Campus and the Railway Station. Why is there no sign? It does not even indicate that the path leads to a stop for the Busway.

Signs for the new access to the Cambridge station Cyclepoint - there's another yellow one for cyclists coming back from the station.

Signs needing attention at the start of The Tins path.

New route from Devonshire Road to cycle parking at Cambridge station.

Small sign showing the new way to cycle parking at Cambridge station - and there's no sign for cyclists aprroaching from Devonshire Road.

Signs indicating the new access to parking at Cambridge station.

The only information about the new access to cycle parking at Cambridge station.

This is the new (I imagine, temporary) route for cars and bikes to the station and the cycle parking. Won't cause any confusion or conflict, will it? Er... In case it isn't immediately clear: On the left at the bottom of the map is the r ... [more]

Cycling in this direction I found myself on the road as directed by an earlier sign, but there's no dropped kerb to get back on the shared use here.

New cycle route signage with distances, route numbers and the railway symbol on High Street Chesterton. Sign reads: Route 51 → King's Hedges 1¼ St Ives 13 (via the busway) ← Route 51 Abbey 1¼ Arbury 1¾ Fen Ditton 1¾ I ... [more]

New sign I had made :)

I have no idea why these signs have been put here. This isn't on Route 51. There is another set a few yards away, also incorrect.

I have no idea why these are here. This isn't on Route 51.

I'm not sure why these signs are here. This isn't on Route 51 or Route 11, and there's nowhere to go at this point except over the bridge or turn back.

Cycle and pedestrian diversion - good practice

On the left you can see a walking and cycling route signed. This directs users to turn right into Haymarket Road, which is two-way for all users. (Straight ahead is no entry for all, and is a one-way street). However, the road marking an ... [more]

Still up over a month after the event - when will the signs be taken down?

A badly knocked over cycle route sign, next door to stable doors opposite Shire Hall. They're shaped like that so that horses can peer over the top to watch the world go by. Though its a very long time since they have been used for that.

TdF starts here - with the riders facing the camera.

The massively overgrown hedge looks nice around the street sign, but it is eating up most of the footway and also makes it difficult for drivers leaving "Downham's Lane" to see cyclists approaching from the left. See also #57360 with car.

Directional signage showing right turn into Adrian Way.

Sign showing routing away from main traffic. It's good to see more of these signs go up, but it's strange that they are in the difficult-to-see dark colours. What's wrong with the visible and familar bicycle blue?

Cyclepath sign only visible from one side.

Diversion sign for cyclists leaving the Grand Arcade cycle park

The blue cycle route sign points down the very busy Barnwell Road rather than down the cycleway.

Finally! - after 18 months of drip drip drip campaigning (see #37689), an indication that the National Cycle Network route is not actually a dead end for cyclists. Only on one of the two dead-end signs, but thanks to Sustrans for getting so ... [more]

Finally! - after 18 months of drip drip drip campaigning (see #37689), an indication that the National Cycle Network route is not actually a dead end for cyclists. Only on one of the two dead-end signs, but thanks to Sustrans for getting so ... [more]

Barely noticeable cycle route sign in Cherry Hinton.

Which genius thought it was clever to put the signs in the tree rather than the clear space to the left?

A new sign has appeared confirming that this permissive cycle path is now officially a cycle path

Histon Road

High Street Chesterton

Utterly pointless bewildering tiny blue sign with cycle symbol on Chesterton High Street. Good effort with the hanging baskets though!

Cycle route signs that have gone into retirement. They were pretty bloody useless anyway and good riddence to them. If they are replaced at least it should say where they are going and how far it is.

The Tins path

Access to the "Great Kneighton Cyclebahn" near Trumpington Meadows. Barratt Homes sales agent recommended using the guided bus to the railway station or cycling the car route (Trumpington Road, Long Road), apparently unaware of the 2 1/4 mi ... [more]

The more important route to the left (to Newnham) should be signposted here.

Weak cycleway signage that has no distance information. The Shelfords Sawston City Centre Hauxton Including distances is a basic cheap easy thing to do and the absence of it shows a lack of care.

Coton path at West Cambridge

Confusing cyclepath signage near Sainsburys.

I think cyclists on NCN route 11 are expected to cross as pedestrians here. Probably the safest option if you're new to the area.

The route through Cambridge Science Park is now signed as a through route.

Cycleway end sign on Milton Road / Highworth Avenue junction. There is no start sign I'm aware of (see #45257 and #45256 ) It isn't clear if cycling towards the camera on this stretch of pavement is permitted either, but the doted lines ... [more]

Cambridge Cycle Maps over the last 10 years. The excellent cover on the 2012 edition is a confident statement about cycling in the city. We'll be handing them out at this location Tuesday 2nd October from about 2pm... http://www.cycl ... [more]

Sustrans NCN sticker applied to road sign.

It's absurd not to mention that there's a cycle link to the cycleway by the guided busway too (guided bus visible at rear).

Cycleway alongside congestion.

Stanley Road - with a barely legible sign clinging to a lamppost.

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