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Photo listing: general sign/notices (event)

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Greenway works here from October 2023 to March 2024....

9 weeks from the start of April? - it's now the end of June. And this is what they call a fast-track project.

Useful signs rather spoilt by the waiting truck

Message on the towpath

Message on the Chisholm Bridge.

Cyclists Dismount sign where an improved cycleway/greenway is being constructed.

Despite plenty of notices warning that this section of the maintenance track is closed at the time the photo was taken it was being well used when I went along. This section of the busway track itself remains closed and fenced off, and … [more]

Short asphalted diversion for construction of Cambridge South station, with the inevitable Cyclists Dismount sign - no-one does unless there's a crowd of pedestrians there.

Sign warning of two-week closure of the cycle lane over the next 1.5km

Reach Ride 2023 poster

I'm never sure what this means - is there access or not? I'm sure there is for cycles.

Toads - crossing Dusk til Dawn

Notice on a 4WD windscreen, claiming to have let air out of a tyre (they looked normal to me) because it's a gas-guzzler. This is dangerous and foolish, in my opinion.

Funny old world - no barrier was needed between busway and cycleway, but now that this side of the busway is closed a barrier is needed. But it's blown over. And apparently it's meant to be in North Yorkshire.

Makeshift sign, felt marker on polystyrene board (erk), warns of ICE! and tells for cyclists to dismount.

Problems with the school run, I suspect.

A letter to Newnham residents from the Lib Den councillors - the petition against removing car parking at the start of Grantchester Meadows will be considered by the county council, so there will be no changes before 27 July.

Notice of the county council's plans to close the car parking at the north end of Grantchester Meadows, and a petition against it.

Information on the Aurrigo autonomous vehicle trails on the West Cambridge site

Cyclists Dismounts sign at temporary access arrangements and path - but cycling isn't allowed here anyway.

I think this means that pedestrians and cyclists are sharing the same space for about ten metres - but it shouldn't be necessary to dismount.

Cyclists Please Obey Traffic Signals - motor vehicles are still turning across Histon Road

A sign outside a large house on Madingley Road pleads for bike lanes.

At least one sign now accepts that a modal filter on Panton St isn't a closure to all vehicles.

Biden my path! - Panton Street opens to two way cycling on #inaugaurationday hurray! The sign has 'trail' rather than 'trial'.

Beware of other road users! Extraordinary sign.

Maybe every narrow cycle route should warn of “constriction”!

No idea what this sign is about

The vast majority of cyclists wait at red lights legally.

I assume this refers only to cyclists wanting to cross to Brooklands Avenue - there's no reason not to continue riding on the shared-use to the right.

No Overtaking Cyclists Through Works sign - good. Van stopped just before the temporary lights - less good.

Histon Road works - 'except cycles' signs now attached to the Road Closed signs.

Road Closed for sinkhole repairs - but of course (on Sunday morning) pedestrians and cyclists are actually passing freely.

The usual Road Closed sign - and indeed the footway to the left is closed, but access has been provided to the right for pedestrians and dismounted cyclists.

Not immediately clear why they've done this now, but this section of Bridge Street is two way for traffic. Might be a surprise for some on bikes.

Warning of closure of this busy section of shared use foot and cycleway.

Sign reads: To help support social distancing PLEASE USE THE PAVEMENT OPPOSITE TO CROSS THE BRIDGE

A totally blank washed-out piece of paper - what can it mean?

Relaxation of camera enforcement during lockdown.

It's now April and we're in the Covid-19 lockdown, but some resurfacing has been done.

This looks like a bad translation, which is a shame. It doesn't apply to all the bits of furniture that get used as bike racks on Bridge Street, just the ones there are notices on. ETA: these informal bike stands are being replaced with … [more]

Caution - Toad in Road! We've installed these signs in Stanley Rd (with thanks to @CambsCC) aiming to reduce road mortalities of toads heading to their nearby breeding pond in Feb/March. Want to help local amphibians and reptiles? See … [more]

Transition: the introduction of a barrier on King’s Parade, Cambridge, means that all motor traffic is excluded between 9:30am and 7pm daily.

It's December 28th. Seems like they've scheduled a whole lot of work for December 30th-31st!

There's a telecoms van beyond the End of Road Works sign, but no reason for this stretch of cycle lane to be closed.

Good practice - but it was hard to see why the cycle lane had to be closed.

The start of the contraflow lane on St Barnabas Road is blocked, but I'm sure most cyclists are ignoring the No Right Turns sign.

A Tweed Run number out in the wild.

At the CamCycle AGM.. there was nothing wrong with this bike rack, but if someone contacts the council someone else has to put a notice on it until someone who's qualified comes out to give it the all-clear...

Plans afoot to remove abandoned bikes like those at #102763.

This sign sums up how CyclePoint is supposed to work.

About an hour after I took the photo #102588 here the poster has been edited, changing shit to chic: Make Romsey Chic again

Cambridge Festival of Cycling display, for the Wheels Through Time exhibition in the Cambridgeshire Collection.

Pointless and invisible sign.

Confusing - which Road Ahead? All traffic turns right here anyway.

Lots of fuss and bother - I think the road to the right is the one that's meant to be closed, and the diversion is straight ahead. In any case it's just a point closure so in most cases drivers can take the direct route to their … [more]

I have no idea what closure this sign relates to or how long it's been there.

Chisholm Trail ground work has started.

Footway Ahead Closed - what about the cyclists forced out of the contraflow lane into oncoming traffic?

Gates wide open on a Sunday morning, but no pedestrians or cyclists allowed on this construction access.

Notice on seemingly abandoned bike

Unofficial signs appearing ironically complaining about the number of signs

Speed limit imposed after bus crash

Excellent news! The surface to the right has been dangerously broken up for quite a while.

Are traffic lights really necessary on such a small street?

Given that the bike will be removed 21 days after a date which is over a month away, I think it's fair to assume that the site supervisor is aware that students have gone away for the Christmas holidays. So why bother with this now?

Arrangements for construction trucks crossing the bridleway into the Addenbrooke's site.

Sign campaign to encourage use of the Cyclepoint.

Adding this for info. These notices were on the various places bikes get left round here, not the 'official' bike racks.

Poster advertising a bicycle parade on Jesus Green on 19th April. 'Ecstatic attire highly encouraged' they say...

Seems a long time for parking to be suspended and no mention of why. Edit to add: I asked one of the team working on this and they will be replacing the seating, repaving the area and putting in new bike racks. See #80410

Cycle park direction sign during changeover arrangements at Cambridge Station - can you spot it?

Notice on bike in the temporary cycle park at Cambridge station, indicating that people will have just a day to remove their bikes when the new Cyclepoint opens.

The current poor access to Cambridge station is made worse by weekend closures of the car park to allow rail-replacement buses to turn and wait.

Mill Road Winter Fair - with reminder signs of the road closure to stop cars emerging from the side roads.

For a joyous celebration of one of the most diverse streets in Britain, the last sentence on this notice doesn't seem to me to be in the spirit of the event. That's a shame.

Sign on Parker's Piece re works at University Arms Hotel

Safe Streets For Cycling banner at Cambridge Cycling Campaign's 20th birthday picnic

Warning of washing of cycle stands! Amazing.

We've had a van and a bike alerting people to register to vote (see #65327 for the bike) but here's our old friend the bike seat cover. Make sure you have registered to vote!

Having learnt how to rebuild victims of bombs in Northern Ireland and IEDs in Iraq, our finest plastic surgeons are moving on to the ultimate challenge - cyclists! Excellent article in the Evening Standard … [more]

Sign on Parker's Piece. Posted without comment.

An utterly charming poster for a bike and scooter sale.

Disabled parking for the Tour de France - quite a way from the viewing area on Trumpington Road

The Cambridge University Press bookshop window decorated for the Tour de France.

I was expecting slightly more of this Tour de France-linked exhibition at the SPRI.

I was expecting slightly more of this Tour de France-linked exhibition at the SPRI.

No-one ever said cycle races were meant to be convenient for cyclists.

Or support CTC's Space for Cycling campaign - and/or join Cambridge Cycling Campaign.

Bike-themed Beer Festival - raising money for You Can Bike Too.

For some (me) this has to be accompanied by the original Channel 4 theme tune... ED: you mean like this:

Open Days at the new Cambridge University Sports Centre, so people can work out how to get there for exams. Come on, it's not that hard to find!

Of course, cycling is not permitted on the footway here - we assume the Tour de France will be on the road. And going the other way.

Notice of bridge closure (I assume the ten weeks includes a healthy margin for bad weather and other contingencies)

Coming soon from Shakespeare's Globe - live on-stage female cycling!

An event on Jesus Green to commemorate the famous student prank which put an Austin 7 on the roof of the Senate House, Cambridge.

Tree clearance work done, equipment removed, except for road signs on either side of the bridge, for some reason.

Bike used for advertising at All Saints.

Poster for the #ReachRide

Poster for the #ReachRide

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