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Photo listing: general sign/notices (infrastructure)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

This listing only shows photos within Cambridge.
Go to the national CycleStreets photo listings for photos beyond.

Slightly out-of-date poster about the Barton Greenway plans - I'm guessing they prefer the 'Camcycle themselves' option.

Definitely no cut-through to the Grantchester Meadows cycle route

Entrance to the Adams Road Bird Reserve - notice on the inside (clever...) saying Members Only, and Absolutely No Bikes.

Good, but how many people know it's called the Carter Bridge?

The Rutland Cycles shop at Cambridge station has closed - but don't worry, they say, you can go to another branch that's a pain to reach except by car.

The cycleway doesn't so much finish as revert to shared-use for a spell, for some reason.

How to use the micro scooter track. See #180423.

Warning signs on the link to Madingley Rise

Beware Cyclists sign at the observatory, Cambridge (though it's not really a through route) and barriers on the path to the left.

No Cycling signs on the link between Accordia and Hobson's Brook, Cambridge

Crossing and cycleway sign, Eddington

Round signs saying: Cyclists dismount One-way system

The sign probably means that bikes should be on the cycleway to the right, but I saw cyclists going both ways on the footway.

Motorcycles Only - a bit annoying as there was no cycle parking visible, but in fact there's plenty to the right (uncovered, however).

Not just a footway. Another phase of development at Eddington.

Guidance added for drivers who don't understand the 'Dutch' roundabout.

A lot of effort has gone into signing a diversion - but both cycleways north from Cambridge North are perfectly useable at the moment.

People might think that this refers to parking at the entrance to Grantchester Meadows, but no, it refers to South Green Road, the private close to the right.

Standard anti-theft sign in the Grand Arcade cycle park, Cambridge

Instructions (with dodgy grammar) on what to do if your bike is stolen from the Grand Arcade cycle park.

The new CYCLOPS junction on Histon Road - I'm not sure why the No Right Turn sign is needed..

The modal filter on Luard Road is still marked as experimental although the scheme has been made permanent (also the one on Bateman St).

Cambridge Assessment has good cycle parking, but they are obsessed with making cyclists dismount and segregating them from people without bikes.

Cyclists Rejoin Carriageway sign approaching the new Robin Hood junction - a cycle symbol and arrow on the ground would help.

No Cycling sign, and no dropped kerb - but there's nothing at the far end to say cycling isn't allowed.

The pram handles have gone, and now there's a DIY No Motorcycles sign.

Anglia Ruskin University cycle cull notice

One sign with an Except Cycles plate, one without - and a car parked but leaving the (temporarily) contraflow cycle lane open.

First in Milton Keynes (#96095), now in West Cambridge - autonomous vehicles on the footways.

It would be good to have a contraflow cycleway, or failing that, some indication that the multi-storey car park is in the middle of a one-way circuit.

Access to college boathouses (and cycle parking) - the sign asks cyclists to dismount to avoid dislodging the new stones.

Two End of Cycleway signs - though there's no difference between the footways north and south of Metcalfe Road.

Busway information at the Foster Road stop

Presumably due to the modal filter on Panton St, Norwich St will reverse direction on 20/1/21.

Right turns into Devonshire Road permitted, as a result of the bridge change - the old sign was removed.

Bus lane warning sign at the left edge of the footway.

Approaching the new 'Dutch-style' Fendon Road roundabout.

No left turn except cycles at the junction with Mill Road at the foot of the bridge.

Mill Road bridge

A new path has been added and the sign has been moved aside, but it still seems odd - if there is a problem, why not paint Give Way markings for road traffic?

There will be roadworks on Histon Road for the next year - as promised there is a contraflow (southbound) cycleway, but all the signs ignore the existence of cyclists.

No Parking - do not block the access from this new development to Midsummer Common

Magdelene Bridge is one-way for pedestrians post-covid-19 - cyclists beware pedestrians changing sides.

Start of cycle path

CYCLE LANE SUSPENDED AHEAD I can’t see it myself.

Segregated cycle/foot route, no motor cycles

A shared-use sign has been misused to warn drivers that there may be cyclists and pedestrians around the corner at Ridley Hall

Latham Road, Cambridge

Thankfully Cambridge City Council has decided to leave the King's Parade security barrier open for the duration of the Covid-19 lockdown - to avoid impeding emergency services.

Unofficial-looking warning ⚠️ to cyclists to use the right-hand lane.

Beware of cyclists & edestrians and keep an eye out for any P you might see.

Another Cyclists Dismount sign on Station Road, Cambridge - not currently operational, of course.

If cyclists could be encouraged to go via the private Latham Close it might do something to alleviate the notorious peak cycle jams at the Brooklands Avenue/Trumpington Road crossing.

If an Except Cyclists plate could be added here (via the private Latham Close) it might do something to alleviate the notorious peak cycle jams at the Brooklands Avenue/Trumpington Road crossing.

An unofficial looking sign has recently appeared that reads 20mph please slow down. Possibly related to #104097?

No motor vehicles as a rule - but there's still a reminder to look out for cyclists and joggers

Warning signs about the combined cycle and pedestrian crossing.

Maybe somebody has noticed that having an unprotected right turn on NCN route 11 right before a roundabout is very dangerous.

Blazing Saddles has closed, but offers a mobile service instead.

This exception for cycling is great, but the necessary changes have not yet been implemented on Hemingford Road. Still like this at #175990.

Mill Road, no right turn. (The except cycles sign is for the no entry into Kingston Street.)

NO IDLING Turn off your engine and protect the environment At least the stupid bollard at #4835 is gone.

The sign says that this new cycle parking is only for users of the Islamic Centre across the road.

The clash between the cycleway sign and the end of cycleway sign (#12277) has finally ended - time and rust have done what regular contact with council cycling officers couldn't do.

Sign related to #101963

The ongoing struggle to stop commuters and language students from using workplace cycle parking (NB at 19.30).

#Eddington #cyclepath signage overkill. This, whilst attempting to be very accurate, looks quite silly and does create a poor visual experience.

Sign trying to keep cycle parking opposite Cambridge station free for retail customers (and overnight) - it mentions the covered cycle park but should give better directions, as the people wanting to leave their bikes here are probably the … [more]

No Cycling on the Great Kneighton construction road.

Congestion Charging is coming to Cambridge - or at least to its car parks.

Alternating shared-use and segregated cycleway signs - needless legalistic confusion.

New contraflow markings on Norwich Street, Cambridge

New contraflow signage on Norwich Street, Cambridge

New contraflow markings on Norwich Street, Cambridge

No cycle parking signs, near Cambridge Deaf Centre.

No cycle parking except ... (so probably unenforceable) At least it suggests a place to park or stand your cycle around the corner.

Posted without (much) comment. :¬)

"No Bicycles here please" Space reserved for Great St. Mary's Church posters only.

Initial consultation method for a new bus shelter.

Let academic brainstorming by West Cambridge Lake not be disturbed by cyclists.

Segregated shared use sign - I suppose the trees and poles form the segregation, but it's not clear. I suppose this is not a public highway and the University can do what it wants.

17,755 examples of good practise. (Seen on Bidwells hoarding.)

Sign warning against rat running through Addenbrooke's

I'm sure the cycle sign is new - but I have no idea what it's meant to mean - there's no cycle lane or real cycle route here.

The new signs at Cambridge station do recognise that bikes are permitted here.

Major Event signage three weeks in advance.

Think! advert from the government, reinforcing stereotypes that only cyclists sometimes don't stop at red lights illegally

No Entry and 'Beware Cycles' on the shared-use footway - but I'd like to see this as a two-way access for cyclists to Long Road Sixth Form College and the whole Biomedical Campus.

So the take away from this is don't go away for 8 or more days...

Cyclists Please Dismount at this entrance to Selwyn College (and No Cycling sign inside)

New development promising 136 secure cycle spaces in the basement and 20 above - not bad.

The whole Addenbrooke's site is now closed to motor vehicles except for access - but cyclists can pass through freely.

At last! Four years after I started badgering the cycling officers this link to the guided busway cycle route and NCN route 11 has finally been signed.

No Cycling signs, probably put up by St Faith's School - there is a bus/cycle lane on the road, but of course parents want their children to cycle in segregated space.

Published by North Newnham Residents Association, there are several of these posters along this road. It would be much more helpful if it gave a url so people could find out more. Do they mean the Busway (Cambourne to Cambridge which … [more]

New bollard and white paint at western end of the Carter cycle bridge.

Bizarre changing of a speed limit in a quiet residential area. All the residential roads here have 20mph now as standard, except the one heading off to the left here. I suspect it might be because it's a private road.

I expect this little wooden sign saying No Cycles will still be here after all the millions of pounds of development at station square. Note added 2016-12-05: I was wrong - it had gone a few weeks after I took this. Note added 2016-12-16 … [more]

Relict road signs at this closed road exit onto Madingley Road

Actually cyclists have a choice whether to join the carriageway or stay on the shared-use path at the Park & Ride junction.

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