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Photo listing: tracks (problem)

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Desire line towards the new Civil Engineering building - not surprising, as they've deliberately made cycle access really hard from the north/west.

Desire line towards the new Civil Engineering building - not surprising, as they've deliberately made cycle access really hard from the north/west.

Pavement often blocked by cars opposite the Histon Road Rec entrance. Add bollards to stop drivers mounting it.

Very useful cut-through for trips to and from Mayfield School, Roundabout and Histon Road Rec, but there is a lot of clutter at the Windsor Road end and it is difficult to use with a bike trailer or a cargo bike.

Corner cutting tracks in the grass. See #175493.

Delivery vans parking on the pavement close to the cycle parking and the entrance for vehicles to the Quayside car parking and where the Punt Touts stand. All this makes it virtually impossible to just walk down the street, usually forced … [more]

Lack of pedestrian crossing between river/student flats and hotels/Coldhams Lane/Beehive Centre means dangerous crossing of Newmarket Road. Traffic light filtering and road layout has room for 2-part pedestrian crossing with island without … [more]

The asphalt ends and the path across the Five Trees open space is in terrible condition..

Footway puddling caused by overrunning by heavy motor vehicles. The concrete sections are built to withstand the weight.

Very narrow footway especially past the bus stop. Needs a proper redesign to give space for cycling and walking.

Barrier prevents distancing. And it's very hard to get many bikes through. Remove it.

Barrier prevents distancing. Remove it.

Would be good to allow outdoor tables and chairs for the cafes.

Island for pedestrian crosing in hihgly transited area doesn't allow for social distancing.

Narrow pavement and many overgrown hedges make it impossible for two people to pass at the same time, let alone do so with 2m distance.

This hedge is very overgrown and reduces the pavement width. Also lots of litter in the hedge.

This pathway is overgrown and neglected. It need cleaning up to be safe.

There are plans to bring in a modal filter between the Beehive Centre and Beehive island which makes access from Silverwood Close dangerous, we can't then turn right safely into traffic on bikes if cars are forced to use the Beehive Centre … [more]

Replace very aggressive chicane with one or two bollards to allow cycles to use this wide path

Widen pavement / provide cut-through and alternative walk behind the hedge. There is a dropped curb off Velo's walk here, and people are led straight onto a very narrow footway.

Madingley Road is not safe for pedestrians. Cycles share the same space and they whizz along at great speed. There needs to be separated space for pedestrians and cycles and the pedestrian path needs to be wide enough so that people can … [more]

Cycle parking needed on York Street, which would clear bikes from pavements, and provide secure cycle parking.

The hedge outside 74 Hills Rd overhangs the cycle path, taking 2/3 of the width of the path away and creating a pinch point for cyclists and pedestrians. Cutting the hedge back to the limit of the marked cycle path would solve this … [more]

The hoarding and scaffolding here makes a very narrow pinch point on the footway. The car parking space in front of this section should be cones off to allow people to pass each other safely.

Crossing is made dangerous by frequent red-light-jumping drivers. A yellow box and enforcement cameras would help.

This area is polluted and dangerous. The taxi rank and pick-up/drop-off facilities should both be moved to the car park and the station plaza turned into an actual plaza.

Insufficient space to wait for (slow) crossing signal change and allow cycle traffic to turn onto Midsummer Common. Reprogram lights to prioritise pedestrian traffic as a possible quick fix?

The pavement is very uneven.

Pavement too narrow for adequate social distancing outside these shops, however there is parking that can be repurposed for pedestrians without issue (there is parking for the shops just a little further around the corner, so the parking … [more]

This is a very busy shared pavement for pedestrians and cyclists commuting from park and ride. Needs to be widened

The pavements are quite narrow along this section and traffic has increased. This makes it hazardous to step into the road to socially distance.

Make it so that this crossing turns green for pedestrians as soon as the button is pressed - prioritize people walking.

Road always floods here in heavy rain. Cars drench the pavement.

No pavement on north side of road, which is very busy with students in term time, and no pedestrian crossing either. Road space is given over to parking and through traffic which should be routed elsewhere in favour of proper pedestrian … [more]

It's impossible to maintain social distancing on the pavement here. Pavement needs widening / cobbles removed.

Lack of formal crossing on Magdalene Street, and lengthy vehicle phase, make this an unpleasant place to cross. Introduce crossing or shut road to motor traffic.

Almost no concern for pedestrians at the junction of two of the busiest roads in the city. Pedestrian crossing needed.

Set back crossing and guard rails combined with lengthy vehicle phases make this junction unnecessarily hostile and slow for pedestrians. New junction design needed.

No pedestrian priority at busy entrance/exit to Aldi - continuous footway needed

Shared use pavement over Newmarket Rd railway bridge (north side) is too narrow even in ordinary periods, but plenty of space for widening (much of carriageway given over to barely used turning lane)

Very poor surface for this busy footpath. Really bad for those wheeling suitcases or pushing buggies

Many school children cross here. Very busy with traffic at same time. Needs a safe crossing for bikes and pedestrians across all roads approaching st bedes

Planters or widen pavements here to stop illegal parking especially in the dark at night compromising communal drives up to 18 cars could come out and be a danger to cyclists and padestrians

20 mph speed limit needed here, cars speed up to and often over the zebra crossing.

The pavement is designated for use by pedestrians and cyclists. It's far too narrow, and the risk is made worse by the absence of a barrier between the road traffic and the pavement. The path needs to be widened and a safety barrier … [more]

Pavement parking here on the approach to Aldi forces pedestrians to walk in the road, there is no safe place for pedestrians to cross, visibility is impaired by parked cars and vehicles drive too quickly coming in and out of the Aldi car … [more]

Cars park in front of dropped curve to access Alexandra Gardens. Add double yellow lines or bollards to keep access point free.

Allow pedestrian (and cyclist access) between Lilywhite Drive and Westbrook Drive here.

Allow pedestrian (and possible cyclist) access to Westbrook Drive from Gilbert Road (via new development)

Allow pedestrian (and cyclist) access to the Westbrook Centre from Corona Road.

Pedestrian priority at these crossings is terrible, typically pedestrians have to wait for 3 cycles to from west side of Hauxton Road to East side or Shelford road

The speed limit should be 20mph like other residential streets in the area

Remove the awkward tree on the pavement, plant some replacement trees somewhere else, do something about the blind exit from the sixth form college

Not wide enough for social distancing, hedge needs cutting

Can we please get the parked cars off the pavements in Baldock Way, which are the main approach to Morley School! It's simply not necessary.

Pavements are dangerously narrow even in the best of times.

Please re-instate the island on this road. Provided shelter and safer crossing for pedestrians and cyclists. Madness to remove it.

The pavement at this end of Cromwell Road is in very poor condition.

Disagree with the gate idea which would add hugely to travel distances and pollution and traffic on alternative routes. In other contexts, similar comments re Fen Rd have suggested an anti traveller agenda.

To get from Boots to Tesco by foot involves waiting for several sets of lights to change (all the while waiting next to a badly polluted) road while drivers only have to wait for one set of light

Pavement very narrow - remove parking and add pavement by river

The pavement is very narrow and uneven due to tree roots.

Pavement parking here and on surrounding side streets makes safe distancing impossible.

Lots of cars pavement park to access the new Iqbro corner store. It makes it impossible to walk along Histon Road without stepping in to the road. I have been beeped at by drivers for maintain physical distance along this section. Coning … [more]

People queuing outside Midan don’t have space to do it safely without being on the road, or making people walk out on the road. Converting the current car parking spaces to waiting area and opening up car parking at the Grapes for use by … [more]

Useless sloping path with overhanging trees

Very narrow pavement and busy road. Make the road 1 way to widen pavement and allow cycle space

Cars parked on pavement mean you have to walk on the road to pass people.

Definitely NO 'PARKLETS' as they will encourage people to break social distance rule!

Pavement area for pedestrians on Mill Road Bridge, to be a strictly ONE WAY SYSTEM. ie eg walking towards city on the left, walking away from city on the right.

V fast drivers not often driving to 20 mph zone. Means path has lots of cyclists. Needs more enforcement of speed limit or wider path

Road too narrow and fast for cyclists so they go on path. Not ok normally for people walking, kids etc. Now impossible with 2m distancing. Have been cycled into, forced off path and v close to passing road cyclists. It’s a well used path , … [more]

pavement poorly maintained, overgrown, too narrow, along the whole bridge

There is no need for a shared-use path here; it would be best to put cycle lanes on the road.

stop cars parking on the pavement and double yellow lines here. It's dangerous for cyclists and makes the footpath too narrow for distancing

Regent Terrace needs parking banned! Ridiculous that so many people cycling and walking here are forced into such a tiny space.

Victoria Road has narrow footways on both sides. Keeping physical distance is difficult as motor vehicle levels are returning to normal and speeds are often higher than 20mph.

The north side of Mitcham’s Corner has very narrow pavements and fast traffic on a blind corner. It is impossible to keep physical distance without stepping on to the road.

Wider pavement needed here with more green street architecture too. Ideally replace white steel fence with rope and bollards too.

Pavement in awful Condition not safe for pedestrians let alone social distance

Mill Lane's pavements are not wide enough for wheelchairs.

The hedge here needs cutting,making social distancing more difficult

The narrow pavement, below the level of the road, on the north side of Newmarket Road is too narrow for shared pedestrian and cycle use.

The main road is heavy with traffic of all forms including, cars, lorries, buses, bikes, pedestrians etc. The path on the side of the road opposite Cherry Hinton hall park is too narrow, has no protection from main road, the hedges are … [more]

People love to walk along Riverside adjacent to the River but are endangered by presence of multiple vehicles stored on the street. Double yellow lines between Riverside Bridge and the entrance to Stourbridge Common would quickly and … [more]

Do something about the priority of cars over the large number of people crossing the bridge

If the cycle parking could be moved to the side street, this would make for a wider pavement.

Pedestrian barriers make it hard to socially distance.

Narrow pavement here needs widening. (And in other spots along Mill Road.)

Poor access to Hobson's Park

Clear line of desire to the left for cycling from Grantchester to Trumpington

Still closed more than two years after a bus crashed into here, see #90792

The potholed and flooded route to Grantchester. It doesn't get better.

Overgrown footpath, blocked by noses of vehicles breaching the car park boundary.

Obvious, predictable,v desire path. Actually needs a bridge a little further along over the Ditch though

White line painted down Ridgeway now. Problematic gates remain for the time being.

You might assume that a path this wide would be shared-use, but the total lack of dropped kerbs suggests not.

Path (used by cycles) across the Great Kneighton park under Addenbrooke's Road - but this is closed by a gate at the far end.

A wall separating the rear of properties from Nuffield Road. There's a rusty bollard with pram arms half way along it.

A dropped kerb would have been sensible in this new development.

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